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Prodigy is a tactical RPG with figurines, a new way to play that we will create with you. Thank you so much for your support!
Prodigy is a tactical RPG with figurines, a new way to play that we will create with you. Thank you so much for your support!
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Unveiling Karan Kar, the last of our playable characters for the 1st wave, as well as the ingame model of Amoa and our new arena!!

Hello Prodigians!

Here at Hanakai, it’s been a very busy month, with everyone working as hard as they can on the Alpha! We’ll soon give you details about that, but for now we have a fantastic news to share with you: the roster of our first wave of playable characters is now complete!!

Unveiling the last of our playable characters for the 1st wave : Karan Kar the Half-Ogre!

Here he finally is! We’re sure you’ll agree that Karan Kar is pretty charismatic, what with his heavy build and battle-hardened looks!! Among Dis’ courtiers, rumor has it he’s been at the service of King Kazim for a thousand years… but who can tell when his face is always obscured by a mask?

You’ll have immediately noted that this imposing warrior does not belong to any of the Lineages we have unveiled so far. While we’ll tell you more thoroughly about the Half-Ogres later on, what you need to know is that these well-known warriors have long been the allies of the Shiraz on the battlefield. Despite their large muscle mass, Half-Ogres remain surprisingly light on their feet and hone their body like a weapon.  

Karan Kar is a perfect example of that. In addition to his skill with a battle-axe and his capacities as a strategist, this experienced fighter also possesses the uncanny ability to disturb Mana. Don’t ask him how he got this power though, his patchy memory is a sore subject...

Amoa bares her claws ingame!

Amoa might have a sunny disposition, but you don’t want to get on her bad side... Don’t let her fluffy ears and cute cat-tail distract you, her claws and fangs are just as sharp as her mind!

As you can see, we've made some slight changes to her look on the concept art, so as to allow our animators to make the most out of this very dynamic character. Her hair has been pinned up, her top is more practical, allowing a better range of movement. We’ve kept the lanterns though! Speaking of equipment, did you notice her double-bladed weapon? I hear you're in for a nice surprise when you see her special skill for the first time!

Amoa might be a scholar, but she’s not the type to stay with her muzzle buried in books. Knowledge is out there and if she needs to fight for it, so be it! As you can guess from these first poses, Amoa has taken full advantage of her feline agility to become an accomplished martial artist. She is an expert at launching lightning-quick attacks then retreating before her adversary can defend themselves or counter-attack.

Compared to the other members of the Company of the Storm, she’s overall quite unpredictable, using the Initiative Cycle to launch consecutive assaults or aim for an unsuspecting target. Get ready to pounce!

Into the woods : the Arena of the Ancients!

Deep in the forests of Thasys, adventurers sometimes come across the mysterious remnants of a lost civilisation… As these places sometimes represent the only clear areas in a dense forest, they become perfect arenas for a little impromptu fighting!

This arena, which will very soon be available for our Founders to try out, has for now a very peaceful atmosphere. You could just lie down on the fresh stone to listen to the sounds of the woods...

 Even through the grass and the flowers have invaded everything, one can still see the remnants of some beautiful stone work. Was this plaza a sanctuary? A market place? Some scholars think these ruins might have been outposts, as bigger structures can sometimes be spotted nearby. That’s right, the massive silhouette you can spy between the branches is not a mountain, but a tower eerily similar to that of the City of the Fathers!

The environment artists have done an amazing job recreating the magical atmosphere of the concept art we unveiled back in December. Look at all this lush vegetation! Now, our VFX artists have just started working on adding the finishing touches. Soon, a light mist will seep between the old stones and the wind will be ruffling the leaves of the towering trees…

A natural enchantment that will only be disturbed by the clash of swords and Mana!

This month: Maelys’ story on the DevBlog

We know Maelys and the Shiraz have numerous fans, so Christian took special care to fill this article with all kinds of info on this awesome character and her very unforgiving society. A tale of honor, determination and courage !

 Go read it immediately on the DevBlog, and fans of Maelis, prepare yourselves: her ingame will soon be ready!

This month: Painting Prodigy #3 on Twitch & Youtube

Valentin was back this month with new tips and tricks on how to paint or touch up your Prodigy figurines. Together with special guest Marin, fans learned how to paint Onosani’s signature mane, with techniques that can be applied to any kind of fur or hair!

Thanks to our favorite painter, you’ll never find yourself in a hairy situation again!

Next month: Playing Prodigy #3 on Twitch & Youtube

Now that you know how to paint his figurine, how about we show you how Onosani does ingame? June’s episode will be about Creatures and their auras, but that’s far from being all! Lead Game Designer Marc will also teach how to use Reinforcement and First aid to strengthen your team when it needs a little boost!

 If you’ve missed the previous episode, go watch it now on Youtube!

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      Merci!! La prochaine figurine à être révélée devrait en principe être Amoa ;)

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