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A Simple, Hackable, Connected Wearable that Keeps You Close to Friends, Sends You Notifications and Quickly Finds Your Phone. Read more

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A Simple, Hackable, Connected Wearable that Keeps You Close to Friends, Sends You Notifications and Quickly Finds Your Phone.

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CUBIT: Stay Connected to things that matter.

Cubit gives you alerts from your phone's Notification Center instantly and discreetly. Stay up to date with calendar events, social messages, news, phone calls, and more. 

Cubit Notifications are set up directly through the settings menu on your Smartphone, so changing the Notifications you want to see is simple and seamless.

Need a reminder about that meeting at the coffee shop? Want to know when your best friend posts on your profile? Cubit gives you all the Notifications you want (and none of the ones you don't!) even when your phone is tucked away in your pocket or purse.

CUBIT: Use the Finder so you will never lose your stuff again.

Attach Cubit to your bike, wallet, or keys and never lose them again. If your Cubit (and what it's attached to!) goes missing, just use the App's Range Finder to find your belongings up to 100 feet away. 

Coolest of all, Cubit lights up so you can even find your stuff in the dark. Turning off the lights to find your keys? That's a party trick we love!

Set the 'Alerts ON' and Cubit will automatically warn you when you step out of range from your belongings. Don't worry about thieves or misplacing your stuff. Leave your gym bag on the basketball floor and get an instant Alert if you walk off court without your stuff.

CUBIT: Find your Smartphone fast.

If your Smartphone is lost, use Cubit to track it down! The two-way Range Finder means your missing phone can be quickly recovered. Squeeze your Cubit and activate the Finder feature and easily hunt down your phone missing under the laundry pile, or hiding at the bottom of your bag.

CUBIT is a Sleek High-Def OLED Screen and Beautiful LED Animations.

Upload your own graphic to Cubit's OLED screen at the game to support your favorite team. Later, turn Cubit into its own light show by turning on the bright, colorful LEDs.

  • Instantly upload that epic picture of you and your friends at the bar to any Cubit around you with the App. 
  • Paper name tags are so last year. Use Cubit as a name tag at your next meetup and show off your tech ingenuity.
  • Activate Cubit's LEDs to the beat to the music and be the light of the party.

CUBIT is Always on Time.

Shake your Cubit and the time will automatically appear on the screen. Easy!

CUBIT is Thin and Sleek!

Cubit is thinner than a box of matches and goes everywhere you do.

CUBIT is the First iOS7 Ready Wearable.

Cubit is iOS7 ready! We love iOS7 because it's stable and doesn't use hacks or tricks to get your Notifications from your phone to your Cubit. Notifications will appear when your smartphone is tucked safely away, leaving you hands free!

CUBIT is Customizable & Open Source. Hacking Cubit is as Easy as Downloading an App.

We love developers! We can't wait for you to take our open-source App and hack it in to all of your awesome ideas. 

Use the sensors to turn Cubit into a motion alarm or an automatic Tweet'er. Make a magic-8 ball, luggage tracker, or your very own smart dog leash! A few lines of code can turn Cubit into a fitness device or a medicine reminder. The possibilities are endless and the actions are entirely defined by you. 

Take CUBIT further as a developer. 

CUBIT is a Bluetooth development platform too!

Integrate gesture control and open your garage door with a wave of the Cubit. Add motion detection to Cubit and enjoy comfort and security right into your home. You can even use Cubit to change the volume on your phone or favorite Bluetooth speakers.

Use IFTTT and trigger awesome actions with Cubit:

  • Shake 
  • Tap
  • Wave
  • Drop (Falling action)

We left an extension port open to connect your own device to CUBIT. You could even add a heart rate monitor, a buzzer, or a microphone.

Cubit can Trigger, Secure, Remind, Alert, Capture, Track, Find, Locate, and more. Use your imagination and create anything with Cubit as a Bluetooth development platform.

CUBIT is Worn Your Way.

Cubit seamlessly blends into your everyday life. Discreet is Cubit's middle name, and it will never interrupt your routine.

  • Cubit clips on to your badge during a meeting. Your notifications will be discreetly at arms reach without distracting you (or your boss) with your phone's ringtone. 
  • Attach Cubit to your purse strap at the coffee shop. Keep your attention on great conversation without having to worry about missing a call from your kids. 
  • Is discreet not your thing? Stand out from the crowd at the concert by wearing Cubit around your neck. Turn on the LED's and rock on!

Think lanyards, necklaces, carabiners, keychains and more. Anything that clips on to the Cubit loop is fair game! Plus, it's easy to unclip and switch to something new. Change your Cubit whenever you change your mind.

For those of us that prefer the style of a watch, we are featuring our Cubit concept wristband.

Cubit comes in four awesome colors to match your style. Choose from Red, Blue, Violet, or Black! Check out our rewards for a limited edition Kickstarter Green Cubit, available only through this campaign.

Clip Cubit on your clutch and get the party started! Don't worry about missing a text from your best friend. Cubit will let you know when she's on her way!

Don't miss the updated show times for tonight's big date. Cubit never skips a beat.

Attach Cubit to your bag and stay informed without worrying about your phone slipping out of your pocket. On your bike, at the gym, on the road: Cubit goes where you go!

 The morning rush to find your keys and your wallet just got easy. Attach Cubit to your stuff and find it in a snap.

Wear Cubit on the dance floor and stay stylish and connected. Dance with your friends, not your phone!

How does it work?

Cubit never has to plug in to your phone. Cubit connects to your iPhone or Android device wirelessly. Setting up Cubit is as easy as downloading the free Cubit App onto your phone. 

Charge Cubit up with an included Micro USB Cable. Depending on how often you use Cubit, the charge will last about 2 weeks.

Cubit can be used in 3 modes: Notification, Action, and Play. Notification mode allows Cubit to receive your phone's notifications. Action mode allows you to use the Range Finder and receive Alerts when your Cubit is out of range. Play Mode allows you to upload photos and run LEDs.


  • iPhone 4S, 5 running iOS 7 or any iPod Touch or Tablet with iOS 7. Run all the modes.
  • iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S running iOS 5 or any iPod Touch with iOS 5. Run the Play and Action mode only.
  • Android devices running OS 4.3. Run all the modes.

Unfortunately Cubit does not work with Blackberry, Windows Phone, or Palm phones at this time.

The Story.

Once upon a time, in a land far far away (called Indiana), our founders, Laura and Matt, met as Engineering students at Purdue University. They shared an interest in Bluetooth Technology and started creating wireless devices as a hobby (Yeah, it’s kinda nerdy, we know.) What was once a hobby followed them in to the work place, where they became engineers at companies like Intel and Emota. They loved the work, but they wanted to see the full potential of their own talent and skill. They moved to San Francisco and began consulting as MbientLab, building hardware for companies looking to use wireless technology to help others lead happy lives.  

Around this time, wearable technology started creating a buzz in the design world. Laura and Matt were excited that the technology they were already working with could play a role in the next wave of devices, but the first wearables proved to be disappointing. Early smart watches were clunky, and early headgear was too futuristic for some. They wanted to bring the masses into the world of wearables in a way that would seamlessly improve the awesome things people were already doing.

And so, Cubit was born!

Still working under contracts to help pay their ridiculously high San Francisco rent, MbientLab forged ahead with a mission to Cubit. Laura and Matt gathered a small team of young and excited professionals around them. We rolled up our sleeves and got to work. Check out some of the 3D renderings below to see what some of our first ideas looked like! Next came many, many late nights building and prototyping in our studio (well, ok, our “studio” was actually the top floor of our house). Hundreds of design improvements and thousands of Diet Coke cans later, we had finally created an awesome, progressive wearable device. With the technology and design in place, we developed our first batches of prototypes (check out those below too!), finalized our model, and put in a call to our manufacturing partners to let them know that Cubit was on it’s way!

We launched on Kickstarter in November 2013, and with the help of amazing fans like you, we made millions happy, broke world records for high pledges, and changed the face of affordable, wearable technology forever! And we all lived happily ever after!

(Ok, the last paragraph may be made up… But with an awesome product like Cubit, who’s to say it can’t happen?)

Production Schedule.

Where are we now?

Cubit has already been two years in the making. The Cubit that you see in the video is a real, working prototype. It has been especially crafted to be manufactured in large quantities and we've already met with our manufacturing partner, who is incredibly excited to start the process.

Cubit is all ready to go, we just need your help to get it out of the factory. We can't wait for you to have one!

Meet the team.

Check out our bio and get to know us!

Let's talk about Rewards!

 Pledges $150 and UP get SWAG.

We're Kicking It Forward!

Check out

Risks and challenges

"Wow, you guys are gonna have to sell a lot of Cubits!"

The Mbientlab team is very excited and proud of Cubit as a product, and we set our financial goal high to reflect its value. Our Kickstarter goal may seem lofty, but we're willing to take the risk because we intend on seeing Cubit all way through to completion.

We see project after project on Kickstarter that doesn't estimate costs correctly, or underestimates the value of what's being made. The end result is a great idea that's never produced.

We work hard to be a responsible and passionate company that is absolutely serious about production and delivering the best product to our customers. So far, we're doing great. We want you to know that Cubit is not "in-progress", it is a finished product just waiting to be unleashed!

Our ambitious financial goals reflect the researched information and real world pricing that can actually mass produce Cubit and bring it to you. Your contribution will help fund:

- Production tooling
- Large component order
- Large order fufillment
- Global certification (UL, CE, FCC)

As a promise to our backers, we invite the curious minded to come check out our offices and see Cubit in action. Just send us an email and we will try to accommodate you, especially if you're local!

Also, keep an eye out for Cubit at tech events in the Bay Area. We will be attending as many conferences and tech talks as possible so you can catch a live demo of your future Cubit. You can also check out YouTube to watch exclusive interviews and see Cubit in action.

We are so thankful for your support in Cubit. We hope you love it as much as we do!

Learn about accountability on Kickstarter


  • Cubit will come in your choice of Red, Blue, Violet, or Black. We also have a special KS Green Limited Edition offered only through this campaign. See the Rewards Info above! When the campaign ends (Midnight on Thanksgiving Day!) we will send out a survey where you'll be able to make your final selection on Cubit color, t-shirt size, and more!

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  • YES! If we were you, we'd want to be able to hack this thing to pieces! So we're letting you have at it. The app will be released early to certain levels of KS Backers (see Rewards Info above!) and then opened to the general public shortly after. Email us if you have any questions about Cubit's capabilities. We've heard some crazy ideas of what backers want to do so far (Secret message decoder? Water polo score keeper? Flash mob communication?), and we'd love to hear more! Drop us a line and let us know what your Cubit will do for you!

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  • Your Cubit will come complete with its very own mini USB cable that can plug directly into your computer or other standard USB chargers.

    Last updated:
  • As a product there is no difference. However, the first 400 backers of a single CUBIT get it at an attractive price just for pledging early.

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    BE AWESOME - Pledge $1 and stay in the Cubit loop! We'll keep you posted with exclusive updates and info on Cubit availability, stretch goals, contests and more.

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    LOOK AWESOME - Get an amazing Cubit T-shirt and get on the mailing list. You can select your sizes at the end of the campaign. Men's and women's sizes will be available! Free shipping to USA. (Add $15 for international shipping.)

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    EARLY BIRDS - Help us get started! You'll get one Cubit in one of our four basic colors: Red, Blue, Violet, or Black. Free shipping to USA. (Add $15 for international shipping.)

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    Ships anywhere in the world
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    IT'S CUBIT TIME - One Cubit of your very own! Choose from our basic colors to match your style. Red, Blue, Violet, or Black! Free shipping to USA. (Add $15 for international shipping.)

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    CUBIT + WRISTBAND - One Cubit of your very own with the wristband! Choose from our basic colors to match your style. Red, Blue, Violet, or Black! Free shipping to USA. (Add $15 for international shipping.)

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    Ships anywhere in the world
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    DOUBLE THE FUN - You'll get two Cubits in one of our four basic colors: Red, Blue, Violet, or Black. Free shipping to USA. (Add $15 for international shipping.)

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    Ships anywhere in the world
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    CUBIT + SWAG PACKAGE - One standard color Cubit plus the Official Cubit Swag Package: An amazing t-shirt, a Cubit friendly carabiner keychain, a handwritten Thank You postcard from our team, and a backer page mention on our website. Free shipping to USA. (Add $15 for international shipping.)

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    CUBIT OR BUST - You'll get 4 Cubits in one of our four basic colors: Red, Blue, Violet, or Black. Free shipping to USA. (Add $15 for international shipping.)

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    LIMITED EDITION CUBIT - Show your backer pride with a limited edition KS Green Cubit and a matching Cubit Case, available only through this campaign! We'll also throw in our awesome Swag Package described above. Free shipping to USA. (Add $15 for international shipping.)

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    DEVELOPER RUSH PACKAGE - Already have your amazing app idea in mind? We'll take care of you first! We'll give you exclusive early access to our app before anyone else gets a peek. We'll also make sure you get 2 of the first Cubits off the line, sent priority mail. Choose from our standard colors or Limited KS Green. And of course, we'll send our Cubit Swag Package and a great Cubit Case your way ASAP!

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    PARTY PACKAGE - We love Cubit, we love fondue, and we love You! So we're going throw an epic party to celebrate. We'll send you 2 VIP tickets to our exclusive backer dinner, followed by the Cubit Launch Party in San Francisco (Spring 2014). To hold you over until the party starts, we'll send you a Cubit in one of our standard colors or Limited KS Green! We'll also send you a Swag Package, a Cubit Case, and an early video Thank You Card from our team. (Travel expenses not included.)

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