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Robert E. Howard’s Conan of Cimmeria comes to life, for the first time, exactly as his creator envisioned him!
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Posted by Douglas Sunlin (Creator)

Well, as you MIGHT have noticed, the film isn't finished. It's not ready for release as planned. This is a disappointment for myself, more than it is for anyone else in the world.

I had two able-bodied film editors who had volunteered to help to edit our raw footage. They've done some of the work, and as you have seen, it's quite good. Unfortunately, they've both gone on to other things, probably more interesting than making a CONAN movie.

So until they come back to the project and finished what they promised, we will have no Conan movie.

Perhaps I can find a talented editor who is willing to see this project to its completion?

If you're interested in seeing the completed film coming to the public's eye (as much as I am!), please help in any way you can.



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