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Stumbling on the documentary of a lifetime, Nathan jumps at the chance to follow three "Bronies" who change his life forever. Read more

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Stumbling on the documentary of a lifetime, Nathan jumps at the chance to follow three "Bronies" who change his life forever.

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When Nathan, a struggling film maker who still lives at home with his mother, has all but run out of ideas on what to make his film debut with, a chance encounter with a 'Brony' online leads him to question what this new, emerging subculture is all about. In the process he meets James, a man who's wife is at odds with his obsession and love of a 'children's TV show', his best friend, Lonny, an eccentric dish washer, and Luke, a guy who's 'just along for the ride'. Together these three Bronies are going to find out what the magic of friendship really means, and change Nathan's life forever. 

My Little Brony is a mockumentary in the vein of 'Spinal Tap', 'Best in Show', and 'A Mighty Wind'. Written for, and by Bronies, this project is a work of love and a dream come true for creator Jonathan "Tobias" Dale. 

We didn't just want to make a movie poking fun at 'guys who enjoy a show for little girls'. That would be way too easy a punch line. What we're trying to do, instead, is dig deeper and bring the heart and magic of the show into our world, and our story. Yes, the leads are all over the top, and yes there will be laughs a-plenty. But what we're doing isn't just taking cheap shots at our own selves and other Bronies. There's a message behind this movie, and it's main goal is to be entertaining. 

Everyone can help. If you can't donate, that's fine! Please help us spread the word to any one you may know who would be interested in the project! The more support we have, the better this project will turn out! 

The Project:

After spending hours reviewing movies, and creating satirical videos online, Jonathan "Tobias" Dale fell in love with editing. As his ideas became more elaborate and required more camera work and less stills, he decided it was time to step away from the world of reviews and share the stories and ideas that were in his own head. With the help of his husband, and his friends, he's bringing his dreams to life one step at a time. The idea for My Little Brony was initially designed to be a short film no longer than ten minutes of random joke footage, but after several hours of discussing possible ideas and scenarios, a full fledged mockumentary began to form. The group were all passionate about the subject matter, so it was decided that this would instead become a feature length movie, complete with a heart warming story. 

Where your money goes:

Gas, Food, any necessary equipment, and any fees incurred in having to rent spaces to shoot, or to get local businesses to open their doors after hours or before open to allow us to shoot on their property. It will also go toward making all of the gifts/rewards for your generosity. 

Thank you for any support you can give. Everything is appreciated, and we're grateful for every bit of help we receive!


  • Yes! Here is our prototype Derpy Hooves! >…

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  • Uh-..YEAH! This movie is for bronies and by bronies! Absolute worst case scenario you get to hang out and be an extra with us. And the more bronies we have the better this film will be! Movie making goes one of 2 ways. The "I'm an iron fisted director with my own ideas and screw you and your thinking!' way [*cough*Phantom Menace *Cough*] Or it can be a collaborative effort! We prefer the latter. That being said, however, there are a few issues with this. 1> You'll have to be 18+. We'll be using your likeness in this film and you'll need to sign a contract. 2> Unless you're going to Bronycon, you'll have to be able to come to us. [Kennesaw, Ga about 30 minutes north of Atlanta] We won't be able to compensate you for travel/lodging costs.

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  • Cripes no! Look, there are MANY more than 22k fans of My Little Pony. If everyone donates a single dollar we'll have the budget we need. And trust me, if you're kind enough to donate we'll do everything we can to make sure you're not disappointed!

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    A large thank you, and an invitation to an internet screening of the film after it's finished!

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    $5 reward

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    A huge thank you and internet bro-hoof from all of us at GypsyFox Productions, and access to the online premiere screening of the film!

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    $15 reward

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    A listing in the credits under 'special thanks', first access to trailers and information, MLB mailing list invite, early invitation to an internet screening of the film. And you will be sent a digital copy of the film for you to keep when the DVD's are released!

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    A copy of the limited DVD signed by the main characters, which includes at least 2 DVD only extra scenes, making-of documentary, cast commentary, bloopers/out takes, and whatever else we can fit on the Dvd('s possibly!),
    , and everything in the Phoenix level! ****INTERNATIONAL DONATIONS> PLEASE ADD 10$ FOR SHIPPING*****

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    $100 reward

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    Crew Member T-Shirt [L-XXXL], WWCD [What would celestia do?] Bracelet, and copies of the costume sketches for the three brony cutie mark crusaders, and everything in the Brony, and phoenix levels!****INTERNATIONAL DONATIONS> PLEASE ADD $15 FOR SHIPPING*****

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    $250 reward

    0 backers Limited (100 left of 100)


    Invitation to be an extra in the Talent Competition for the climax of the film. [Travel and Hotel not included], and a hand made MLP plushie! Your choice of the mane 6, Derpy, or DJ P0n-3/Vinyl Scratch, An Executive Producer credit, and everything in the Brony, Phoenix, and Pegasus levels!****INTERNATIONAL DONATIONS> PLEASE ADD $20 FOR SHIPPING*****

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    $500 reward

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    Invitation to be our 'clapper' for a scene, (or day if you're interested!) [Scene 1 take 3, action! Clap]-Travel and lodging not included, and a copy of the shooting script for the day you were on set! [Complete with all notes by the Director and cast, and signed], And everything in the Phoenix, Brony, Pegasus, and Unicorn levels

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    Invitation to have a speaking role in My Little Brony, A costume piece worn on screen by one of the main actors [Travel and Hotel not included], And everything in the Phoenix, Brony, Pegasus, Unicorn, and Dragon levels!

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