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A finely crafted, pen-like stylus featuring the world's smallest (4mm) retracting, rotating, replaceable tip.
A finely crafted, pen-like stylus featuring the world's smallest (4mm) retracting, rotating, replaceable tip.
7,511 backers pledged $313,490 to help bring this project to life.

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Hand Styluses for the Holidays!


Colorful Hand Styluses and More for the Holidays!

The Hand Stylus and Remora stylus holder are available at discounted prices on our website, We ship the same day orders are received, so there's still time to get Hand Styluses and Remoras for holiday gift giving.

The Float Shelf, an add-on shelf for iMacs, is my most recent successful crowdfunding project. The Float Shelf, which is a perfect solution for decluttering desktops or displaying mementos, received rave reviews and was the most successful iMac accessory of its kind on Kickstarter.


The Float Shelf, which fits iMacs made after Mid-2011, is also available at

Happy Holidays!

Steve King | Founder & Designer | PRISM Designs

FLOAT Shelf—Best of 2016


You're likely busy, so just three things—

1. Cult of Mac chose the FLOAT Shelf as one of the Best Mac Accessories of 2016. To see the article, click here.

2. The FLOAT Shelf's funding campaign is over, but you may still pre-order a shelf for yourself or as a present at Indiegogo InDemand, where select crowdfunding projects have their items available. To visit InDemand, click here.

3. Going to CES? Stop by our booth (#9600) in North Hall. We're listed under California Pacific Designs, PRISM Designs' parent company.

That's It!   Steve King | Founder & Designer | PRISM Designs |

HAND Stylus to FLOAT Shelf and Beyond


I've launched a new Kickstarter campaign for the FLOAT Shelf—the ultimate iMac shelf.

The Float Shelf is the largest, strongest, most elegant, and easiest to attach shelf for Apple's tapered-edge iMacs.

The FLOAT Shelf declutters desktops or can be used as a wide platform for displaying mementos and keepsakes.

The Float Shelf has already garnered great reviews. One reviewer gave it a Ten out of Ten Stars rating; another called it, "...the iMac shelf Apple would've made." There are still some Early Bird discounts available, but they're going fast!

Here's a link to the shelf's Kickstarter campaign: FLOAT Shelf campaign




So many people generously supported the HAND Stylus that I decided to share some of my good fortune by backing other Kickstarter projects. So far, I've backed 85 projects... and I hope to crack 100 by year's end.

Another way I'm going to Pay It Forward is to recommend Kickstarter projects I think are especially worthy of support, and the first project I'd like to spotlight is Qwerkywriter by Brian MIn.

Brian's project melds the analog and digital worlds in a cleverly conceived and finely crafted mechanical keyboard for tech devices. Today, I had a chance to type on a prototype Qwerkywriter... I must say, it was a pleasure to use as it provided the audible and tactile feedback of a vintage manual typewriter. If Hemingway owned an iPad, this is the keyboard he'd use!

Here's a link to Brian's Qwerkywriter project. Please check it out and support it if you can.

Regards, Steve King • Designer, HAND Stylus

Q. Why is Kickstarter so special? A. Read below.


Dear HAND Stylus backers,

I just watched an extremely interesting interview David Pogue conducted with Yancey Strickler at this year's SXSW festival in Austin, TX. David is the head of Yahoo Tech and Yancey is one of the co-founders of Kickstarter.

DISCLAIMER: I'm indebted to Yancey and David as the success of my HAND Stylus Kickstarter project sent my life on an exciting new course, and David Pogue's favorable review of the HAND Stylus in the New York Times helped propel HAND Stylus sales to new heights.

Disclaimer aside, David's interview with Yancey brilliantly captures what makes Kickstarter so unique and special. I strongly encourage you to watch the interview... and I dare you not to be impressed and inspired. You can watch the interview by clicking the link below.

The interview was filmed in HD and can be watched full-screen in high resolution... it's as if David and Yancey are sitting in your living room... quite a treat!

Regards, Steve King