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Guild SoftwareBy Guild Software
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Guild SoftwareBy Guild Software
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pledged of $100,000pledged of $100,000 goal
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The project's funding goal was not reached on Mon, February 25 2013 12:00 AM UTC +00:00

Vendetta Online for iPad Preview!

Posted by Guild Software (Creator)

Hi everyone, please "like" this post on Facebook!

I'm excited to bring you the first public preview of Vendetta Online for the iPad, with this demonstration of a prototype build running on an iPad2 connected over wifi. The video is oriented towards both those supporters who are interested in the upcoming iOS version, as well as any new people who may not be familiar with our game.

In the video, I'm actually playing the game through a tiny display on the back of my camera, which makes it much more difficult to see what I'm doing, or touch the right locations sometimes; please bear that in mind when watching me play :).

The prototype version is running pretty well, although we still have a lot of work to do, aside from those remaining features and polish where we're asking for your Kickstarter support (voiceover enhancements, retinal content, etc).

Still, I wanted to give you all some idea of the progress that we've made, and show you how the development is coming along. I hope you're as excited about it as I am.

For those existing players who are more interested in upcoming game changes, please remember that the main intent of this fundraising effort is the "1.9" gameplay goals for all platforms. The plan is to ship the iPad version as soon as we can, and then immediately focus all our attention on gameplay enhancements, to make the 1.9 goals a reality in 2013.

Thanks everyone!

John "Incarnate" Bergman, Guild Software

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    1. Guild Software Creator on

      Thanks so much for your support!

      The challenge with the Xbox 360 is really the fact that the game is constantly being improved. Microsoft does not favor game updates, to the point of supposedly billing $10k to independent developers who wanted to post simple bugfixed versions of their XBLA games. So, although the game is technically capable of running on a 360, it's not a likely target for us due to Microsoft's validation and update policies. If we ever hit a point of development where we were pretty "frozen", it might be viable; but clearly from our roadmap that'll be some time, as we have a lot of plans for big improvements.

    2. Brian Levinsen

      Just backed with 1K, since I like the game concept, and the fact that you were early to develop for Linux, I used to play this a long time ago on Linux. and like the game.
      The iPad edition looks interesting, but i'm wondering how big of a project it would be to port it to a console like the XBOX 360.
      I don't have a computer powerful enough for gaming, I instead decided to go for a console, and I also do some gaming on the iPad, but mainly on the XBOX 360.

    3. Dan Serik on

      Do not own any kind of a tablet device so not interested in this option...My main interest is PC/Notebook game playing...I am disappointed that not more people are supporting this project!

    4. Espionage on

      What frustrates me about this campaign is that people will back a little dingbat that converts the colours of your iphones camera or mounts it to your bicycle helmet or whatever for like 100's of thousands of dollars.

      VO is an awesome expansion to the iPad games portfolio in terms of a big step up in what you can play on the iPad. That alone should have funded the campaign and we have gameplay additions to boot. It makes me wonder what exactly people are hesitant about in terms of backing the project.

    5. Missing avatar

      Jabberwok on

      Just raised my pledge. Wish I could will this to make more money.

    6. Missing avatar

      ZikZak on

      I do not own an IPad but it would be too bad if this campaign fail. Only 9 days remaining, come on Apple gamers ! Do yourself a favor, make it happen !

    7. Damian Jepson on

      This is the update that I have been waitng for as I am only planning playing on my iPad so want to see how it looks, I will be watching the video with interest

    8. Nelson Carter, Negotiator on

      Great update, Looking good ;)