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No more dead plants. Planty is an Internet-connected planter that allows you to monitor and water plants on-the-go via the mobile app.
No more dead plants. Planty is an Internet-connected planter that allows you to monitor and water plants on-the-go via the mobile app.
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It's not a joke! (April fool's day update)

Posted by nthing (Creator)

Quick-update before shipping! Here are several issues that all backers should know.

1. Delivery Issue

Planty has finally been packaged and ready to be shipped as you can check in the photo. Standard method of shipping will be express carrier service however, for some destinations, shipping will be done through postal service to ensure safe delivery. The products will be shipped with the option for gift or sample, not commercial product. In addition, delivery type will be person-to-person shipping, not company-to-customer one. We hope for you to understand the nature of Kickstarter. It will be international shipping from S.Korea, so customs clearance fee or local tax may occur depending on the countries. Please bear it in mind.

We are working on invoices with DHL in oder to deliver the first batch starting from 6th of April. ‘Super early bird and Early bird’ backers will receive Planty in the first batch. The next batch will be sent out from 7th and 8th of April. After that, the remains for those who have not left their addresses and mobile numbers yet, will be shipped.

If there is any backer who wants to modify the address of mobile number, we will accept the change until 3rd of April. Thanks for being patience even if there was a long delay. Once again, please keep it in mind that there will be local taxes or customs clearance fee depending on destinations.

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 2. App Mobile 

Mobile Application for iOS and Android will be released soon. The iOS version will be available from 7th of April and for the Android, 5th of April. We expect that backers can download mobile Apps when the products will arrive. Software team will keep updating the Apps hereafter. Please give us a lot of feedbacks!

3. Mobile Number 

Forty nine backers did not tell us mobile numbers yet, which makes it difficult for us to start shipping. We sent e-mail and personal message to those backers, so if you check it, please let us have your mobile number. The mobile number will be used only for the purpose of international delivery, not for any advertisement or spam. Above all, your mobile number is mandatory for the delivery. Please check it again.

4. Last comment 

We really appreciate that backers have cheered us up for this campaign. It was impossible for us to come extra miles if there were no support from backers. Sorry for the delay, but... frankly, it was not that easy task for us. It ages all members of our team. Please give a big hand to all the members who have struggled with Planty campaign, and to you who have invested and waited for the result of our challenge. Supports for the backers will be provided even after the campaign, and new campaign will start soon! We ask for your continued support and feedback.

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    1. John Jones on

      Keep going looking forward to an Australian delivery An APAC focus is a unique thing ! Looking forward to it !

    2. Kenneth Wong on

      Congratulations & well done! Looking forward to receive it and try!