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The game based on the ancient legend that inspired “Lord of the Rings” and many other fantasy stories.

The game based on the ancient legend that inspired “Lord of the Rings” and many other fantasy stories. Read More
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Funding Canceled

Funding for this project was canceled by the project creator on October 31, 2013.

About this project

The Project

The NIBELUNGEN SAGA is an ancient legend that is thousands of years old. It was first created in prehistoric times in Northern Europe, and has been passed on from generation to generation, through the centuries.

NIBELUNGEN SAGA is a fascinating tale of adventure and heroism. Throughout the ages it has inspired many storytellers and artists, and is in fact the ancestor of many modern day fantasy stories. Do you know where Tolkien and other fantasy writers got their best ideas from? This is it!

NIBELUNGEN SAGA is a remnant from the dawn of our civilization. It is one of the foundation stones of the entire fantasy genre. It deserves to not be forgotten. It has been made into poems, operas, novels, and movies... but until now, never into a decent game!

Digital games are the story-telling medium of the 21st century. What better way could there be to bring this epic legend back to life? Our game will be as true as possible to the original story, mythology, and historic period that it is set in. We want our audience to see, feel and experience the world of the Nibelungs the way that we think the original creators of the story envisioned it, many centuries ago.

The Story

King Nibelung is dead. His daughter, GUDRUN, has inherited the throne and also a vast treasure along with it. This treasure allows her to pay her army and keep the kingdom secure.

Unfortunately, the treasure attracts the attention of FAFNIR, an evil creature from the swamplands that feeds on human flesh and craves the Nibelungen gold. The vile creature wrecks havoc to the lands of the Nibelungen tribe and takes possession of the treasure.

Sensing the vulnerability of the young queen and her realm, invaders gather along the eastern borders, ready to strike. Luckily, some allies remain loyal to the young queen. SIGVARD, a young warrior from the tribe of the Völsungs, is summoned to her court. Their fathers were once brothers in arms, hence she trusts him and pledges for him to destroy Fafnir and reclaim the gold. Sigvard is famous for his strength and cunning, but an enemy like this one is not to be underestimated.

Sigvard sets out to salvage his father's sword, GRAM, the only weapon powerful enough to overcome this foe. His journey takes him from the islands of Denmark to the icy plains of Greenland and into the deep forests of Sweden to find the famous blacksmith, WEYLAND, who must help him restore the weapon to its former power. The two must then descend into into the depths of mount HINDARFJALL, a volcano in distant Iceland. Only in the fires from the deep can the sword, shattered in battle long ago, be forged anew.

On top of that, Sigvard will need to obtain the ANDVARANAUT, a magical ring that can alter his appearance and even make him invisible. Not easy to get this as it is kept in a secret place in the storm-ridden mountains of Norway, and guarded by trolls.

Sigvard is accompanied by his friend GUNNAR, and Gudrun's cousin, HAGEN. But all is not what it seems and the true intentions of his companions remain hidden until the end of his journey.

Can you guide Sigvard on his adventure and help him solve his dangerous quest?

The Game

NIBELUNGEN SAGA is an action adventure set in the world of ancient nordic legends. You play the role of Sigvard, the legendary warrior, and in some parts also as Gudrun, the young queen.

NIBELUNGEN SAGA is best described as a “fighting adventure game”. You play in realtime as you guide your character and explore a vast game world.

The fighting system is fast and elegant. With your SWORD you can attack your enemy from different angles, or parry their blows. Precision and good timing are critical, especially when surrounded by multiple enemies that once.

You can DESTROY much of the environment and DISSECT limbs off enemies and monsters.

The game uses PHYSICS extensively, allowing you to push things around, smash furniture with your sword, kick your enemies all over the place or drop stuff on their heads! There is a number of puzzles and contraptions to challenge your wits.

The game features different type enemies and monsters straight out of norse mythology. You will have to learn a special combat TACTIC to overcome each of them.

Obtaining new weapons & armor UNLOCKS new combat moves, including cool combos and range attacks, and generally makes you more powerful.

TALK to the people you meet on your journey in order to learn about your surroundings and get clues to solve puzzles.

A drink of MEAD keeps up your spirit as you fight and feast side by side your Viking companions. Magical potions boost your strength and agility and will come in handy in times of peril.

Board your LONG-SHIP to travel between different parts of the game world. You will need to navigate with the winds and tides of the oceans, always avoiding perilous reefs and icebergs. You can almost feel the ship's rudder in your hand, the wind in your hair and the wooden planks under your feet as you stand at the helm of your ship cutting the waves.

Grab your sword, set sail and experience an epic adventure in the northern realms of old!


  • Beautiful, highly detailed, hand-crafted graphics and animations.

  • Original, very atmospheric musical score.

  • Great story and characters based on ancient nordic legends.

  • Full voice-overs for all NPCs and cut scenes.

  • Innovative combat system that gives you direct control over your sword and shield.

  • Advanced physics system to bring the world and puzzles to life.

  • Destructible environments, dissectible characters and monsters

  • Vast game world with many different environments to explore, puzzles to solve and enemies to overcome.

Comparable Games

Among the games that we love and that inspired us on this project, we would mention "Rune: Viking Warlord" and the "God Of War" series as the most influential ones. Our game will not be as large in scope as the latter, but will offer a similar mix of fast-paced action gameplay set in a mythological world.


The game will be released on Windows, Linux and Mac as digital download, and will be DRM free for project backers.

Strech goals will include versions of the game for other platforms including iOS, Android, Ouya, GameStick, Oculus Rift, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

In addition to the story mode, we would also like to include an open-world mode that allows players to freely explore the game world with their own customizable viking character, if we can get enough extra funding.


The game is being developed by The Games Foundation in close collaboration with Herolore Entertainment, a small but ambitious indie team based in northern Germany. Our team has created games such as “The Kore Gang” on Nintendo Wii and “Pirate Galaxy”, a popular space pirates MMO. This new game is the first one that we want to make without a publisher.

Original music for the game will be composed and orchestrated by Dynamedion. Motion capture animation provided by Metricminds. Voice acting by Toneworx.


For more information, please visit

...or read about the original saga on Wikipedia in English, German or Norwegian.

Risks and challenges

Technology is always the most important risk factor in game development. To eliminate this risk, we rely on Unity3D, a tried-and-tested game engine that has served us well on previous projects. We have a working toolchain, good infrastructure at our studio, and are confident that our team can make the game at a very high level of quality for a comparatively low budget.

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


  • Well, in addition to KS, we have other sources of funding that will contribute to the mix.

    First, we have other games in the market right now, and a few more are coming out very soon. A large part of the revenue that is coming in from those other games, is going to be used for this new project.

    Second, we are getting support from our government because they see this project as culturally relevant.

    Third, we also have investors who are interested in putting money into the project under the precondition that it is successful on KS. If the gaming community supports this project, they too will get behind it.

    Fouth, we don’t need to buy any new computers or software, we have everything that we need. So there is no up-front investment to get the project rolling.

    Fifth, this project for us is a real labor of love. We pay ourselves only tiny salaries, just enough to cover our cost, and we don’t expect to make a huge profit with it. This way we keep costs low.

    So the reason we are on Kickstarter is not just for the money, but mainly because we want to reach out and see if there is interest in this game, and if so, to build a community around it. We don’t need to cover the entire production costs through the KS.

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  • Because the Nibelungen Saga is so old, many different versions of this saga exist.

    Keep in mind that it originated in a time long before book-printing was invented. It was passed on by word-of-mouth for thousands of years. With every retelling of the story, it changed a little bit. Copyright didn’t exist either, so storytellers took a lot of creative liberty. They spiced it up with their own ideas, changed it around, added to it in order to tailor to the taste of their audiences. They may also have forgotten a thing or two, or mixed the saga with other tales.

    The written versions of the saga that have survived until today, such as the swedish Völsunga saga, the danish Thidrek saga, and the german Nibelungenlied, all revolve around the same basic story. But there are slight, and some not so slight, differences.

    Some characters have different names in the varying version of the story. For example, the main hero is called either Siegfried, Sigvard and Sigurd depending on which version you are looking at.

    We are currently researching into these old source materials. What we need to do in order to create our own, awesome version of this story, is to incorporate elements from different versions of the saga and weave them into a consistent whole. We also need to streamline it somewhat for it work perfectly in the context of a digital game. And at the same time we want to remain as true as possible to the spirit of the original material. You could call it a "re-imagined" version of the original tale.

    Last updated:
  • No. Wagner used some of the same source material that we are using, then went and did his own thing. The actual Nibelungen saga is much, much older than the opera. We are not using any music or material from the Wagner opera.

    Last updated:

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Funding period

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