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No more dead plants. Planty is an Internet-connected planter that allows you to monitor and water plants on-the-go via the mobile app.
No more dead plants. Planty is an Internet-connected planter that allows you to monitor and water plants on-the-go via the mobile app.
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Shipping for the 2nd batch

Posted by nthing (Creator)

Hello. This is n.thing. 

This update is to announce backers that the 2nd batch products were just shipped out. Most of products have been sent at last. DHL told us that some Planty were not delivered due to the wrong address and backer's absence without answering phone. Please check your information again, and if there is any change or mistake, send a message to us as soon as possible.

App Issue 

With the 1st batch product shipped out, we have tested Apps and Planty by ourselves again. A few bugs have been spotted and fixed so far. In addition, backers who received their Planty gave us comments. Overall, troubles at the stage of registering and connecting process were chiefly pointed out. We thought that we need to provide more detail guide to backers, so we have made additional video guide for these process. You can check the video below.

Plant list was another issue that most backers have talked about. Now, only some selected plants are available to grow with Planty. As backers request to add up more plants, we decide to add 'customizing mode'. Most of plants require lots of light, but the place where users may put their Planty will be indoor. Therefore, we have selected a series of indoor plants users can grow inside house and herbal plants users can grow nearby windows. However, as more backers asked for additional plants, we decide to update the customizing function for users' unlimited choices. 

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The guide video for registering and connecting process is posted up on Youtube.


There were many inquiries on hardware as well. The sensors of Planty measure environmental values in every 10 minute. That means the data showing on your App does not show the status at the moment. It may not immediately response even if you touch sensors or give artificial light to your Planty. Please be aware of the fact that Planty does not keep collecting environmental data, but measuring and showing the data in every 10 minutes now. However, we come to know that users want to see the data of the moment when opening their App. Therefore, we decide to update 'refreshing data' function. It will enable users to see immediate data of the Planty. We are on it. Given a value of soil moisture sensor, the result can be influenced depending on the type or status of soil you use. 

Beta Tester

Kickstarter Planty is not perfect yet and we know it well. The best part of Kickstarter is that we can communicate with backers, so there are much room for improvement. We hope backers help us to make it better and better. Many backers have pointed out problems since they received Planty. We believe that we can solve more troubles with more comments from backers. Continuous updates for HW and SW will be provided for Kickstarter backers. Which of speaking, we would like to open best tests to backers. We hope to communicate more and more. If there is any backer who wants to take part in our beta test, we will be very happy. If you hope to participate in our beta test for Planty App, please leave your Apple account email to our official email( Then our SW team will send you an invitation message and how to join all the processes. This beta test thing is only for iOS users.

A thousand thanks

Shipping for Kickstarter has been almost done, but there are still some stocks in our warehouse waiting for delivery. Backers who have not left their mobile numbers and addresses, please check and tell us your information. We have tried to reach to them through private messages and emails, but there were no answer yet. Please, check it again.

We think of backers as not just customers, but grateful fund-raisers to our company and product. Thanks for all your bitter comments and cheers toward us. You all made us go extra miles! We are closing this long Planty campaign soon. However, as we produce and sell Planty over the market more, we will do our best. 

Thank you all, our lucky stars.

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    1. FTDI Ltd - Fred Dart on

      Mine safely arrived in Singapore on Friday. Thanks guys and well done !