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Prodigy is a tactical RPG with figurines, a new way to play that we will create with you. Thank you so much for your support!
Prodigy is a tactical RPG with figurines, a new way to play that we will create with you. Thank you so much for your support!
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Felis color & lore, and incoming contest!

Posted by Hanakai Studio (Creator)

Hello everyone!

Today, we have some more eye candy for you! Last month, we revealed the much anticipated Felis race… behold, for we have received more!

We are also very pleased to announce that we will be holding a end-of-the-year challenge! Holidays are right around the corner (they are already there for some of you), so we are casting some winter magic on Thasys and have created…

The Winter Contest

Until now, we have created various events (good old sweepstakes to win figurines, drawn fanarts challenge, the Crag’s Summer photography contest, the VERSUS competition…). It’s now time for us to create something where all can display their talent!

Get on your mark for our Winter Contest, which will be revealed this Monday on our forums, Facebook and Twitter!
The contest will grant exceptionnal sneak peeks to three lucky winners...

Without any further ado, discover the first color artworks of the Felis by our concept artist Sung Jae Lee, along with the tale of how this race was born on Thasys according to our lore master Sybil. Enjoy!

Contemplate the story of how this race was created, not by the Dragons, but by themselves…
Contemplate the story of how this race was created, not by the Dragons, but by themselves…

The Felis and the story of their birth

When the Dragons left Thasys, one of them took his time before going away. Sanmura-Dahi (literally, “he who loves humans”, the Philanthropist) decided to bestow upon a small human tribe a heavy mission.
They would have to collect all knowledge, all sciences and all arts, in order to prepare for the incoming threat that forced the Dragons to leave. Sanmura-Dahi created for them a floating lake over the endless jungles of the unknown South, and erected a whole city on top of it. The isolated metropolis from which the tribe could carry out its mission was named Asterion.

As centuries passed by, the collectivity built a civilisation focused solely on its mission. They were hidden from the rest of the world and allowed no visitor in their city, except from the numerous felines that they adopted as their pets. Cats, panthers, tigers, lynxes, lions.... The prideful, wise and mysterious animals were a symbol for the inhabitants of Asterion, and they soon nicknamed themselves the Felis.

The walls, floors and roofs of Asterion were made of a mix of manasteel and a white stone that Sanmura-Dahi had created. The strange alloy made the city levitate above the floating lake, but most of all it had the ability to store knowledge.
When a Felis entered the city, its thoughts and knowledge were absorbed by the walls. Walking the labyrinthine streets and corridors of the city allowed any human to be infused with the knowledge of Asterion. The whole city was an endless book.

From a distance, the colors of manasteel and white stone seemed to mix. Adventurers and travellers who could see Asterion from afar nicknamed it The City of Silver.

As of today, the alloy of metal and glowing stone can still be found on the armor or outfit of Felis people.
As of today, the alloy of metal and glowing stone can still be found on the armor or outfit of Felis people.

The legend of the City of Silver and the knowledge-gatherers spread across Thasys, until it reached the ears of a Sorcerer King. By then, the Felis were said to have unlocked the secret of immortality and understood the meaning of life.
The Sorcerer King Bak immediately left for the unknown South. After years of expedition, he found Asterion. The floating lake was suspended so high above the jungle that no one had ever reached it - but Bak was no ordinary man. He focused his powers to grow the tallest tree of all Thasys, and climbed it to enter the airborne city. 

 He met the Felis and threatened them with death if they didn’t bestow the gift of immortality upon him. The humans tried to explain that immortality was a myth, but it only fed the Sorcerer King’s anger. He cast a curse upon them: they had one moon to find the secret, or the water of Asterion, be it in the lake or in their blood, would turn to stone.
The Felis were horrified and couldn’t understand the hate of the stranger. As the lake slowly petrified and the weakest member of their people died from the curse, they focused their effort on trying to escape their affliction.

And they found immortality.

They discovered a way to convey a soul from one body to another. The Ancients of Asterion, spiritual leaders of the Felis, thought of a bold and desperate move. They would try to free their souls from their condemned bodies by transferring them into their pets.
They set decoys around the city, human statues of their own craft meant to lead the Sorcerer King into believing his curse had already killed them. Then they gathered into the highest towers of Asterion and begun the ritual.

When Bak entered the city, a few days before the end of his ultimatum, he was not fooled by the empty statues. He rushed into the streets of Asterion and found the Ancients as they were performing the rituals on themselves. It was already too late: the last ancient was transferring her soul into her pet, who morphed into a being half-feline, half-human.

The final knowledge gathered by the Felis saved them and gave birth to a new race.
The final knowledge gathered by the Felis saved them and gave birth to a new race.

The Sorcerer King killed the creature and marched onto the survivors. However, he didn’t have the natural protection against mana that the former inhabitants had. The walls of manasteel pulled his non-human body apart, and dissolved his being into the city itself.
As the lake turned to dust and the city collapsed to the ground, Bak became a part of the knowledge of Asterion.
The Felis fled the broken city. As a magical race, they couldn’t stand the burn of manasteel as well as before. Some of them took bits of wall or stone, and the survivors scattered aimlessly in Thasys.

Nowadays, Felis can be found anywhere. They are a broken community, who still shares an immense love of science, arts and knowledge in general.
Asterion is now a forgotten tale, intertwined bits of broken streets and houses that host almost all knowledge that ever existed. When a Felis fortuitously finds the city, a part of his humanity, his senses and his original appearance comes back to him - but not for long, as the ghost of Bak still haunts the place and kills on sight.

The Felis have given up on trying to resist their metamorphosis. As time passes by, they slowly lose their humanity and become beasts.
The only beings that knew about the threat menacing Thasys are forgetting their mission…

So what do you think of the Felis? Are you super excited about them? How do you think this heavy past will influence the Destiny of Amoa, Elon’s Felis companion?
Tell us what you think on our forums!

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