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Kenneth Hite's Tour de Lovecraft: The Destinations explores Lovecraft's settings and the hidden routes connecting his tales.
Kenneth Hite's Tour de Lovecraft: The Destinations explores Lovecraft's settings and the hidden routes connecting his tales.
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Correlating Our Contents

Posted by Hal Mangold / Atomic Overmind Press (Creator)

Greetings Tour de Lovecraft backers!

Thank you for your patience with us in the wake of our campaign. Both Ken and I had an incredibly busy Autumn, with a crazy amount of travel, and a crushing workload for us on our respective day jobs. But enough excuses, on with the update!

Late Backers Welcome!

We finally have our webstore set up to take late backers! More than a couple people contacted me after the Kickstarter had finalized, wishing they have been able to back it. Now they can! Late backers won’t get quite the same deal that backers did, mind you, but will still get a break on the retail price of the final books, and access to the KS add-ons. People backing at this stage will be imported into BackerKit with the rest of the backers, so shipping is NOT included, just as with the Kickstarter tiers. So spread the word to anyone you know that missed out! You can find the late backer page at:

Project Progress

We’re still largely in the preliminary stages of the project, with Ken reading and collecting more relevant books for the new writing he has in his future, and me getting all the different tasks I need to get done straight my head. We ended up with more than a couple moving parts to this project, and getting them all organized is going to be crucial to making sure we get all the pieces put together at the right time. Let’s review everything we’ve got on deck, shall we?

The Writing: This is the part of the project that is Ken’s area, and here’s an overview of the material he has to write: 

  • New Location Essays: Leng, Upstate, Oklahoma, Deep Time, The South, The Swamp, Egypt, Outerspace, The Arctic, Miskatonic U
  • New Story Essays: Hazel Heald & Friends, Zelia Bishop & Others, Azathoth & Other Fragments, Robert E. Howard, Fungi from Yuggoth & Other Poems 
  • Essay: on Something About Cats 
  • Essay: on Notes on Fiction 
  • Essay: on Supernatural Horror in Literature
  • Essay: on History of the Necronomicon
  • The Lovecraftian Gazetteer: All the locations in Lovecraft’s world, listed for your reading and reference pleasure. 
  • Story Synopses: Short rundowns on each of the covered stories. 

Ken is obviously going to have a very HPL Winter, but given the Chicago winter weather, I think that’s not something he’s going to be to reluctant to embrace. 

The Production: The physical creation of the books and other stretch goals is my area of responsibility, so here’s a rundown of what I have on my plate as we head into the holidays.

  • Interior Art - The Destinations: At the artist selection stage. I expect to have the right person or persons on board by the first week of January. 
  • New Interior Art - The Tales: Same as above. 
  • Map of Lovecraft Country: This will have to be coordinated with Ken’s Gazetteer, noted above, but we’ll be talking with Mark Richardson over the holidays about the style of presentation, and setting deadlines for him, so that he can hit the ground running when we have everything ready for him. 
  • Luggage Labels: As with the interior art, I’ve been reviewing possible artists, and hope to have someone selected and working by the new year. 
  • The Dreaded Tote Bag: I'm reviewing a few possibilities for this. A lot of the POD options are super-low quality/almost disposable, and I am hoping to find something with a little more heft. I mean, if we're going to actually MAKE a tote bag, I want it to be something useful. 
  • Actual book production: We have our printer selected already, and I have a basic layout structure in place for the books, but most of the physical production parts of the book, special editions included, will happen down the line once the text is written and edited. 

Hopefully that gives you all a good grasp of where we are with things as we head into the holiday season and the end of 2017. We're well on track for a late Spring/early Summer 2018 press date, which will put us squarely on target for our delivery date. 

Moving Forward

Updates will be much more regular from here on out. As a backer on may Kickstarters myself, I appreciate that they're a reassuring "proof of life" on a project, even when there's not much to report. I'm aiming for every two weeks at the minimum. They'll probably increase in frequency as we get further into the production process. I’ve contemplated the idea of putting together a task progress page on the Atomic Overmind website. Is that something backers would enjoy being able to reference? Leave your thoughts on the matter in the comments below.

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    1. Jeff Vandine

      I think that would be a great idea -- it's always nice to see a progress tracker so you can get a feel for how things are going. In fact, if you can link to it or actually show it in your updates here, that would be even better. Plus, if it's shown properly, it will also show where the delays come from which will save you a bit of heartburn with people who have no idea how complex a Kickstarter is to manage (like me, for instance).