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We're bringing the hit fantasy deck-builder to Steam with some new exclusive content!
We're bringing the hit fantasy deck-builder to Steam with some new exclusive content!
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⅔ funded + OblivAeon’s End: Sentinels Crossover Info

Posted by Handelabra Games (Creator)

Last night we crossed the $20,000 mark bringing us to more than ⅔ of the way to funded. Keep spreading the word and let’s get over the finish line and start getting to some stretch goals! And speaking of stretch goals, on Friday, we gave you some insight into the first stretch goal mage, Xae from One Deck Dungeon. Today we’re pleased to announce another: NightMist from Sentinels of the Multiverse!

And Now Her Watch Begins
And Now Her Watch Begins

How has NightMist ended up in the world of Aeon's End? Let Christopher Badell tell you the tale..

Faye Diamond was not just a paranormal investigator. Sure, it’s a decidedly weird job, but things got even weirder while she was infiltrating a witch-cult and ended up cursed by magical mists, making her physical form one of more mists than substance. This also innately connected her to otherworldly magics, and Faye took the name of NightMist, fighting discordian forces from beyond our realm. But that is all ancient history.

Much later, she was cleansed of her curse while fighting a dangerous villain with bizarre devices - one such device was meant to regress her powers, but it actually rid her body of the curse of the mists! While this was definitely an improvement for Ms. Diamond, it also cut her connection to the forces of magic, and she was back to just being an investigator, albeit one with a lot of first-hand knowledge. However, when a team of arcanely-powerful villains sought to take control of the world, Faye delved back into her magical ways, researching her tomes and manuscripts, seeking any knowledge that would allow her to stop this dreaded magical onslaught. As she grew more and more desperate, she ultimately gave into temptation and sought help from the most dangerous and unpredictable form of power: the Void itself. Faye Diamond pulled on the magic of the Void, but its pull was far stronger. It drew her into the Void, and there she was trapped for time unknowable, transforming into a being of pure magic to survive the eddies of energy within the Void.

The passage of time within the Void is unfathomable by the human mind. Even still, Faye was becoming less and less human with each passing second… day… eon? Who can say? She struggled against her Void-prison, seeking any avenue of exit, and fighting against the powerful denizens of the Void for centuries, subjectively. So, when she felt a weakness in the fabric of the Void, she lept for it, tearing her way into a new reality and leaving what she knew behind.

Now, the Void-powered creature who was once Faye Diamond has materialized in a new place called “Gravehold”. Terrible clashes between powerful mages and the monstrous nameless plague this world, but NightMist has never been one to back down from a challenge. Though she misses those she’s left behind, she joins the ranks of those who defend this new reality.


So how will she play? As before, the following design by Kevin Riley is in the very early stages and is subject to change. NightMist’s journey through the Void has left her powers in an even more volatile state than before. In Sentinels of the Multiverse, she leverages the chaos of her transformation to her advantage. In Aeon’s End, that will be no different.

As in Sentinels, all cards in NightMist’s deck will have a special number on them which will likely range from 1-3. In Aeon's End that will be called the Void number. In addition, the supply cards will also have a Void number when NightMist is in the game. Each card in a supply pile will have a different Void number. The higher the number, the bigger its effect. By giving each supply card a different Void number, she will have different decisions based on what she wants to optimize for.

Starter: Suffer 1 damage and gain a charge. Reveal a random card in your deck and deal damage equal to its Void number.

Ability: Prevent damage you would take this turn and gain life equal to the Void number of a random card in your deck. 

 -- OR -- 

Reveal three random cards in your deck, suffer 1 damage for each card revealed this way, and deal damage equal to their combined Void numbers.

In Sentinels, NightMist often reveals the top card of her deck and does an effect based on the number of that card. Given the no-shuffling nature of Aeon’s End, revealing the top card of your deck is perhaps not chaotic enough to capture that essence. More testing will be required to hone in on what the best design is.

Additionally, her IV breach is a Void breach. When a spell is cast from her Void breach, NightMist suffers 1 damage. That spell deals additional damage equal to its Void number.

As with Xae, everything here is subject to change. We hope that this design translates enough of what makes NightMist special and memorable in Sentinels of the Multiverse while creating an awesome new way to play Aeon’s End on digital!


What are people saying about Aeon’s End digital?

David Neumann writing over at Stately Play says: “You can’t deny that everything (Handelabra) touches is polished to a blinding sheen. Thus, when they announce a new project or, as is the case today, launch a new Kickstarter, we listen.”

Chris over at Pixelated Cardboard says: “The game is shaping up nicely even in the early stages. Having played those first two turns a handful of times, I can see a glimpse of the game, and I've been enjoying it so far.”

Have you seen anyone covering Aeon’s End? Let us know so we can highlight it. And of course, keep sharing to all your friends, it’s the best way to get the word out. We’ll have another social update tomorrow.

And don’t forget our live dev stream this week on Twitch

  • Wednesday November 14th: Making a Mage - Watch us bring a mage to life by implementing their ability and starter card in the engine and UI.
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    1. Handelabra Games 3-time creator on

      In our talks with Christopher and Kevin, it was important to find a narratively-sound reason for why the character would be making the trip. While we looked at Argent Adept and even Lifeline as well, The breaches/The Void and Dark Watch connection just felt the most "right".

    2. Maciek Stępiński on

      I knew a Sentinels character would be in it, but I expected Argent Adept, with Harpy/Pinion as number a second guess. Maybe one day...

    3. Handelabra Games 3-time creator on

      As a first design concept, this has not been playtested yet. You can all be sure that it will undergo rigorous testing before it would be released. If you want to help that process, there's a couple backer levels that would let your voice be heard! ;-)

    4. Missing avatar

      Justin H on

      Seems like it needs some playtesting and tinkering, but I like where it's going. Just like Xae, Nightmist takes advantage of the digital environment to do some unique things just not available on the tabletop.

    5. Missing avatar

      Take Walker on

      I look forward to the brave new world where Arkham Horror has three degrees of separation from Aeon's End via Nightmist. XD

    6. Red L

      In Sentinels, Night Mist’s deck can be stacked by other players and thus not have the top card be random—will there be some way to spend a resource to draw the top card instead? Also, here the description makes it seem like she always wants the highest number void cards since the kickback to her is per card and not based on how high the void number of the card is.

      Night Mist will certainly make it more interesting to get rid of starter cards, since you will care about not getting rid of Void 3 cards.

    7. Bob Fish Bartlett on

      Sounds like she’d become exhausted in no time.