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Prodigy is a tactical RPG with figurines, a new way to play that we will create with you. Thank you so much for your support!
Prodigy is a tactical RPG with figurines, a new way to play that we will create with you. Thank you so much for your support!
Prodigy is a tactical RPG with figurines, a new way to play that we will create with you. Thank you so much for your support!
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The ingame model of Maelis, the figurine of Amoa and the new Board!!

Hey everyone!

While kids were cramming for their exams and some adults were planning their summer vacations, all the team has been focusing on this month is your own travel in Thasys!

Though we know how disappointing it was for the Alpha launch to be pushed back to July, we hope you’ll still be excited by this month’s update. A new model, a new figurine, a new board… everything to start off summer on the right foot! 

Dissonant and proud: Maelis’ ingame model 

If you think that only you can decide your destiny, Maelis will no doubt be one of your favorite characters !

The young woman is an exceptional fighter, but to climb the ranks of the Warrior Cast, she had to make many sacrifices. To become stronger, she gave herself to Dissonance, a choice that did not come without dire consequences.

Some of these are easily visible on her body, such as her scorpion-like tail or the chitinous aspect of some of her skin. Though being too alien to be called beautiful by most people, they are nonetheless striking. Moreover, they give Maelis additional protection, which is what matters to this steadfast soldier.

But Maelis’ most unique attribute is of course her right arm! Between the walls of Dis, she tries to hide the fact that Dissonance has caused heavy stygmata to it. But once away from the prying eyes of traditionalist Shiraz, she has no qualms using it to its full potential. She knows full well that the nightmarish appearance of her limb automatically strikes fear in the heart of her adversaries!

As you can see in the pictures above, Maelis’ arm will change depending on what she needs to do. While it looks perfectly ordinary when she is at rest, she is able to extend her fingers into unforgiving claws when on the battlefield. The purple spines on her arm can also morph, giving her additional protective or offensive power.

Our Animation Team is already hard at work on making Maelis come alive, so we have high hopes for the Dissonant Warrior to join the rest of her Company on the battlefield very soon!  

Ready to pounce: the turnaround of Amoa’s figurine  

It’s been a while since we’ve shown you a new figurine! How about the last member of the Company of the Storm??

As you’ll immediately notice, we decided to go with a non-traditional pose for our favorite Felis, so as to reflect her fluid, dynamic and often acrobatic combat style.

With her double-blade and her tail held high, she seems ready to pounce on any enemy, right?  

As always, please don’t hesitate to like and share the video, that you’ll find in the dedicated playlist on our Youtube channel!  

The New Board is almost here!  

Though the Alpha will have to start without it, we’re happy to show you the first pictures of the new Board today!

As you can see in this modelling preview (and as we already talked about in our special update) the Board underwent some design changes for technical, gameplay and marketing reasons. It is now larger, but also thinner, giving it a slick, sharp look.

The pictures above and bellow do not illustrate a plausible team, but we wanted to show that even our most massive pieces had plenty of room to stand together.

As you can see, be it in line or in column, even the Kickstarter version of Toboro feels perfectly at ease!

Future generations of Creatures, Legends and Bosses will not hinder each other, and will be able to be as ambitious as ever with the poses of our smaller characters. The Board on the picture is an empty shell, but we’ll soon be able to show you how the final prototype lights up and interacts, so stay tuned!  

Speaking of the Alpha: Alpha Founders, please check your email addresses!  

We’ll be using the email address you used for BackerKit to send you the download link and the access code to your Alpha Account.  

If you’d like for us to change your BackerKit email address to another one, send us an email at, indicating your former and new email addresses.  

If you have any question related to the Alpha, please read our special Kickstarter update on the subject as well as the Alpha FAQ. And if you don’t find an answer there, do not hesitate to contact us directly on our Official Forums or by email at, we’ll be happy to help you out!  

This month: the Game Design of the Creatures on the DevBlog  

To prepare everyone for this month’s livestream, Marc wanted to tell you all about the Game Design of the Creatures, Onosani and Zotra!

Those two are quite powerful, but also have their drawback. So give this article a careful read before you start basing any strategy on their abilities!  

This month: Playing Prodigy #3 on Twitch and Youtube  

If you did not catch it live, check out our latest episode of Playing Prodigy, our show about the ingame content of Prodigy!! You can even watch all existing episodes in a dedicated playlist!

You’ll get to discover Onosani and Zotra in-game, as well as their special ability: Auras! Get your first look at our newest arena and learn more about combat mechanics like First Aid and Reinforcement. 

We also showed some exclusive previews of this update: watch the whole show to see a turnaround of Maelis in game as well as what the new Board looks like compared to the old one! 

A small change to our livestream schedule 

With the launch of the Alpha on July 27th and our attendance in the Gamescom Trade Hall, the whole team is mobilized and we’re sorry to say it would be a bit complicated for us to hold our usual livestream schedule. 

So what we’re gonna do is have a special Livestream at the beginning of August, the content of which we’ll tell you all about next month. What we can tell you for now is that it will be a bit lengthier than usual, and that you might expect a small surprise! 

Thank you very much for your understanding, and don’t worry: the usual schedule will be back in September! 

Next month: Isaelle’s story on the Devblog 

The People of the Clouds is one of the most seclusive and therefore mysterious lineage of Thasys! In July, Christian will tell you more about them as well as their representative among our playable characters: the thunderous Isaelle! 

What terrible mission is she on? And is it even possible for her to succeed? You’ll have to read the DevBlog article to know! 

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