Airfoil: The Beautiful Aviation Inspired Twist Ballpoint Pen

by Grant Takara

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    1. okester

      The clip looks nice. Is it a component which can be swapped out for a clipless look as well? And with the additional center column colors, there's two colorways I need to decide between. Also, I'd be interested in knowing what sort of engraving folks suggest or what you decide on. Thanks!

    2. Grant Takara 3-time creator on

      Yes! The clip can easily be swapped out by unscrewing the 1-72 bolts with a small allen wrench.

    3. Paul Chambers

      I'd definitely like the engraving to be done before the anodizing, I much prefer the more subtle appearance. The elegance of your design comes partly from the geometric symmetry, and a prominent engraving would dilute that (in my humble opinion).

      By the way, I've also seen products where they anodize, engrave, then anodize in a different color, though I don't know if there are any 'tricks' involved that results in only the fresh engraving 'taking' the second anodizing color.

      I'd take advantage of the 'black bolts' option, since I've pledged for the 'black titanium' edition. One might ask if the black bolts should be the standard for black pens, and other colors being the option ;)

    4. Grant Takara 3-time creator on

      @ Paul Chambers, that type of engraving sounds interesting, I think I may have seen that as well. I'll look into that. As for the black bolts that would be cool to make it standard lol, but the bolts do add a significant cost. Even black oxide bolts would be more expensive than the current stainless. Thanks for the feedback! This is exactly the type of comments that I want!

    5. Grant Takara 3-time creator on

      @Okester, Correction, the clip can be swapped out for a clipless look, but there will be an increase in the gab on the center column of 0.063" (1/16"). I might make a slimmer clip to minimize this effect depending on how effective the clip is.

    6. GBAllison on

      Love teh clips--they look great. And really excited about the possibility for the gold plated bolts. Sharp as all getout. (Sorry that I don't have any constructive suggestions ... I just think this project is amazing and that the newly-created options are *inspired*. Thank you!

    7. Grant Takara 3-time creator on

      @ Burgess, I'm glad you like them! I really hope I meet the stretch goal too! Many backers are excited about the gold plated bolts. Some are surprised this hasn't gone viral which was a really flattering compliment. Sharing this on Facebook and Twitter will help loads :)