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No more dead plants. Planty is an Internet-connected planter that allows you to monitor and water plants on-the-go via the mobile app.
No more dead plants. Planty is an Internet-connected planter that allows you to monitor and water plants on-the-go via the mobile app.
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Posted by nthing (Creator)

1. Shipping

Shipping has been completed. We sent private messages for some deliveries which have troubles with customs clearance. Please check the message if you have not received your Planty. In addition, if you have not received yours yet, please let us know.

2. Apps

We do our best to response feedbacks from backers and update the Apps. From now on, we will keep updating the App on Wednesday at least once in two weeks. Current version also has been uploaded on the market on last Wednesday. Usually, Android App is available on the Wednesday, but for iOS will take five business days due to the App review process. As we posted in the last update, iOS user can take part in beta test. Beta tester can download and experience the new version of App before it is released. Any backer who hopes to join the beta test, please contact

Refresh button will be added on the next update. You can check the connection of Planty with this button. LED indicators will dim, once you tap the button. In addition, in the status screen, you can check the sensor values of the moment. 

There were several opinions that UI is not easy and uncomfortable. According to the backers' feedback, we decided to upgrade overall UI on May. SW and Design team are already on it. The more feedbacks backers give us, the better Planty it will become. Please help us.

3. Connection and registration.

Many backers have problems with connection and registration. We already post up a guidance video for connection process. If you find it difficult to connect Planty to the Internet, please check and follow the video. Most of problems happened because backers scanned wrong QR code. Concerning this issue, we have added alarming message in App from the next update. As you can see in below photo, you should read the second QR code in Quick guide in order to register your Planty. 

4. Address and Mobile number

Some products are still piled up in our office because some backers did not send addresses and mobile numbers. If you have not left your mobile number or address, please tell us quickly via Kickstarter message. There are some cases that recipient is absent or that customs clearance takes longer time. For those backers who have not received your product yet, please check the message and contact to DHL in order to receive your product securely.

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    1. nthing 2-time creator on

      @Richard Dickson

      Hi, Rechard.

      1. I would like to check one thing. Is your disconnection status ongoing so far? There was a disconnection problem in Korea as well, it might happen due to the server problem.

      2. As far as video issue goes, we will deal with it from the next video.


    2. Richard Dickson on

      PLEASE add voiceover explanation with the video to replace the annoying elevator music.

    3. Richard Dickson on

      It was working after quite a bit of effort but now lost connection again and won't reconnect. Are other users finding the same issue?