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A sculpture that pays tribute to the power of music. "Music Saved My Life" brings together music and art in a functional way.

We are building a sculpture that will replace the stereo and bring to life the power of music in a non-traditional way. 

Music has played an important part in my life. There are songs that have lifted my spirits or even taken me to a dark place but no matter where it takes me it is always there for me. For some music is the only thing that helped them stay out of trouble. Music has helped support people and countries in need and to think schools have canceled music classes.  Music is more than a song on the radio, its bigger than you and me. "Music Saved My Life"  is my tribute, a sort of shrine that is decorated with lights, to music.

There will atleast 8 speakers, left and right channel, 69+ lights, neon, LEDs, and iPod connection.  There will be a dimmer switch on the lights, some of which will move with the music.  The cross will be in high gloss white, very clean. On the middle subwoofer there will be a painted heart that will pump with the virbrations of the speaker...pretty cool.

We hope to make more for homes, bars, clubs, any where music is played, in different shapes ans sizes.

Your donations will help with the cost of supplies and your gifts for supporting this art project.

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    You will have your name listed on the "Music Saved My Life" webpage, and a very happy e-mail from me!

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    You, my dear friend will get a postcard with the playlist of the first 10 songs that will be played an art button, and $1 pledge awards

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    This gets you a signed copy of the planning sketches (2) which are going to be really cool. Full color no B&W. Plus the $5 + $1 rewards

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    Have I got something cool for this Album Bowl. I will take a very special album and make you a bowl, super fun. Plus you will get the $10, $5, $1 rewards

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    You get everything from the $25 - $1 rewards AND a limited edition "Music Saved My Life" t-shirt hand printed by me. Please request a size.

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    At this level you will recieve an original peice of art. It will be a painting or a hand pulled print. Paintings will be no larger than 12" in any direction and same for the print. It will be cool I promise. No throw away art. You will also get the $1-$10 rewards.

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    I know I am only trying to raise money for one sculpture but if you want your very own this is your chance. You will also get an amazing prize package to go with it!!!

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