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Emily is a film about the progression of emotions and the development of a relationship between an intelligent girl and her kidnappers

NEW GOAL: £4,000 

The extra money really buys us more time on set and in the edit. The more time we put into making the film the better it can be. As well as the extra money covering the Kickstarter and Amazon fees it will give us the opportunity to enter even more festivals and gain more exposure for the film.

We'd like to apologise for the sound quality of the video above as it's not the best because we couldn't afford a sound recordist.

What is Emily?

Emily is a short film drama with both elements of darkness and comedy that we plan to shoot in March 2013. At its core, the film is about people, expression and emotions. The story explores the emotions that all parties feel during a kidnapping situation, the transition of different emotions they go through as time progresses and how these emotions are expressed and communicated with one another. I thoroughly intend to put my audience both in the shoes of the victim and the kidnappers throughout the film, a dual perspective they are perhaps slightly less familiar with. 

We want you to be a part of an emotionally intuitive short film that you will feel a connection to. If you, like we, think this is the sort of film you would like to watch then let’s make it happen.

 If we reach our goal with time to spare I would like to say that more money really buys more time on set and in the edit. We all know the more time you put into anything, the better it can be. So please continue to contribute knowing that you will be contributing to making a film, that is definitely going to be made, even better than it could have been without your help.

Characters & Cast

Marc Danbury

As seen in the video above, we are very excited to have actor Marc Danbury on board as one of the kidanppers. He brings years of acting experience to the table and is more than capable of delivering the emotionally intelligent yet menacing performance we require from him.

Chloe Partridge

I'm very pleased to announce that we have cast Chloe Partridge in the role of Emily. 

We were lucky to have a good turn out at auditions and with great consideration to all who auditioned we felt that Chloe, who also featured in the trailer above, was the strongest candidate for the role. We are excited to work with her again and are confident she will produce a great performance.

Matthew Leonhart

I'm thrilled to announce that I've cast our second kidnapper today. He is a talented actor who shone at our auditions, in which there were many very strong candidates for this role.

Our final actor, (Michael, Emily's Father) is yet to be cast. The audition process has begun and we are very confident that we will have many great options when it comes to making the final decisions. We will keep you updated with the results.


We have a number of talented and experienced crew members attached to the project already and are talking with many other equally talented people about the positions that are yet to be filled. We are very confident that we will have a wealth of talent and experience amongst the crew when we come to principal photography.

Here are some more details about the Director, Producer and Cinematographer. 

Guy Davies - Director/Producer 

Originally a child actor Guy always had aspirations to direct after learning first hand from several good directors. After giving up acting Guy eventually transitioned into working in the camera department for feature film and TV; working on a number of successful projects.

Matt Brawley - Producer

Matt has always had a passion for film and filmmaking; recently converting it into a reality after setting up a production company with Guy (Zebrafish Media) and booking/producing various successful jobs.

Stil Williams - Cinematographer

Stil is a very talented Cinematographer who trained at the National Film and Television school. He brings great experience with narrative and story telling with the camera having shot several shorts and a few feature films. He has a great creative understanding with Guy, the director, having worked together on a number of occasions and we are very lucky to have him on board. &

What are we spending the money on?

Firstly it’s important to note that we’ve raised preliminary funds ourselves but this is the last chunk that we need to make it all work and truly do the film justice.

Camera/Lighting Equipment

Our most substantial cost is inevitably the equipment. We feel it’s vital we do the film justice and we plan to shoot on the top of the range Arri Alexa digital cinema camera which, amongst many other recent films, the new James Bond film, “Skyfall”, was shot on. Lenses, again will be a large expense and we plan to shoot on a nice set of vintage Anamorphic lenses to end up with a 2.35:1 aspect ratio. 

It’s also crucial that we get the lighting package we need to not only make the film look beautiful but most importantly to tell the story subtly and effectively through the cinematography and lighting of the film. 

Food/Transport of Crew

On a lower budget project such as this it is imperative that it is a pleasant working environment for the crew. Which means great food, transport costs covered and accommodation sorted.

Edit Facilities/Colour Grading

Money really does buy time in the edit and the more time to put the film together and colour grade it the better the film is going to be. 

Festival Submissions

Finally, film festival submissions. We will be putting some money aside to make sure we can submit the film into as many good festivals as possible to gain exposure for the film. We will let backers know if and when festivals accept the film incase you want to share in the journey with us further and go to any of the festivals to watch the film but also to see your credit on the big screen.

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Like all things in life there is a risk that you may be presented with unforeseen or difficult situations which often are hard to predict. This also comes with the territory with film.

Firstly, the most important thing I feel from a Director's perspective is to surround yourself with an experienced professional crew. So that when issues do occur, as they naturally do in life and on a film set, they occur around people who not only have probably experienced them before but can take a calm and level headed approach to solving them.

However what I will also say, based upon my experience, is that on our project we are fortunate for a number of reasons. I often find working on projects as a crew member that the major things that can go wrong to prevent or disrupt shooting are the weather, actors illness or injuries, locations falling through and an unrealistic schedule.

For Emily, the majority of the film takes place inside a garage so weather won't stop play. Also the garage location is privately owned by the producer so there is no reason why it would fall through.

We do have 3 actors all with large roles so illness or injury could present us with a problem. The likelihood of this is extremely unlikely but it has been known to happen, someone in their twenties gets the chicken pox etc. In cases like these you revert back to the next best candidate from the audition process, an understudy if you will.

In terms of the schedule we know that it will be reasonably tight, but we refuse to be unrealistic with the schedule because we will not allow the filmmaking process to become about catching up on time. I have known some days on many film sets become about "we're 30 mins behind, we need to make up the time" and then the process literally becomes more about making up the time and people quickly forget that making a movie is more important. So the bottom line is the schedule has to be very realistic in order for proper thought, consideration and craft to be put into the filmmaking process to create a successful film we can all be proud of.


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