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$12,350 pledged of $50,000 goal
$12,350 pledged of $50,000 goal

Happy New Years!


Happy New Years everyone! 

I've gotten some feedback regarding the design and would really like to hear your input. 

Some suggestions I have received include:

Limited Edition Engraving, for example "Kickstarter Edition" This won't be that easy to do, but it is possible if there is a lot of interest. My assumption is that most backers will want a clean pen though.

Silver or white anodizing along of center column. Currently the center column is only offered in 24K gold plating. However, I understand that some backers may want a silver or chrome color trim instead. This I might be able to do fairly easily, but only if there is enough interest (say 50+ backers by funding date). Best way to express your interest is to message me or reply in the comments. 

Rollerball ink cartridges. I've looked online, but I haven't come across any rollerball ink cartridges that will work for the internal twist mechanism in Airfoil. I'll keep researching, but it looks like rollerball may be a no go for Airfoil. 

Smaller Laser Engraving. This is moderately difficult to do, if a huge portion of backers want smaller engraving I'll definitely do it. Again, replying or messaging me is the best way to let me know. If there is continued interest I'll include that option in my survey.

Clips. After receiving some inquiries about this feature I decided to go ahead and begin prototyping it. I should have prototypes ready within three weeks or so. If they come out great I will include it in a future update. It will most likely be featured as an add on option for $5 or so. 

In the meantime keep an eye out for sites such as The Gadget Flow, Fundzinger, Ed Jelley, Office Supply Geek, and the ClickyPost, they should feature Airfoil as soon as today! 

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    1. Grant Takara 3-time creator on January 8, 2014

      Thanks for all of the feedback!

      I've gotten several requests for the different center column options and am currently working on that. So far black nickel and silver look like a very possible option.

      As for more subtle engraving I can do that too if more backers express interest.

      Currently working on getting that clip made as well.

      As for a stylus, I think Airfoil is a bit bulky for that, but I'm seriously considering it for future projects.

    2. Paul Chambers
      on January 8, 2014

      I'd prefer subtle engraving, however is easiest to achieve - e.g. engraving before anodizing, so it's black-on-black (in my case). I'm fine with the gold center column, looks good with black. Though if it were offered, a 'natural' titanium center tube would be attractive.

      Are the pens individually numbered? 'limited edition' would go particularly well with that.

      Have you considered supporting a screw-in stylus tip for the cap? to be honest, I use a stylus more than a pen these days...

    3. GBAllison on January 3, 2014

      We love you Grant ... such a terrific project and now we have *choices* to talk about ... sweet! For me it's the option for a clip. I'll pass on the other four stretch goals--none of them fly for me. :-)

    4. Gerrit Fischer on January 3, 2014

      Would like engraving like "Kickstarter Edition" or better "Limited Edition" and defenitly would like a chrome(ish) colored center column...

    5. Mr Anderson
      on January 3, 2014

      Not interested in the clips or engraving, but would not mind an option for a 'Black' center column. If not a popular choice, I would love the silver anodizing.