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We're trying to raise money for the production costs of my first album entitled “Canyon Storm”.
42 backers pledged $1,275 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates


They have arrived! The CDs are back from manufacturer and they look and sound awesome! 

Please be on the look out for a survey which, part of which will ask you to provide me your mailing address! After the survey the CDs and donation rewards will be in the mail as soon as possible --- so look forward to seeing them in your mailbox!

Thanks to all who made this possible! Words cannot express our appreciation.


Gwain Nighthawk and Blake Octavian Blair

CD Mastering

Hey everybody!

I just wanted to start by thanking each and every one of you for your donation. Your kindness and generosity has made this project possible! Without you, I would never have been able to raise the money to finish this CD. Thank you!

I thought you all would like to know that I sent the CD off to be mastered over the weekend and I was told that I should have the files back by the end of the week! It's super exciting! The sound engineer described the mastering process as adding "sparkles and fairy dust"! Sounds like just the kind of thing I'd be into!

I'll keep you updated as I go through the stages of production and once again, thank you.