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We're bringing the hit fantasy deck-builder to Steam with some new exclusive content!
We're bringing the hit fantasy deck-builder to Steam with some new exclusive content!
1,936 backers pledged $37,653 to help bring this project to life.

Crossover Details, First Dev Stream Posted, and Social Update

Posted by Handelabra Games (Creator)

It’s now day 5 and things are progressing very well. On Tuesday, Aeon’s End Digital was chosen by Kickstarter as a ‘project we love’ which is so thrilling for us. Neither of our previous projects achieved this status and we think it hints at great things for the next month. Keep spreading the word so we can accomplish the funding goal and head on to the stretch goals!

Into the Breach

We're excited today to tease an early design for how Xae from One Deck Dungeon could work in Aeon’s End. Please note that this is an early draft of Kevin Reilly’s design for the new mage and subject to change. That said, it's so cool that we wanted to give you a glimpse of what he's working on!

Get to 39k for this new Mage!
Get to 39k for this new Mage!

Xae starts the game with two unique features. Her IV breach is different in that, instead of making spells cast from it deal additional damage, it permanently increases the amount of damage that spell deals by 1 for the rest of the game. This effect can stack multiple times on the same spell. This breach also cannot be opened; it can only be focused. Xae also starts the game with a personal supply pile that only she can gain cards from. This supply pile contains 6 spells, one at each cost from 3-8, tiered in ascending order. Thus, she can only buy the least expensive spell. Once that spell is bought, she may ladder up and up. This supply pile is built using random spells at the start of the game and may contain spells currently in the supply or not.

Her starter card is a gem that gives the usual 1 aether or can be used to gain 2 aether that can only be used to gain cards from her personal supply pile.

Her ability allows her to cast a prepped spell that was originally gained from her personal supply pile three times and then destroy that spell.

Xae's special spell-upgrading IV breach is the first of its kind and is an awesome addition to the digital game. Modifying the text on specific cards is a design space that we hope to explore more thoroughly if enough stretch goals are unlocked. By having a breach which permanently upgrades cards but cannot be opened, it provides even more variety for how she plays. Her personal supply pile means that each time you play Xae, you'll be presented with an additional level of decision making and chaos to navigate. Finally, her starter card and ability come together to support her personal supply pile and make it a central part of her strategy.

As previously mentioned, this is a very early design and subject to significant changes. Help us reach the $39k stretch goal to bring Xae to Aeon's End! We’ll have more info on Mist in One Deck Dungeon later in the campaign.

Developer Stream #1: Spell-Crafting

On Wednesday, we held our first live dev stream of the campaign where Jean-Marc, John, and Jennifer showed you how we craft a spell from the card up. Each step of the process was involved: code, gameplay, UI, and animation. If you couldn’t watch live, the rebroadcast is now posted to our YouTube channel, or check it out below:


Next Wednesday at 1 Eastern we’ll be at it again! This time we’ll be making a mage. Same format as last time, but we’ll show you how we implement a mage and starter card and take it through the process. Watch it live next week on Twitch.

Social Update

Sharing the campaign to your friends is the best way to get the word out. We are tracking many modes of social media activity, and we’re pleased to announce that social sharing has crossed the first milestone of 400!

Total: 191, plus 138 retweets and 132 shares on Facebook.

That’s a current total of 461 social interactions!


This means we have unlocked Bonus Pack 2, which adds new digital sleeves and a playmat to every copy of the game.

Digital Sleeves and Playmats

Some of you have wondered what exactly these bonuses entail so we thought we’d show you a bit more. All of these items are fun bonuses that let you customize your digital Aeon’s End experience by adjusting the look of the deck backs and changing the look of the environment in which you play.


What you see here are early samples, so the end product may differ, but we wanted you to see some of the directions we are considering. The more social sharing we have, the more cool options we’ll make!

Character Skins?

As we were going over the sleeves and playmats with Kevin yesterday, another idea came up: character skins. These would be another way to visually customize your digital gameplay experience. It seemed like an interesting idea so we had Jennifer mock up a few and we thought we would put it to you: Should we add some character skins to these bonus packs?

Let us know in the comments, and then go vote on either Twitter or Facebook!

What do you think?
What do you think?
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    1. Sean Wheeler

      To be honest not worried about skins, though I am sure a lot of people will love the colours. I am more in to game content myself. Great up-date though thank you.

    2. John Arnold Collaborator on

      Not to worry the original colours will be the default! And so far these are just sample ideas =)

    3. Missing avatar

      Take Walker on

      I'll be honest, Xaxos's skins look a little doofy, but I like the idea in general.

      Though if I can't have a hot pink Rageborne, I don't know why I'm backing this. XD

    4. Iain Simmons on

      I think it'll obviously require some playtesting, but I also love that you're trying something really different with the digital version.

      I'm not against the idea of character skins, but I have to say I still much prefer the colours of the original! I think they suit the theme much better.

    5. Missing avatar

      Daniel Jones on

      I think she sounds more annoying than cool. @Jason is right that this would be prohibitively annoying in the tabletop version, but I think that's just as much an indictment for the digital version. If she doesn't match the rest of the mages, she's never going to be more than an incongruent addition to the game, like a cartoon character guest anchoring the nightly news.

    6. Jason Winterfeld on

      I like how Xae makes this version different from the tabletop version. I love it infact. A lot of the people that aren't backing this feel that it is too similar to the hardcopy of Aeon's End they have. More things like this make it different, and frankly the abilities you introduce in Xae (increasing power and ability to destroy a spell after 3 uses) would be next to impossible to track in a regular game.... I encourage more abilities like this....

    7. Missing avatar

      Justin H on

      I like the sound of Xae so far. It's a really cool idea to implement something that only really be done digitally to take advantage the new possibilities that are offered.