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The remaining expansions for Sentinels of the Multiverse are coming to the Video Game! Vengeance, Villains, OblivAeon, and more!
The remaining expansions for Sentinels of the Multiverse are coming to the Video Game! Vengeance, Villains, OblivAeon, and more!
The remaining expansions for Sentinels of the Multiverse are coming to the Video Game! Vengeance, Villains, OblivAeon, and more!
2,802 backers pledged $97,325 to help bring this project to life.

Initial Stretch Goals Revealed, Social & Mobile Goals Fast-Forward!


Well Sentinels, we are nearly to the halfway point of our campaign and more than 66% funded and many of you have asked, “what kind of stretch goals can we expect once we hit $80k?” Read on for your answer!

But first, we’ve got a brand new concept for you, never before seen on Kickstarter (we think) - Squish Goals™! These are pre-funding goals that we know you want, so we’ve found a way to include them here.

Squish Goal™ #1 - $60k: Freedom Six Bunker Revealed 

We’ve received many a request to reveal the official unlock condition of Freedom Six Bunker. The community has drawn close to finding the exact condition, but close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades! In order to make peace with the Multiverse, when the campaign reaches $60k we will reveal the official unlock condition for Freedom Six Bunker, and you can all groan about how close you were.

Squish Goal™ #2 - $70k: Skinwalker GloomWeaver Revealed 

Once upon a time, an evil zombie variant villain was unlocked and partially figured out by the community. But the clever Christopher had provided two ways to unlock this demon, and the community has never discovered the second mysterious method. When the campaign reaches $70k we will reveal the full official unlock condition for Skinwalker GloomWeaver, and Donovan’s dark mission will finally be accomplished.

Funding Goal - $80k: Environmentalist 

Once we are fully funded, Season Pass 2 will be a reality. Aside from getting your selected reward, and securing the future of Season Pass 2, all backers will receive a free copy of the first volume of the Season 2 soundtrack (which we already revealed). This goal also unlocks a free wallpaper pack of environments from the core game for everyone! Players never get to see the environments without characters, cards and other UI elements over them. We think Video Game fans will really like how these brand new, high-res captures of the environments look on their desktops or tablets. The pack will include several brand new scenes from Megalopolis, Ruins of Atlantis, Insula Primalis and Wagner Mars Base.

Also as previously announced, all mobile backers (Mobile Sidekick, Mobile Tachyon, The Android We Need, The Quickest Android We Need, or $5.01 add-on) will get the Mobile-Exclusive Multiplayer Avatar and the Mobile Wallpaper pack.

Stretch Goal #1 - $85k: Skip the Queue 

We know how much you love variants, so we worked directly with Greater Than Games to sneak one through the pipeline as fast as we could, especially for this Kickstarter. If we can reach $85k, we will release a digital-first Variant from the series announced by GTG in their OblivAeon campaign.

Not "soon"... Not when the campaign ends... Not later this summer...

At the moment we hit this goal, this variant will appear in your copy of Sentinels of the Multiverse: The Video Game!

Which variant, you ask? Now that would really be telling!

Stretch Goal #2 - $90k: Show-Off 

All backers get an exclusive multiplayer avatar for use in-game. This will be different than the Mobile-Exclusive avatar and will let everyone know that you were part of making Season 2 a reality!

We’re still working on how it will look exactly, but it should be something a bit like what you see in the image just above!

Stretch Goal #3 - $95k: Rift in Time 

Vengeance will be the largest undertaking in the development of Sentinels of the Multiverse: The Video Game since the development of the original game, and OblivAeon will be even larger. As such, these will likely take longer than regular expansions to be completed. In the interest of keeping people playing while we’re hard at work, if we reach $95k, we’re going to be offering a preview of Season 2 in the form of a special Mini-Pack!

Like the Season 1 Mini-Packs, it will include 1 hero, 1 villain and 1 environment, but unlike those mini-packs, these decks will be sourced from the upcoming expansions in Season 2. The Season 2 Preview Pack will include:

  • Hero: Setback (included with Vengeance) 
  • Villain: Chokepoint (included with Mini-Pack 4) 
  • Environment: The Temple of Zhu Long (included with Villains of the Multiverse)

If we can get to the $95k stretch goal, the Season 2 Preview Pack will be the first content pack included in Season Pass 2, for release some time this summer (well ahead of Vengeance). The decks in the Preview Pack are available in Season Pass 2, but they will also be included in their associated individual expansions. The Season 2 Preview Pack will not be sold individually - you will need to get Season Pass 2, or the individual expansions as they come out, in order to get these decks.

Stretch Goal #4 - $110k: New Challenges Await

It’s one of the most requested features and if we can get to $110k, it will be coming to the video game - Villain Challenge Modes. Take on every villain in the game, but with a new twist specific to that villain!

Can you defeat Citizen Dawn when she retaliates for the death of a citizen? How about an Akash’Bhuta that is immune to Environment AND Villain damage? Or Kaargra Warfang when her gladiators are granted titles automatically? Or even Spite with no maximum HP? You can read about all of them in the official Challenge Mode PDF here (20 MB).

For those unfamiliar with this feature on the tabletop, Challenge Mode stacks with Advanced Mode for an even more ridiculous confrontation! Think Baron Blade is a pushover? How about a Baron Blade who discards extra cards every turn AND whose Impulsion Beam doesn’t get disarmed when he flips? All these challenges and more will await you in Challenge Mode if we can get to $110k!

Stretch Goal #5, 6, 7... - ? 

We have plenty more ideas for stretch goals, which we’ll be able to talk about when the time comes! Those four hints found in Update #2 still apply...

Spreading the word 

Based on our internal projections, these first 4 Stretch Goals are totally reachable given our current velocity, as long as we can keep the momentum high. So be sure to spread the word far and wide!

In fact, we’re going to make that even more attractive now by performing a one-time recalibration of the social goals, making them a bit more realistic given our current momentum. The total required shares for every stretch goal will now be reduced by half, and you can see the new numbers below:

  • Location Interlocutor: 500 Facebook Shares 
  • Flora and Fauna Follower: 500 Retweets 
  • Worldly Wanderer: 1500 combined Shares/Retweets 
  • Scenery Sultan: 2000 combined Shares/Retweets 
  • Territorial Titan: 2500 combined Shares/Retweets 
  • Sentinels of the Multibits: 10 Music Videos

Current status:

Facebook: 310 / 500 (+31 shares) – Share the link on Facebook now!

Twitter: 221 / 500 (+48 retweets) – Retweet the link on Twitter now!

YouTube: 1 / 10Make a video using SotM music and send us the link to be counted!

Mobile Math 

And finally, a bit more about mobile. We’ve found a way to get Android players in on the action but iOS is still in a tough spot. When we began, the only additional incentive to back was the potential of a discount, which wasn’t guaranteed. To make that goal more reachable, we are also reducing the number of mobile backers required for the discount by half as of this update, to only 500. This is already well within sight thanks to the new Android levels, and so mobile backers can now look forward to the following: 

  • That warm fuzzy feeling that comes from being a part of something great 
  • A $5 discount once we reach funding 
  • A free Season 2 Soundtrack 
  • The Mobile Wallpaper Pack 
  • The Mobile-Exclusive Avatar 
  • Plus any additional stretch goal bonuses we can reach as listed above, and potentially more!

Current status: 389 / 500 (+76 backers) – Back at the $5 or $15 levels, Android levels, or add $5.01 onto your pledge to be counted and help unlock the discount!

Let’s keep up the momentum, Sentinels! With your help, we can all save the Multiverse!

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    1. Jeff Dougan on

      As much as I understand all the reasons just mentioned for Setback, I love, love, love Parse. (I keep threatening to try to strongarm my way into being part of the stream the first time she's previewed, along with for the Omnitron-Omnitron-Omnitron game of pain.)

    2. Clinton Bradford on

      Will the preview pack include the Termi-Nation promos, to fight Chokepoint with?

      Termi-Nation Unity is the best.

    3. Estelindis (Siobhán Mooney) on

      Oh wow, this is all awesome! I will have to find some way to increase my contribution. This *must* fund - nay, exceed funding!

      Some add-ons should do the trick. Maybe a soundtrack or two. I've got to admit, I tend to just listen to them via The Multiverse. That seamless looping is the way to listen that I enjoy most. But the Legacy theme isn't listenable-to there, so the Shattered Timelines volume might be an idea.

      What I'd really prefer would be to add the mobile add-on, as eventually I'll be able to play SotM on my Android phone when you add that functionality. But as none of my Android devices run the game as it stands, Google Play won't let me buy the app, so I probably would've be able to avail of the mobile discount, as I doubt phone support will be developed before Season 2 is released. As annoying as these app-store restrictions are for us, I can't help but feel they're a hundred times more annoying for you.

      Anyway, I shall give it a think, but will definitely go for something extra. This is all terribly exciting. :)

    4. Missing avatar

      Gary Klus on

      I think the Oblivaeon variant they want to release will be the Captain Cosmic one. Because you know, We just got all of that sweet Infinitor/Cosmic action from Wrath of the Cosmos. Just a guess.

    5. Handelabra Games 2-time creator on

      Paul Watson is a mind reader! =)

    6. Aldrin on

      Calling it now - it's gonna be Omni-U.

    7. Paul Watson on

      @Tim Franzke,
      Not Handelabra but:
      Setback is probably for story reasons. He is tied in to the Dark Watch and his mechanics aren't terribly complex, unlike say, the Sentinels.
      Chokepoint is the only standard format villain left so she's been chosen as she's the only one that can be implemented before they get the multiple villain format coded.
      Zhu Long is probably part story, as its linked to Fixer's return as Dark Watch Fixer and because its one of the simpler environments from Villains (its certainly not as bad as Madame Mittermeir's) making a preview of each of the major sets in Season 2 they could have ready in time, given OblivAeon is still in playtesting so not fully finalised.

    8. Handelabra Games 2-time creator on

      @Tim Franzke - Great question! It's a mix between popular demand, story, and development estimation. Setback is a fan favorite and we get requests all the time to get him in the game ahead of schedule, especially since he's a member of the Dark Watch. Plus we've already implemented the concept of token pools for Kaargra Warfang. Chokepoint is the only regular villain in Season 2, so she was chosen for us that way. The Temple of Zhu Long also fits with Dark Watch and the story we have in the game so far, and doesn't have mechanics that are as difficult to implement as some of the other upcoming environments.

    9. Missing avatar

      Tim Franzke on

      Can you share anything about why it is exactly these decks that you would implement early?

    10. Missing avatar

      Justin H on

      I'm hoping the early Variant is Omnitron-U, or the Sky Scraper, fingers crossed!

    11. Handelabra Games 2-time creator on

      @Thomas Hack - Also there are some people working together on videos in this thread on the GTG forums, I'm sure they'd appreciate your help!

    12. Handelabra Games 2-time creator on

      @justin - no need to pay! A month after they are added to the game, you can unlock them with a button press if you don't want to work through the unlock condition. just tap on any locked variant in your game (other than heroic infinitor at this point, still some time before he's available.)

    13. Missing avatar

      Gary Klus on

      Very nice! That variant from Oblivaeon out of the gate is awesome. I really want to play that Visionary variant, she is one of my favorite heroes to play. Exclusive stuff like that is very good to see. All of the unique wallpapers and avatars are cool. Also the squish goals are a very good idea, it won't hurt to add more of those.

    14. Missing avatar

      Justin Savioli

      This may come across poorly but for anyone that doesn't have the time to spend to figure out how to unlock all the various character forms but is willing to pay for that knowledge, is there a pledge level for me (recognizing that I play on an iOS device and am mostly just pledging at this point to show support).

    15. Handelabra Games 2-time creator on

      @thomas - we do not have out music flagged in the youtube copyright system as we wanted to make sure that people could post gameplay videos without being hassled. the music is available from many sources in a format that isn't DRM protected, and people can feel free to use that music in these videos.

    16. Handelabra Games 2-time creator on

      @charles our plan is still to include the main theme and victory theme on all soundtracks yes. and actually, i'm not sure why we didn't include the ringtone pack! I'll get on making that an add-on ASAP.

    17. Thomas Hack on

      Is anyone working on music videos right now? I think people might have trouble getting the music to include or including it in a youtube video without breaking copyright rules.

    18. Charley Sumner (SeeSome) on

      Nice update, thanks! Regarding the Season 2 Soundtrack, will it continue the tradition of including the SotM Main Theme? I'm hoping the answer is yes. Also, how about including the ringtone pack as an add-on?

    19. Sonvar on

      The squish goals are a neat idea.