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No more dead plants. Planty is an Internet-connected planter that allows you to monitor and water plants on-the-go via the mobile app.
No more dead plants. Planty is an Internet-connected planter that allows you to monitor and water plants on-the-go via the mobile app.
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Almost there!

Posted by nthing (Creator)
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1. Shipping day is coming!

With all the details set, such as the quality of post-processing, package, and etc., Planty has become completed. Four times of test injections let us tell you the shipping day at last. 28th of March! From the day, product will be delivered sequentially from the first backer. 

2. Certification

Certifications for radio frequency are ongoing, including FCC, KC, and CE. For the Kickstarter version, however, the product will be delivered without any certification. We will ship out your Planty as a type of sample product. Therefore, we expect that there will be no problem in this process, however, the custom of your country could contact you due to the type of shipping or certification. 

3. Address and Mobile Issue

Shipping day is coming. Check your address once more.  Planty will be internationally shipped from South Korea, which requires us the address and mobile number of recipients. Please leave your mobile number via Kickstarter message, if you did not. 

4. Mobile App

Mobile App will be available at both Apple AppStore and Google Play Store by the time you receive your Planty. App for iOS has already been accepted by the Apple review team, and remains deactivated before the release. Planty App supports only two language at the moment, English and Korean. We will add up more supports for any other language depending on user demands. In addition, we plan to update more features in App.

n.thing will not stop at the end of Planty campaign, but keeps challenging for pursuing new value in the smart gardening area.

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      Jukka Koivunen on

      Nice to hear that the delivery is getting closer. However I see it quite worrying that the certification will not be made for the Kickstarter version. One thing is that it is of course somewhat unnerving to use a product which has not been verified for electric and radiation security, but even more troublesome I see this because of the customs. I'm almost certain that the product will be confiscated by the Finnish customs if it does not have the proper and required certification. I have had this issue earlier with customs and Kickstarter projects and then I have had to deliver the certification measurement documents to the customs myself before they released the product for all the Finnish backers. For that product certification measurements were done, but not in EU but fortunately by an agency approved by Finnish authorities. So I would rather wait that the certification is done properly before the Kickstarter delivery and additional delay because of this would not be a problem, because without the certification I'm quite sure I will not receive the product.