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$57,366 pledged of $100,000 goal
By Guild Software
$57,366 pledged of $100,000 goal

Recent updates

Vendetta Online for iPad - Upcoming release, Early access!

iPad Release Imminent.

Hi everyone. Just a quick update to let you all know that we're currently aiming for an iPad release of Vendetta Online in just a couple of days, on the 17th! So far the press has been pretty enthusiastic about the upcoming launch. While we may not have been able to give the iPad release the level of attention that would have been afforded by a successful Kickstarter, we've still put in a lot of hours and we think you'll like the result.

Early Access for Kickstarters!

For those of you who are not in the existing beta program, the first 10 people who contact me will receive a Preview Promo Code that will allow you to install and play the iPad version right now! You have to contact me directly (via Kickstarter, but not in public comments), and you'll need an iPad2 or later with at least iOS 5.x. (Code redemption instructions here).

These promo codes will give you access to the game before it officially goes on sale in a couple of days time (the access may only be temporary, but it's pretty exclusive!). We wanted to offer some kind of thank-you to all the people who pledged their support for our game and our future on iOS. I hoped to get these out earlier, but we've had a lot of last-minute development going on.

Thanks again, everyone!

- John "Incarnate" Bergman, Guild Software Inc.

Final Update, and iPad Beta Tester notice.

Thank You Kickstarters!

We've had a tremendous run, and we can't thank you enough. Although this Kickstarter may not have brought us the funding we needed, it has been helpful in elevating the profile of our game, helping us describe some of our plans and goals in new ways (like videos), and bringing us new players.

Where will we go from here? Some people have emailed me, asking if certain content will still make it into the game, and here's about as much as I can say right now:

  • VO for iPad will launch, in some form. We'll focus on the iOS release, first and foremost, with the goal of using any income from that to help focus on gameplay improvements. The iPad version may not be as polished or pretty as it might have been with Kickstarter support, but we'll do what we can. If you're interested in Beta Testing the iPad version, be sure to follow our Facebook, Twitter and RSS feeds, as we'll be announcing the limited beta program there.
  • VO for OUYA will launch. I don't know exactly when. Hopefully well before their retail release.

Beyond that, it's tough to say exactly. Without the capital to really focus on these development advancements for an extended period, we're going to have to give our attention to other ways of bringing in funds. This doesn't mean the company/game is going to die or anything, we have opportunities.. they're just usually opportunities that take us away from the work our game needs the most. Regardless of our timeline, the development goals for 1.9 will still remain more or less the same.. I just have no idea when they'll be completed.

If you would like to continue supporting us, please consider taking a look at the game, and potentially subscribing. If we can raise our recurring subscriber count enough, along with the iPad release, we might be able to fund some of the development targets we had planned for the Kickstarter. Plus, our $10/month subscription is a lot less than our average pledge of over $100 (thank you all for that, I think the KS average is $25, and we're over four times higher). Your subscription will work across any platform, including the upcoming iPad release.

We may also offer some of the planned rewards as part of a "subscription drive". So if some of the listed options were of interest to you, please keep that in mind all the more.

Beyond this, we may also offer our own direct crowdfunding options on our website. I'm not sure exactly what shape that will take, but we'll potentially take a look at it after the iPad version ships. Keep track of our social media outlets and potentially subscribe to our newsletter if you have a VO account, the announcements will go out there, and of course we'll have discussion about it in advance on our forums.

Another Kickstarter down the road is possible, but not immediately. Kickstarters are incredibly time consuming to run, and for now I need to focus on the iPad version and other immediate goals. Direct crowdfunding might also be a better fit for us, per the KS dashboard statistics, the vast majority of our pledges discovered us through our own sites, and we offer more international billing options.

Thank you all so much! As tough as this has personally been for me, in some ways, all of you who supported us have been a great source of inspiration. Every time someone new would support us, or increase their pledge, it buoyed my spirit a little more. To those of you who have been with us for many years and pledged (some of you in vast amounts).. thank you so much, you keep me going. To those who just discovered us for the first time and have sent me many kind messages: I am humbled by your support for our goals and belief in our odd little company.

I will continue to do everything I can to build and deliver the game vision I have proposed. Thank you all for your past, present, and hopefully future support!

John "Incarnate" Bergman, Founder & CEO, Guild Software Inc.

Nation War Event

Hi Everyone!

In honor of the final KS day, I'm attempting a live stream of our Nation War event, available here:

Unfortunately, my upstream bandwidth is a bit limited right now, so it isn't the best fidelity, but you're also welcome to join us in-game in Sedina D2! I just set up streaming for the first time, so I'm not sure if we'll get any play-by-play commentary from me (still tinkering with mics and things), but please feel free to stop by and say "hi".

John "Incarnate" Bergman, Guild Software

Vendetta Online Newsletter

Hello Kickstarters!

We sent out the latest game newsletter a few hours ago, recapping many of the updates we've had on here recently, and bringing people up to date with the plans for the game.

So, a big welcome to anyone coming in from our final Kickstarter-related newsletter :). And thanks so much to all of you who have pledged recently, especially the many who have been increasing their pledges.

And on that note, I'll leave you with this brief glimpse of one of our updated planet textures, currently in development (still on a lower-polygon sphere).

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Vendetta Online to support the OUYA!

Vendetta Online for your TV!

We're now happy to announce that we will be targeting support for the new Android-based OUYA game console! Our game is very well proven on Android, and especially on the NVIDIA Tegra 3 chip that powers the OUYA. The main development process for us will include adding support for some of the cool features offered by the OUYA's controller, as well as their purchasing system.

This will mark the first time we've targeted a console for a launch of Vendetta Online, largely due to the validation requirements and limited update options on traditional console platforms, making frequently-updated games like ours impossible. The open nature of the OUYA with the Android platform avoids this issue and allows us to deliver the same self-updating experience we currently bring to Windows, Mac, Linux and traditional Android devices. Unlike the usual "Application Store" type of game update, which re-downloads the entire game and data, our minimum-differential patching system can pack major game changes into only a few megs, making a better experience for the end-user and allowing us to frequently roll out new improvements.

While our game is not usually played on a TV, and as a result the title has not been built around a "10-foot user interface" (the distance from the player to a TV), we expect this challenge to be simplified thanks to the OUYA's touch-enabled controller and the configurability of our own interface system.

If you'd like to see the major game expansion of Vendetta Online 1.9 come to your OUYA this year, please consider pledging to our Kickstarter!

John Bergman, Guild Software Inc.

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