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Airfoil: Build a pen workshop.

This is an exciting update! With what I've been working really hard on this past week, it may be better to call this project Airfoil: Build a pen workshop.  

First of all, I've reduced the price of the Airfoil 7075 considerably. By about $10, $15 for our valuable international backers. Now you can have an Airfoil pen for $49! Which I think is a sweet spot for gift giving. I've also been really really hard at work trying to get reviews and Airfoil featured on websites but I need your help. Share this project! We need everyone's help to hit the full funding level! Now for the really good stuff. 

I've taken all of the feedback seriously and acted as fast as I could on it. 

Second: Clips, I'm getting prototypes machined right now, I may not have them until Feb 1st, but they are now an option! Below is a CAD drawing of what the clips will look like. Aluminum clips will be a $5 add on option. Titanium clips will be a $20 add on option (available for all backers, not just those who have purchased titanium pens). I will have an infographic soon to make things clearer. 

Third: Black and chrome colored center column. Some of you have asked for a silver and black center column. The plater in California can do it! I will offer it as a free replacement option in place of the 24K gold one. Instead of silver I chose nickel plating since it is more durable and won't oxidize, so it will look like chrome. Above is a CAD render of what a chrome colored column would look like in contrast with the rest of the pen. 

Fourth: Black and chrome colored bolts! The plater in California can also do this! Black bolts will be a $5 replacement option, and chrome colored bolts will be a $7 option. 

Fifth: Limited Edition engraving, this is not currently an available option, but it is an interesting one. I'd like to know what the interest is on this. I was thinking of engraving "KS" on the endcap, or "start up edition". Also, some backers suggested more subtle engraving, one that wasn't so white. I can do this easily by engraving first, then anodizing. What are your suggestions? 

Sixth: More refills! So I've been exploring online and found some real quality refills. Basically any non mini D1 refills will work, and the pen comes with a plastic threaded adapter for the twist mechanism, so no worrying about that. I'll be updating the project page as I find more. 

The Platnium BSP-100S Ballpoint 0.7mm Black or Blue Ink. http://www.jetpens.com/Platinum-BSP-100S-Ballpoint-Pen-Refill-D1-0.7-mm-Black-Ink/pd/1451 

Cross 8513 Medium Ballpoint in Black http://www.cross.com/refills-and-ink/shop-all-pen-and-pencil-refills/by-writing-type/ballpoint.aspx 

And, the Zebra Sharbo X Gel Ink 0.4mm Black, Yes, I found Gel Ink! http://www.jetpens.com/Zebra-Sharbo-X-Gel-Ink-Multi-Pen-Refill-Component-D1-0.4-mm-Black/pd/4215

All have pretty good reviews, especially the Platinum. I'll be offering those as free replacement options in place of the Monteverde. I've tried the Cross, its good, but the Monteverde is smoother and darker. 

 If you have any suggestions or want to provide feedback I'm all ears! I usually check my Kickstarter several times a day and am delighted to hear from you! 

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    1. Grant Takara 3-time creator on

      @ Burgess, I'm glad you like them! I really hope I meet the stretch goal too! Many backers are excited about the gold plated bolts. Some are surprised this hasn't gone viral which was a really flattering compliment. Sharing this on Facebook and Twitter will help loads :)

    2. GBAllison on

      Love teh clips--they look great. And really excited about the possibility for the gold plated bolts. Sharp as all getout. (Sorry that I don't have any constructive suggestions ... I just think this project is amazing and that the newly-created options are *inspired*. Thank you!

    3. Grant Takara 3-time creator on

      @Okester, Correction, the clip can be swapped out for a clipless look, but there will be an increase in the gab on the center column of 0.063" (1/16"). I might make a slimmer clip to minimize this effect depending on how effective the clip is.

    4. Grant Takara 3-time creator on

      @ Paul Chambers, that type of engraving sounds interesting, I think I may have seen that as well. I'll look into that. As for the black bolts that would be cool to make it standard lol, but the bolts do add a significant cost. Even black oxide bolts would be more expensive than the current stainless. Thanks for the feedback! This is exactly the type of comments that I want!

    5. Paul Chambers

      I'd definitely like the engraving to be done before the anodizing, I much prefer the more subtle appearance. The elegance of your design comes partly from the geometric symmetry, and a prominent engraving would dilute that (in my humble opinion).

      By the way, I've also seen products where they anodize, engrave, then anodize in a different color, though I don't know if there are any 'tricks' involved that results in only the fresh engraving 'taking' the second anodizing color.

      I'd take advantage of the 'black bolts' option, since I've pledged for the 'black titanium' edition. One might ask if the black bolts should be the standard for black pens, and other colors being the option ;)

    6. Grant Takara 3-time creator on

      Yes! The clip can easily be swapped out by unscrewing the 1-72 bolts with a small allen wrench.

    7. okester on

      The clip looks nice. Is it a component which can be swapped out for a clipless look as well? And with the additional center column colors, there's two colorways I need to decide between. Also, I'd be interested in knowing what sort of engraving folks suggest or what you decide on. Thanks!