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We're bringing the hit fantasy deck-builder to Steam with some new exclusive content!
We're bringing the hit fantasy deck-builder to Steam with some new exclusive content!
1,936 backers pledged $37,653 to help bring this project to life.

Nearly Funded, New Mechanics, and Mobile?

Posted by John Arnold (Collaborator)

We are within striking distance of our goal, and while higher stretch goals do seem to be… a stretch at this point, we’re pretty confident that we’ll get to at least a few promos. So what can you expect from those cards?

As mentioned in the updates about the new mages, designer Kevin Riley has been exploring mechanics that would be difficult or impractical to replicate on the tabletop. Here’s an explanation in his own words of one of those mechanics: 

The possibility of a digital Aeon’s End ignited my imagination since the beginning. There’s so many ways to stretch the game that we couldn’t or wouldn’t want to do in cardboard. Some mechanics are possible, but not practical because of the additional tracking or components they would require. In addition to designing brand new breach mages, I’ve crafted several concepts for new player cards.

One of my favorite designs is for growth cards. A growth card is one that increases in strength each time you play it. So far, we have two fairly simple designs ready just to test the basic idea.

Growing Jalite: Cost 3 gem. Gain 1 aether. Each time you play this, it gains 1 additional aether for the rest of the game.

Tinder: Cost 3 spell. Deal 1 damage. Each time you cast this spell, it deals 1 additional damage for the rest of the game.

When deciding to buy these cards, players must evaluate many new factors: 

  • Is it okay that the first time they play this card, it’s quite bad. 
  • Is their deck small enough to recur it often enough to justify the long term gain? 
  • Does their deck have any recursion so that it can be played more than once per cycle?

These cards, while simple, offer many new and interesting possibilities when approaching Aeon’s End and that’s only the tip of what I’m dreaming of. I hope that you will help us raise enough so that even more of my brand new ideas can make it into Aeon’s End: Digital!

Mobile News 

As we are within striking distance of our goal, we have an announcement today.

Kickstarter is a really great platform for learning about the market for a product before you complete it. If there is one thing that has become clear to us since we launched, it’s that lots of people really want to play Aeon’s End on the go. We always wanted mobile to be in the roadmap, but given the feedback we’ve gotten so far, we’ve decided to update our plan a bit.

We’ve decided to commit to mobile as well as Steam. Aeon’s End will be released on iPad and Android tablets 1 month after version 1.0 launches on Steam.

Aeon's End on the go... with your help!
Aeon's End on the go... with your help!

While we still cannot offer keys directly for mobile versions of Aeon's End, we really want mobile players to be able to participate in the campaign in these last few days. The new Mobile Mage backer level is $1 and officially registers your desire to see Aeon’s End come to mobile. Your name will be listed in a special section of the credits dedicated to the mobile backers.

But there's a better reason to back at that level! For every registered mobile backer, we will release Aeon’s End for tablets 1 hour earlier. There are 720 hours in a month, so if 720 people back it at this level, tablet support will launch day and date with Aeon’s End for Steam.

To answer some of the questions we think might be bouncing around in your heads:

1) What devices and platforms will be supported? We plan for the the first release of Aeon’s End for mobile to support iPad (iOS 11 or later) and Android tablets (Android 4.4 or later on Google Play).

2) I backed for Steam but I also want to support mobile, can I help? Yes! Just add $1 to your pledge to be registered as a mobile backer.

2a) How will you track this? Aside from counting backers at the mobile level, we will tally up the pledges that have $1 added. Since every other backer level ends in a 0 or 5, this should be pretty straightforward, and we’ll keep you posted on your progress in updates.

3) Is there a way for a mobile backer to get a copy of the Soundtrack? Yes! There is a $5 Add-On for the Soundtrack. Just add the appropriate amount to your pledge and after the campaign ends, the pledge manager will let you order whatever you would like.

4) What if we get MORE than 720 mobile backers? We like where your head is at, but the tablet version will not come out before the Steam version.

5) What about phones? Support for phone-sized devices is a much bigger job than tablet support. It will require a new approach to the user interface, similar to how we brought Sentinels of the Multiverse to phones. While we would still like to have phone support in the road map, this announcement only covers tablets.

Of course, this is all contingent on fully funding, so continue to get the word out. Share the campaign with your friends! We expect there are lots of folks out there that will be excited about tablet support for Aeon’s End, so let them know!

PAX Unplugged

Don’t forget to come say hi if you are at PAX Unplugged in Philadelphia this weekend. We’ll be at booth #1839.

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    1. John Arnold Collaborator on

      @B Adams - Yes, you will be able to do that in the BackerKit survey. As for beta testing, all members of the beta team will be invited to iOS/Android beta testing as well at the appropriate time. So if you want to beta test for that, you can pledge at that existing tier.

    2. B Adams on

      Two questions.

      One, to confirm: There will be an option in backerkit to say "here is X extra dollars, please count them as X extra mobile backers (for I are legion!)"?

      Two, to last-minute suggest: Is there any thought of having a mobile alpha/beta tier? Dunno about Android, but TestFlight should allow time limited test versions to be available to iOS testers. The folks doing the digital version of Evolution have made use of it.

    3. John Arnold Collaborator on

      @Jai - As the update says, we cannot offer keys directly for mobile versions of Aeon's End. Adding $1 to your pledge registers your support and will help make the mobile version come out sooner. It does not grant any access to the mobile version, which will be sold separately.

    4. Missing avatar

      Jai on

      I didn't quite understand. Would adding a dollar to my pledge let me play mobile too? Or gotta buy the mobile version once out?

    5. Bruce Barreto

      This is great news! I love playing games on my tablets / phones! Sign me up for 2!

    6. Hunter Mayer

      I have a few other digital 'board' games I rarely play now, because they are JUST on steam. But I was playing catan, carcasonne, ticket to ride, small worlds... (Asmodee and Days of wonder games) at end of day on a tablet (Android) almost every [school] night cause that was what was convenient. When I sit down in front of a computer (Steam) its different, and I play Evolution, ogre, and Talisman very rarely now since I am not a in front of my gaming rig as often as I am just chilling with a tablet nearby. I am very much transitioned to be a mobile gaming experiences now. The experiences are only getting better over time. It's just another platform with a different input paradigm. And board game's work so well with touch paradigm imo since THAT is the natural analog with the IRL components... I am ecstatic to hear you are going into the mobile realm. Do not hesitate to put expansions as in app purchases. Seriously I purchase those things because the base games sell me on it. There is a right and wrong way to do mobile, especially with Tablet/phone device form factors. I just know that the day that comes out I am playing Aeons End on mobile for sure. It will probably displace all the others as my new end of day chill out goto game... Now you got my excited with the pre-hype!

    7. John Arnold Collaborator on

      @JJ - Yes, you will be able to specify that in the BackerKit survey after the end of the campaign.

    8. JJ Pearson on


      If I’m not in the market for other add-ons, and I just pledge $5, can that be counted for 5 mobile backers?

    9. Marc Van Leur

      So, what they're really saying is, "Buck Up!"

    10. John Arnold Collaborator on

      @Brian - We're not sure about that - we'll look into it though!

      @A.D. - Of course, any extra content will be completely optional.

    11. A.D. Olson on

      Can you add an option to turn off custom additions to the game? I would rather just play with the content from the physical games, to be honest.

    12. Brian Meneses

      I really love Aeons End so I'm glad to hear that a Mobile Version is also in the works. I do want to back at the full price but I'm more interested in the mobile version than PC since my PC isn't the best for gaming. Would there be anyway to back the Kickstarter to get the exclusive background and card backs for the mobile version? If so, I'll definitely fully back if that is possible. Thanks!