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A compendium of four joyfully fun local multiplayer games for PlayStation 3 and home computers.
A compendium of four joyfully fun local multiplayer games for PlayStation 3 and home computers.
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Sportsfriends for PSN: Submitted!


Hey everyone!

Good news! After many months of tireless work, we’ve finally finished the PlayStation 3 + 4 versions of Sportsfriends! Or at least as far as we know.

If things go according to plan, we’ll be releasing in just a few weeks. Below, in case you’re curious, we step you through some of the details.

Submitting to Sony

Last week we submitted the PlayStation builds to Sony America and Sony Europe. This is all part of the process of developing console games.

Console companies like Sony vet every single game published on their platforms. This is what devs mean when they talk about the much-dreaded “TRC” (Technical Requirement Checklist). To publish on PlayStation, there’s a long list of tests and requirements that we have to pass – everything from bug checks to complying with Sony branding guidelines.

The good news is, the TRC process ensures that games released on PlayStation are held to a high QA standard. The bad news is, this process is intensive and it’s taken us weeks of development to fully comply with regulations.

Now, we wait about a week to hear if we’ve passed the TRC process or not. Luckily, we already did a pre-submission pass to iron out some early bugs, so we’re feeling optimistic. We’ve already heard some good news from Sony America, though it sounds like Sony Europe want us to make a few tweaks. Unless things go way more poorly than expected, we’re planning to release in a few weeks. Finally!

We’ll make sure to send out an update the moment we finally get an exact release date.

Home Computers port

Meanwhile, our lead programmer Jonathan Whiting has already switched over to working on the Windows/Mac/Linux port. Fortunately, our engine supports all three platforms, so we’re not starting from scratch. We’re licensing the Atrophy Engine from our friends at Gaijin Games – the super talented folks behind the Bit.Trip series.

The game is already running on Mac and Windows. Jonathan is currently working on the Linux build, and then we need to work on controller support (especially for JS Joust).

We’re still hoping to release a backers-only Windows/Mac/Linux beta in conjunction with the PlayStation release so that everyone can start playing. No guarantees, but we’ll do our best and we’ll keep you posted.

Sportsfriends: The Menus

As a teaser, here’s a sneak peak at what the whole package looks like. Doug and Bennett step you through the menus and explain how we’ve bound all the games together.

Sportsfriends at PAX East 2014

We’ll be at PAX East again this year, at the Indie MEGABOOTH (booth #481) showing the finished PlayStation 3 + 4 builds of Sportsfriends! We're also running some tournaments.

We're also going to be on a panel about developing games via Kickstarter. Saturday, 6:30pm.

And for those of you in the Boston area, we're showing Sportsfriends at BigSushi’s party, this Friday night. Hope to see you there!


Thanks for your patience everyone. We’re super proud of the final product, and we think the wait will have been worth it.

– The Sportsfriends –

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    1. Die Gute Fabrik Creator on April 21, 2014

      Oops sorry, missed this. Codes will be distributed via Humble Store. (And we'll let you know if that plan changes).

    2. kavan on April 15, 2014

      Each individual code will be hand written and hidden within Nick Suttner's beard. It is up to the individual backer to find it from there there.

    3. Jonathan Lumb on April 9, 2014

      This looks super amazing. Love the way you've tied everything together.

    4. Alex Toor on April 9, 2014

      How will we get our redemption codes for PSN?