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Declutter your desktop with the largest, strongest, most elegant, and easiest to attach shelf for iMacs and Apple displays.
Declutter your desktop with the largest, strongest, most elegant, and easiest to attach shelf for iMacs and Apple displays.
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Delivery and Refund Update

Posted by Steve King (Creator)

GOOD NEWS! The Float Shelves are on the cargo ship YM MILESTONE headed for the U.S. The ship is scheduled to arrive at the port of Oakland between July 5th – 7th. You can learn more about the ship at:

To track the ship's progress across the Pacific click the link below. Large ships are required to transmit their exact location every two minutes to an orbiting satellite. This data is compiled and posted on the internet. It’s pretty amazing to see all the large vessel traffic on all the world’s oceans!

If there are no delays in offloading the freight or in clearing U.S. Customs, we should receive the Float Shelves between July 10th – 14th. We’re ready to begin shipping Float Shelves as soon as they arrive, but please keep in mind that it will take 1–2 weeks for us to get all the Float Shelves sent out.

REFUNDS. Where are they? I have made a few refunds, but the majority of you who are due a refund still have not received one—here's why. A year ago, I contracted a resistant bacterial infection that put me in the hospital for five days where I was pumped full of antibiotics and had to have minor surgery. Even after I got out of the hospital it took several months to fully recover from this debilitating illness and the side effects of the antibiotics.

About a week ago, I started having the same symptoms that preceded my getting so ill last year. This time around, I recognized the early warning signs and saw an internist and surgeon right away. They've put me on a regimen of strong oral antibiotics and, so far, the infection is at bay and I've been able to stay out of the hospital. Regrettably, the infection hasn't receded much yet and the antibiotics leave me with very little energy and make it hard to concentrate. I call my inability to focus my attention for very long Mush Brain. That's the bad news.

The good news is I'm not in the hospital, I'm able to work a few hours each day, and I'm going to continue to make refunds as best I can until everyone receives the money they're owed. I will get this done!

That said, I have to give my health the highest priority and doing so is impacting how much work I can do each day. So once again, thank you for your support, your understanding, and your patience. And as always, you're welcome to contact me at:

Regards, Steve King | Founder & Designer | PRISM Designs |

P.S. We'll confirm your address and iMac model in a week or so via an email survey.

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    1. Missing avatar

      Simon Granville

      Looks like the vessel has left the West Coast of the US bound for Taiwan so the units should at least be going through customs clearance if not despatched already.

    2. Jaladhi Pujara on


      I am backer 258. I am likely to move in a few weeks but don't have the new address yet. I should have the new address sometime in August. What is the best way to make sure I don't miss the delivery?

      Thank you!

    3. Brian Ricker on

      STILL waiting on a refund ...

    4. mahlersilvan on

      hi steve - thank for the update -hope you will be better soon. But: I didn't get my refund link and it would be great to get the money back. Could you please add an short description at the F.A.Q.? Think this ist the most question at your project ;)

    5. Missing avatar

      Anthony DellAnno Sr on

      Wow! This guy must be really sick if he can't sit and write a check! Didn't we already go through the survey-email thing for a refund?