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A compendium of four joyfully fun local multiplayer games for PlayStation 3 and home computers.
A compendium of four joyfully fun local multiplayer games for PlayStation 3 and home computers.
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Sportsfriends! May 6 on PS3 + PS4


We've got a release date! And a wacky new release trailer, featuring us and a bunch of our friends here in NYC (see above).

We’re releasing Sportsfriends on PS3 and PS4 on May 6 in the Americas, and May 7 in Europe and Australia. That’s in less than two weeks!

Remember, PSN backers will get a code that works on both PS3 and PS4. For more information about the two versions and how they differ, see our blog post.

Meanwhile, we're working hard on the Windows/Mac/Linux backer-only beta, which we'll be distributing via Steam. We're still hoping to send the beta codes out on May 6, but we don't know for sure yet. We'll keep you updated as we race towards release.

We literally couldn’t have made Sportsfriends without all of you and your support. We’re super proud of what we’ve made, and we can't wait to push it out the door! So close...

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    1. Creator Die Gute Fabrik on May 8, 2014

      Delayed response, but yes, it's on Austrlia store!

      Any questions, email or message us

      Thanks for the kind words!

    2. Creator Michael Powell on May 6, 2014

      Answer: YES. Thanks!

    3. Creator Michael Powell on May 6, 2014

      Can we expect the codes by this afternoon?

    4. Creator Sinnott on May 6, 2014

      Will it be available on the Australian Store?

    5. Creator diego olioso on April 26, 2014

      Great! It come out just when i have my holydays week.

    6. Creator soltree on April 26, 2014

      Is there anyway I can switch to a ps3 copy now? I just got onea little while ago >>;;;

    7. Creator Kito Zeo on April 25, 2014

      Just saw the launch video...can't wait. Thanks guys for making this!

    8. Creator Kito Zeo on April 25, 2014

      Awesome. I can't wait to play JOUST finally on my PC's lol. I almost got a Mac just so I could play :P

    9. Creator Isaac Layton on April 25, 2014

      Well done guys!
      I can't wait :)

    10. Creator Colin Torretta on April 25, 2014

      Congrats guys! First game I ever kickstarted, can't wait to play it. I got a lot of respect for both your team and Sony for coming together to make something truly unique in the console game space.

    11. Creator Die Gute Fabrik on April 25, 2014

      Yup! After Beta there will also be a DRM-free version via Humble Store.

    12. Creator Aaron Marohl on April 25, 2014

      *whisper* You guys should send these codes out early! I won't tell! It'll be our little secret! :)

    13. Creator Sean Whipps on April 25, 2014

      Can't wait!!!!

    14. Creator Jonathan on April 25, 2014

      There will be a DRM-free version of the home computer port as well, right?