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$12,350 pledged of $50,000 goal
$12,350 pledged of $50,000 goal

We're past 10K! & more updates


We made it past 10K!

I've also got both good news and not so good news. 

The good news is that we made it to 10K! Thank you so much you guys are awesome! 

Brian from the Office Supply Geek reviewed my pen on his site. 

I've also been fortunate enough to have my project featured on Midweek a local newspaper. 

Lastly, Heath from Pen Paper Ink Letter also wrote a very detailed review on Airfoil. So if you want the scoop on everything about the pen, his review is the one to read. 

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to feature my project! 

In addition, I've also just received a sample polished black PVD coated titanium piece. Black PVD coating mimics the surface it is coated on, therefore the difference between this new piece and the one currently offered is that it was polished first resulting in a much nicer finish.

Polished black PVD coating on titanium
Polished black PVD coating on titanium

The manufacturer finished making the prototype clips! They should be in by mid next week so I will have another update in a week or so on how well they work. Also, keep an eye out for the Airfoil review on the Everyday Commentary!

Add on prototype clips
Add on prototype clips

Now for the not so good news. 

Not to be a downer, but realistically speaking raising 40K in 14 days is a serious stretch, so in the event this project doesn't make it I will be offering the polished black PVD coating on the relaunch. The prices for the pledges will also be changed since the quantity that I will be producing is much smaller than I originally anticipated. On the plus side, it should be a cleaner project with images of the clips, black & nickel center columns, and a much nicer box for titanium backers included in their pledge as well as more accurately calculated international pledges (now that I have a scale). The framework on the body will also have a beveled edge (for titanium backers) since a common comment is that it is a bit uncomfortable. 

I will also have a much shorter funding time (around 2 weeks), and will begin machining the titanium and aluminum components before the project finishes. So it will be on a relatively similar time frame. 

Lastly, my pen refills came in and unfortunately the Zebra and Platinum will not work with the pen. The Cross and Monteverde will still work and I will keep those as a free option. I've also stumbled upon some really high end refills (about $15 each) and may try those out, though I think the Monteverde is the best deal out there. 

Mahalo for your support! 

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    1. Missing avatar

      Kevin Segreti
      on January 24, 2014

      I really want to support this Pen so please make sure you do the relaunch if your funding does not succeed.

    2. Michael Lee on January 24, 2014

      I agree...$40K in 14 days is a bit of a stretch. The good news is that I (and probably a majority of your backers) will more than likely be at the ready if you have to relaunch with a new price point! Keep us informed!