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No more dead plants. Planty is an Internet-connected planter that allows you to monitor and water plants on-the-go via the mobile app.
No more dead plants. Planty is an Internet-connected planter that allows you to monitor and water plants on-the-go via the mobile app.
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#17 Update

Posted by nthing (Creator)

1. Manufacturing

As mentioned on the previous update, we just kicked off mass-production for Planty in a cooperation with Intops, the Korean manufacturer. We had the last meeting for the mold production and completed all design-relevant works last week. Mechanical design inside 'commercialized product' requires huge modifications from that of the prototype in order to mass-produce each part of Planty. Therefore, above step was so critical for the product quality and we just wrapped it up.

There are several reasons why we selected Intops as our manufacturing partner. First, Intop's manufacturing factory is just 40 minutes away from our Seoul office. It enables us to focus on the mass-production. Second, Intops starts to run 'Paper program' to give a hand to Korean startups. Taking part in this program, nthing learns invaluable manufacturing know-hows and gets various supports in many ways from Intops. 

Given manufacturing, nthing and Intops are doing our best to provide the quality product to Backers. A thousand thanks for your understanding for the production delay. We promise you that we will open the manufacturing scene of Planty factory on the next update!

2. New member

New members -Production Manager, Business Development Manager, and HW engineer- joined in nthing!

Ganghoon, the Production Manager, has a five-year device design and production management experience. We expect that he plays his role of leading all the complex production processes and management in the field. 

Jude, the Business Development Manager, has four years and half international development cooperation experience. He interned at UNESCO and worked for Korea International Cooperation Agency and Asia Center at Seoul National University. After graduated from Graduate School of Environmental Studies at Seoul National University, he joined in nthing. Currently, he improves working process, researches markets and customers, and establishes biz and sales strategies. 

Claud, the Hardware Engineer, hopped in our team even before his graduation. He has three years Hardware development experience. He has developed network security hardware devices(Arm-based Linux device and device driver development) and Web 2.0(client-based javascript development). Surprisingly, he won the first prize at a robot soccer competition during his uni days.

All these new members will back nthing for the better result.

3. Phone number, address

Kickstarter itself does not collect your mobile number, so we are collecting your address and mobile number in order to ship your Planty. Your personal information will be used only for the purpose of international shipping. nthing will not share your personal information or use it in any other purpose. We strongly recommend you to leave your mobile number! Shipping Planty will be carried out through EMS system that requires receivers' mobile numbers. Only a half of backers sent us their mobile numbers to us and we still wait for the others'. Your rapid cooperation is needed.

You can change the address where you want to receive your Planty. If changes happen, please modify your address at Kickstarter account and leave us a message via Kickstarter message. 

Tote bag announcement! Tote bag is only for backers who pledged additional $25 worth perk. However, if you visited our Seoul office, we will give one tote bag to you as an welcome present. Any backer who plans to take a trip to Seoul, please let us know ;) In addition, nthing team will treat you a Korean dinner as well! (Not for Korean Customers ;( Soooorry! )

4. Postscript

7 months flew like an arrow since we launched Planty on Kickstarter. We attribute all happiness and lessons from Planty Campaign to backers' support and understanding. A thousand of thousand thanks will not be enough to express our gratitude to you all. 

Sorry again for official delay, but please keep in your mind that we are doing our best for the better Planty. In order to let our backers catch up with our works, we will keep updating our working processes. Thanks for your understandings and supports, again.

We wish you all a merry Christmas and have a good time at the end of year!

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