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A major expansion to the award-winning cooperative settler-destruction strategy game!
A major expansion to the award-winning cooperative settler-destruction strategy game!
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Take a look at one of Jagged Earth's most powerful Spirits!

Posted by GreaterThanGames (Creator)

Good evening folks! We are just a few short days from this campaign coming to a close and we want to let you all know how much we appreciate your support!

Let’s kick this update off with something beautiful. Below is a video showing off the Broken Token Crate that was announced as an add-on item in Monday’s update.  

We received a lot of comments and questions about the Crate and here are a few answers.  

Is the Broken Token Crate future proofed?  

No, the Crate is not future proofed because we do not know what items will be in future expansions.  

Why should I get the Broken Token Crate?  

The Crate allows you to hold the Box Insert without any lid lift issues. If you are concerned about lid lift but would like to store all of your current Spirit Island items together this is a good solution for you.  

Does the Broken Token Box Insert still fit in the base game or Jagged Earth box?  

Yes, the Box Insert will fit in either with lid lift.  

Why is the Broken Token Crate price point $60?  

The Broken Token uses a specific formula based on manufacturing time and material cost to determine the necessary price. Each lid contains 8 different colors of acrylics and it takes a significant amount of time to cut and assemble.  

Is the Broken Token Crate different than the Broken Token Box Insert?

Yes, these are two separate products.

If you have any further questions please ask them in the comments below and we will respond as quickly as possible.

Now, to learn about a truly unique Spirit...

Starlight Seeks Its Form  

Starlight Seeks Its Form
Starlight Seeks Its Form

The natural world is not static, and neither are the Spirits. Individuals among them grow and change, both reflective-of and reflecting-into the parts of the world that they embody. Spirits can cease to exist, either slowly fading away, being severed from the vital life of nature, or through the cessation of portions of the world they cannot do without. They can transform, their nature fundamentally shifting. And new Spirits can come into being, either coalescing around the existing, or via the genesis of the new.  

Usually, when Spirits arise, they embody or represent something right from the get-go. There is, however, something different and unusual about the light of stars. While there do certainly exist Spirits of the night and nighttime sky, when starlight itself falls to earth (common) and brings a Spirit (much rarer), that Spirit arises unattached to any facet of nature, other than a lingering and fading connection to the stars above. Over its first hours, months, years of its existence, it transforms, forming connections to local places and aspects of nature, becoming something altogether new.  

Are the stars themselves immense Spirits, slower-moving than any on the island, but so powerful they create children from across the vast reach of sky? By the time starlight-Spirits understand this question being posed to them, they no longer remember whether it is true.  

Starlight Seeks Its Form- back of Spirit Panel
Starlight Seeks Its Form- back of Spirit Panel


Back when I first made Spirit Island, the very first time I showed it to anyone, I simulated unique Spirits by grabbing a couple of Minor Powers from the deck for each player at game start. (I was working on more fundamental systems like “how do Powers work?” and “how do the Invaders act?”, and didn’t want to spend time on detailing unique Spirits until the mechanical ground they’d rest upon was a bit more solid.)  

One of the players really liked this mix-and-match approach, and occasionally waxed hopeful about a build-your-own Spirit variant over the years. I poked at it as a Scenario, and as some rules variants, but it never really clicked.  

But something I’ve always wanted to do is lean harder into Spirits that could choose their own future elemental course - you get a bit of this with Spirits that are low or entirely lacking in some element key to one of their innates, like Air for Ocean’s Hungry Grasp and Plant for Serpent Slumbering Beneath the Island. Many more Spirits have had that sort of thing during early design, but such "potential futures" often get trimmed for complexity during development.  

However, a Spirit specifically about that choice, which had one innate for each of the 8 elements? That could work. It just needed to be something that, while natural, wasn’t strongly tied to any specific elemental facet of the island. Starlight fit the bill well, while it’s a little bit pro-Moon and anti-Sun, some details of the innates let even that tile shine through.  

Mechanically, I ended up pulling in various other ideas I’d had - other things one might do with Presence tracks, and what sort of Spirit might conceivably want to have more than 3 Growth choices - but those came on the scene after core seed of the idea.  

(This is the second of two Spirits in Jagged Earth that a very early playtester has been hoping for for a very long time. Thanks, Jesse!)  

The update for Fractured Days Split the Sky mentioned it was one of the most complex Spirits in this expansion; here's the Spirit panel for the other one. Don’t be intimidated!

Spirit Panel sneak peek 

The usual caveat: Spirits are still in testing and may change before final printing
The usual caveat: Spirits are still in testing and may change before final printing

 Starlight Seeks Its Form has a very high presentation-complexity due to its many choices, unfamiliar layout, and rules for Growth - but the Spirit’s actual play dynamics aren’t super-complex. 

In addition to the usual 2 Energy/Plays tracks, it has 4 ultra-short Presence tracks (1 or 2 long) that open up new Growth choices. When you reach the end of such a track, you choose one of those two Growth choices to be available for the rest of the game, so you customize your Growth as you go. 

There are also stars on your Presence tracks; each time you uncover one of them, you immediately set it to be an Element of your choice, using one of the new element markers - so you customize your elements as you go. 

There’s one innate power per element - most of them fairly straightforward, and all of them requiring only that element. Your permanent elements and Power Card selections will determine which you can hit regularly. (Your starting Power Cards all grant Moon only, provide basic utility effects, and can turn themselves into new Power Cards in one way or another.) 

These are balanced so there are a bunch of good paths - while it’s possible to make mistakes (choosing permanent elements that don’t synergize with your Power Cards, for instance), you’re not looking for a single right path, but to become something that will work in this game, in these circumstances. You don’t have total control - if you try and push in a direction that your Power Card draws don’t support, you’ll have a hard time - but there’s a lot of flexibility, narrowing further and further as the game goes on. 


An interesting and powerful Spirit indeed... Check back Friday for your next Spirit Island: Jagged Earth update!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Leif Gaebler on

      I've been considering getting the crate, but I have one concern (other than the price). I'm afraid the lid will pop off and spill all the contents if I tip the box sideways. Friction does the trick with a normal cardboard box, but the lid for the crate looks like it's just placed on top. Do I have to tie it down with ugly string, or is there some way to secure it that wasn't shown?

    2. Zubon on

      Without "Reclaim All": whenever you open that row, your other choice includes "Reclaim Two" and "Gain Power Card." If you also have four sun, that would mean you can reclaim four per round, plus gaining a power. Even if you took both "+1 Card Play This Turn" options plus the base three, that would still keep you going. You could also get & play a new major power every turn, forgetting something from your discard that you did not feel like reclaiming.

      Animal + Moon creates an interesting innate option, a mini Thunderspeaker.

    3. jhaelen on

      Brilliant! Definitely a star among the spirits that have been spoiled so far.

    4. Missing avatar

      harsh on

      @Ted Vessenes That does make sense. By the by, if I wanted to help with playtesting these spirits, is there a process or somewhere I could sign up to do that?

    5. Missing avatar

      Ted Vessenes on

      @harsh: I suggested that basic idea to Eric (though it might have been draw 6, keep 4). The problem is that this presents the player with a *lot* of decisions at the very beginning of the game. It's better to spread those choices out over the first few turns. There isn't a balance problem with that opening though.

    6. Missing avatar

      harsh on

      It'd be pretty interesting if it didn't even have starting cards, but for example before setup: drew 8 powers from the minor power deck, 8 from the major powers deck and picked 4. Wonder if that'd be balanced though.

    7. David Richardson on

      I am not sure how a spirit could run without a reclaim all option... but I would be interested to try it. Otherwise seems like you would need to uncover that option, fairly early.

    8. Missing avatar

      Calum You on

      Or even better with Fire Burns: "If Invaders are Present: 1 Fear. 2 Damage."

    9. Missing avatar

      Calum You on

      I also love the tension between the element pairings that the spirit has with the first three innates, especially the first two! Yes Starlight can grow in any direction, but generally it seems like it won't be able to easily trigger both levels of one of these innates - you can become an air/fire Starlight, or an earth/water but it'll be hard to be air/earth or fire/water. Which also makes sense with the groupings of elements; at first I was thinking "why would I target the same land with both invader movement and Defend?" but I guess most Starlights won't ever use both!

    10. Missing avatar

      Calum You on

      I'm curious about the wording on Fire Burns, Water Soothes: "1 Fear if Invaders are Present. 2 Damage." I can't think of a situation in which this wouldn't more clearly be "1 Fear then 2 Damage if Invaders are Present". I know there is a whole rulebook section about saying that Spirit Damage doesn't harm Dahan or the Land unless explicitly stated, but there seems to be no reason to bring that up here since why would you do Damage if no Invaders are present?

    11. Dylan Thurston

      @Ieuan Jones, the graphic designers at GtG only had a preliminary pass at this, it could almost certainly be improved. The choice between which of the two Growth options to unlock is pretty fundamental to the design, and adds lots of strategic decisions.

      On the elements, did Ted Vessenes' response answer your question? I couldn't quite tell exactly what you were asking about.

    12. Missing avatar

      Art on

      @Joshua Trumbo, OK, I can see it now; the element is on a presence track that happens to be located directly adjacent to a growth option (which is unlocked by that presence track, but separate).

      I had been viewing that symbol as part of the growth option, as various elements are in the image in the KS update previewing Fractured Days (unless I'm really messing up reading these panels). I suppose if my previous view had been correct, the star symbol would have been together with the place presence symbol instead of being underneath a presence disc.

    13. Joshua Trumbo on

      @Art Think of it this way: they're all presence tracks-- two tracks unlock energy and card play options as per usual, and the other tracks unlock growth options when the track is clear. So just like the energy and card play tracks, when you reveal something beneath a presence, it's available to you each Spirit Phase.

      It makes more visual sense when you set up the board with all the presence on there, rather than just seeing it blank. It's a lot to take in at first, but it's pretty intuitive once you start playing it! Definitely a high-complexity Spirit given that a certain amount of planning is required, but as mentioned above you have to be ready to roll with what Powers you get. The question is, are you going to go for a lot of Minor Power gains, card plays, and big Reclaim options to have lots of small effects and hit as many of the innates as you can, or do you go for a few Majors and focus on hitting the thresholds on those every turn? Or do you play chaotic and just fill your hand with new powers to play every turn, not bothering to reclaim much (if at all)?

    14. Missing avatar

      Ted Vessenes on

      When you place a presence, you can take the leftmost disc from any of the 6 tracks. This could make new growth choices available this turn. For example, on the first turn you could use one growth to place the disc for the first track, unlocking +3 energy and Move Presence R2. You could take that energy and move as your second growth choice, and for the third probably take 2 more energy.

      The uncovered [Star] Element spots have element tokens place on them, and passively provide that selected element for the rest of the game, exactly like unlocking say, a [Water] space on Ocean's Hungry Grasp's presence track.

    15. Missing avatar

      Art on

      @Dylan Thurston, regarding your reply to @Rainer Woreck's question on the GROWTH "track":

      It really seems like the set-one-permanent element on the GROWTH "track" should only be available when picking that growth option (in this case place presence for -1 energy); this being unlike elements on the PRESENCE track, which are always available, as they are with currently published spirits.

      Can you confirm? (It looked like "growth" vs "presence" might have gotten mixed up in your earlier reply.)

    16. Ryan on

      @Jonathan Richardson: The first growth option places a presence with no track requirements.

    17. Ieuan Jones on

      I really like this spirit, I like the idea of a spirit who shapes themselves around their early card picks, customisable growth options with presence tracks and many elementally diverse powers.

      However, I think its board looks incredibly messy and unintuitive, and could probably use a second pass. There's certainly a lot of wasted real estate under the presence slots in the growth tracks. And frankly, I think having to permanently choose between growth options adds a lot of unnecessary complexity when you're already choosing between growth tracks to expose. (especially since there isn't really an elegant way to indicate which one you've chosen)

      Obviously I've not play tested it, and I'm sure these decisions were made for a reason. It seems like a shame to have something that feels so cluttered and inelegent in a game that I feel has really mastered elegence in design. However I have faith in Eric and the rest of the team, and if there really is no cleaner way to depict this spirit, then I'll trust in their conclusions.

      A thing that does absolutely need to be clearer is how you access the element in the growth area. Do you get it every turn? Is it a growth option? If it is a growth option, is it attached to both bottom options, only the one on the left, or is it a separate growth option?

    18. Jonathan Richardson on

      It is unclear to me when SSIF gets to remove presence from its Growth options since they're unavailable at the start of the game. Do some of his starting powers cover this?

    19. Missing avatar

      Pseudomonas on

      Just to clarify. So when I place presence I can choose if I use the one from "Growth" or "Presence" area? And if I remove all presence tokens from any line in growth area, I choose one of two growth options for the rest of game?
      6 presence tokens taken from "Presence" area are maximum which can be placed on the island?
      Regards for a such beauty!

    20. Missing avatar

      André Oliveira on

      It would make more sense to have the next expansion with "premium" tokens by default - instead of creating more hassle and additional token packs.

    21. Missing avatar

      Scotfree on

      This spirit looks like a lot of fun. Who wants a measly 3-6 different Growth options when you can have 129 (yeah, not in the same game, but they're there)!

    22. Missing avatar

      dyeung87 on

      @Deane Gainey Utility in Spirit Island is essentially everything else that isn't direct offense, defense, fear generation, or moving things around. Think letting other spirits play more cards or place more presence, or gifting energy and power cards to other spirits.

      Starlight's capabilities are going to be determined by what powers it manages to get, which in turn dictate which of its innate abilities it can use. That will ultimately define what kind of role Starlight will play in the game its in.

    23. Dylan Thurston

      @Caleb, one partial alternative to a Reclaim growth option is the Sun innate.

      @Rainer Woreck, the elements work like any other elements on Growth tracks: you get their benefit every turn.

    24. Missing avatar

      Deane Gainey on

      Also, regarding Starlight Seeks Its Form: it seems like there is no situation where SSIF would have poor levels of Utility. Given its flexibility, its utility level would always be moderate-to-high.

      Is that description column just being left blank to create a thematic "Blank Spirit! Go for it" thing, or can SSIF actually have poor utility somehow?

    25. Missing avatar

      Deane Gainey on

      Hiya! I am an insert stainer. For this crate, will the insert ship with some kind of cover on the Acrylic Lid, or will I need to get an exacto knife and some painter's tape / foil to stain this? It looks particularly troublesome to work this without some help given all the little wood fiddly bits.

    26. Missing avatar

      David H on

      Question about the insert: I know the insert as it stands will fit Spirit Island, Branch and Claw, Jagged Earth, and both sets of promos, but not any future materials. When there are future expansions, what is the insert plan? Will Broken Token be releasing a whole new comprehensive insert with each expansion, or will the existing insert be "upgradeable" by adding a few extra trays/compartments at a lower cost? Basically, will the insert (like the crate) be obsolete when a new expansion is released, or will buying it now be an investment in future storage as well?

    27. Chris on

      I'm stunned, I made a guess that I'd love it when I picked Starlight for my new Avatar, never expected this. Wow, I'm... I'm just kind of blown away. Both Lore, feel, and style are gorgeous.

    28. Missing avatar

      Brendan Black on

      Looks awesome. Love it.

    29. Missing avatar

      dyeung87 on

      @Caitlyn correct; as with all spirits with multiple growth options, the choices must be different.

      @Rainer Woreck It is viable to not uncover any reclaim option for growth with this spirit. Trust me. ;)

    30. Endo
      on can it be anti-Sun when the Sun is also a star? :-p

    31. Caitlyn on

      You can't pick the same growth twice or thrice I guess ?

    32. Missing avatar

      Rainer Woreck on

      I think It's somewhat silly not being able to reclaim any cards without having to uncover a Growth Track.

      The Element in the Growth Track, do you get it's element every round or only if you choose the add presence 0 option? Not very clear.

    33. William Hadden on

      Welp. That's it. I didn't ever think I'd have a main in Spirit Island but here we are. I love this beautiful confusing star child.

    34. Missing avatar


      This spirit looks fascinating. I love the fact that you can choose your elements. However, I feel some of the path choices will be necessary (some kind of reclaim card option, etc.). I can't wait to try this one.

    35. Missing avatar

      Blick Winkel on

      @Scotfree Ah, that's my fault, I didn't notice the Pick Three on the Spirit board.

    36. Missing avatar

      Scotfree on

      @Shannon: It appears that the growth choice is available immediately, as it states so under the Special Rule Growth Begets Growth.

      @Blick Winkel: You get to choose any 3 options for your Growth phase, so you could pick both Add Presences @ Range 0 to place 2 Presence on a turn.

    37. Missing avatar

      Blick Winkel on

      I'm confused by something on the fourth presence track: Why would anyone ever pick the first grown option when Starlight already has by default an Add Presence at Range 0 option, and one that doesn't have an energy cost to use at that? As it is I don't see why anyone would ever choose "Add Presence @ Range 0 and pay 1 Energy" over "Add Presence @ Range 0 and pay 0 Energy"

    38. Missing avatar

      Take Walker on

      When someone said one of the new spirits had a choose-your-own-adventure game as its presence track, I thought they were talking about Pathfinder. c.c What. The. Hell. I can't even begin to fathom what's going on here!

    39. Missing avatar

      Shannon on

      Interesting, I like it, I think - seems to have very high power potential, but also very high screwup levels as well! Should be fun to learn.

      That being said, I'm curious if you can add a presence from a growth option track and immediately use it as well, if it's during the growth phase? I'm assuming so, since you can use energy gained from one growth to pay for another, but just checking before I get ahead of myself.

    40. Missing avatar

      Stephane Belair on

      love that spirit!!! can't wait to see what the cards look like :)

    41. GreaterThanGames 14-time creator on

      I apologize if this posts twice. I have bad service.

      The reference to assembly above is about the insertion of acrylics into the lid, not about crate assembly. The Crate does not come assembled. Sorry for the confusion!

    42. Missing avatar

      Jamie on

      Definitely crate and insert will ship flat-pack. Shipping air is prohibitively expensive. I think comments on assembly relate to getting the acrylic pieces properly placed in the lid.

    43. Missing avatar

      Leo Steinmetz on

      Wow, this spirit is BONKERS and I love it. The art and lore are amazing and extremely evocative, and I’m in awe of the craziness of the spirit itself. It has no reclaim or gain power cards growth options at the beginning? Can only add presence at range zero, then move it? I’m not just excited to play this spirit, I’m excited to play it like ten times as soon as possible to see what kind of crazy different end states I can get to.

      Y’all are knocking it out of the park with these spirits, I’m really impressed and grateful and excited, keep up the fantastic work.

    44. Missing avatar

      dyeung87 on

      My personal favorite spirit from playtesting; you have to be careful choosing your growth options, or you could find yourself with no way to reclaim cards or gain new power cards. Played right, Starlight can be the most versatile spirit in the game.

    45. Missing avatar

      Carleton L Sawyer Jr on

      This is such a weird and interesting spirit.

    46. Missing avatar


      You seem to imply that the crate will be shipped assembled. Is that the case? If so, will the insert also ship assembled?