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A major expansion to the award-winning cooperative settler-destruction strategy game!
A major expansion to the award-winning cooperative settler-destruction strategy game!
8,080 backers pledged $795,104 to help bring this project to life.

A token of our appreciation!

Posted by GreaterThanGames (Creator)

Good evening fellow humans! We apologize for our update being a bit later than usual, but we had a great reason!

As we near the end of our campaign, we want you to know that we heard you in the comments and messages asking for a container to hold all of your Spirit Island content and now thanks to The Broken Token we can present to you the Broken Token Crate!  

Broken Token Crate   

Broken Token Crate
Broken Token Crate

This crate is made of ¼” birch wood and fits the Broken Token Box Insert inside of it! The lid is a unique acrylic element design and the engraved Spirit Island logo. It can contain everything that exists in the world of Spirit Island so far AND everything that is being added in this campaign!  

  • Spirit Island: Branch & Claw  
  • First Promo Spirit Pack  
  • Spirit Island: Jagged Earth  
  • Spirit Island (core game)  
  • Premium Wooden Token Pack  
  • Second Promo Spirit Pack  

Revised Broken Token Box Insert   

In addition to this awesome crate, The Broken Token has revised their box insert!

Broken Token Box Insert (revised)
Broken Token Box Insert (revised)

Changes include:  

  • Reworking the Invader tray, Dahan tray, and Energy Token tray into more trays to allow for spreading pieces across both ends of the table  
  • Moving the blight into the set-up tray with the Invader Deck and other set up cards 
  • An added Fear tray that includes Phase Order so that it can be set directly on the Invader Board for ease of organizing fear tokens and generated fear tokens.  

Premium Token Pack  

Premium Token Pack
Premium Token Pack

Please note: the purple of the fear tokens will be changing to better match the print tokens and the Badlands tokens are not shown in this picture as we're updating them to reflect the newest iteration of the iconography.

This pack includes:  

  • 36 1-Energy Tokens  
  • 18 3-Energy Tokens  
  • 30 Fear Tokens  
  • 35 Beast Tokens  
  • 30 Disease Tokens  
  • 22 Strife Tokens  
  • 22 Wilds Tokens  
  • 25 Badlands Tokens  

These token packs contain the correct number of tokens to play a 6 player game of Spirit Island and also allow you to integrate with both Jagged Earth and Branch & Claw.

How do I add these items to my pledge?  

If you would like to add any of the items mentioned above (Broken Token Crate, Broken Token Box Insert or Premium Token Pack) to your order, simply log into Kickstarter and adjust your pledge according to the amounts below, which can also be found in the add-on section of the campaign. You will be able to indicate which items you would like on BackerKit after the campaign.  

Add-On Items
Add-On Items

If you have not pledged yet, you might also choose to back at the new highest pledge level “Protector of the Island”. It includes:  

  • One copy of Spirit Island: Jagged Earth  
  • One Spirit Promo Pack  
  • One copy of the Spirit Island core game  
  • One set of the first Kickstarter promo spirits  
  • One copy of Spirit Island: Branch & Claw  
  • One Broken Token Box Insert  
  • One Wooden Token Pack  
  • One Neoprene Playmat (30" x 35")  
  • One Broken Token Crate  

This information can also be found in our FAQ.  

Check back in Wednesday for a new Spirit Summary!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Mary-Scott Hunter on

      Hello. I missed this update and am very interested in adding these Add On's. Can this be done in the pledge manager since I missed including it in my Kickstarter pledge?

    2. GreaterThanGames 14-time creator on

      @Povilas Simonis
      The Premium Token Pack introduced in this campaign is allowing us to test the waters and see if that's a desired item. If we see that people really want/like this idea then we will likely make premium tokens for any new token type introduced, as well as reminder tokens and element tokens.

      I believe so. We have a video that we will be creating that should showcase the tightness.

      @David Richardson
      The Box Insert fits inside of the base game box or Jagged Earth's box. It can hold the base game, Branch & Claw, the first promo pack and everything introduced in this campaign with lid lift. The Crate fits the Box Insert inside it without lid lift.

      @Dylan Thurston

      They are visible in the image above but it's a little difficult. They are clear insert that fit vertically to allow you to store the major and minor powers. It is also visible in the Box Insert video at 2:08.

    3. Barac Baker Wiley

      I just finished putting together Broken Token's Flash Point: Fire Rescue crate and it's wonderful, so I'd happily invest in something similar down the line when Spirit Island is a completed product line. But Flash Point had a bunch of expansions that didn't come with any storage at all, just shrinkwrapped, and pretty small boxes for the couple of products that had them. So a full storage solution was just the ticket there. Right now Spirit Island still fits in the base box, and I can't see putting down an extra $60 just to avoid a little lid lift.

    4. Missing avatar

      Pseudomonas on

      Why element tokens are not included in premium package?

    5. Dylan Thurston

      I have Broken Token inserts, but not any crates from them. What do the "acrylic inserts" mean, exactly? Does anyone have pictures? Looking at their site, I see a few super-premium crates like this one for Galaxy Trucker:
      But from the price, the Spirit Island crate offered here will not be at that level, correct?

    6. David Richardson on

      @bekkison thanks.

      @stevenshofner Oh wow, I didn't realize you had to buy both of them, for a total of $100... that is crazy.

    7. Missing avatar

      bekkison on

      @ David The first insert will work with base game and the 2 expansion, but with the top lid lifted. The new solution is the correct size with a more durable enclosure and a tight seal. I'm fine with the first one, but some will pay extra for the aesthetic of the new one.

    8. Steven Shofner on

      $100 for a full storage solution is not cheap, but I'll take it! It's not ideal that it doesn't include room for future expansions to grow into, I'd be much happier making a $120 purchase that was 'future-proofed' than $100 for a comfortably snug fit today.

      But I totally get that no one can quite predict the future, so we aren't entirely sure what size we'd need a box with room to grow in, and it would be equally silly to either constrain future development to fit a bad guess today, or to buy a $120 box today with extra space and for it not to fit later. It seems like we've added more or less the same kinds of tools (cards, Spirit boards, island pieces, small tokens) up to now, but I'm sure that a tighter fit is better for our pieces today, and that there are other tools under consideration - and that it's hard to predict how many of which tools might be added in the future.

      But if we see an addon for a relatively-confidently-future-proofed box and insert show up before fulfillment, know that I'd be down!

    9. Missing avatar

      Justin B. on

      $60 and it isn't future-proofed? Hahaha no thank you.

    10. David Richardson on

      so... what does the current/old broken token box insert fit then? Just the base game? I always thought it was meant to hold everything.

      @Caitlyn I also think I would prefer just a bigger box, rather than a special wooden box.

    11. Caitlyn on

      Or, just make a bigger box which costs 10 dollar extra instead of the normal box. As option in the pledge manager. And ship contents in this bigger box... this is the same trick as dice throne used. Does it give delay ? Why would it? Why would making a different box give delays in a time down of 1.6 years ? It's not that all people work pm the same thing in this project (not everyone has the same job )

    12. Dagda

      Are the inserts fitting tight enough for the box to be stored vertically?

    13. Missing avatar

      Pseudomonas on

      I wonder if future expansion is released with some new token type, it will be produced in premium quality and would be sold in separate package?

    14. Missing avatar

      David Meierfrankenfeld on

      Well, that box is beautiful, and I look forward to buying something similar in the distant future when Spirit Island is done making expansions. In the meantime, I'm glad all the people who really wanted a bigger box can get their bigger box.

    15. GreaterThanGames 14-time creator on


      The revised Box Insert is the $39 add-on.

    16. Arcanist Lupus on

      There once was a man who needed to sell his donkey. So one day he packed up a days lunch, and then he and his son began to lead the donkey into town.

      Along the way they passed a farmer, who pointed out that there was no need for both of them to walk when there was a perfectly healthy donkey to ride. So the man picked up his son and put him on the donkey, before resuming his walk.

      A little while later they met an old lady, who admonished the healthy young boy for riding while his father walked. So the father helped the boy off the donkey, and got on himself, before continuing on their way.

      Then a merchant passed by who thought that it was shameful for a grown man to ride while his son walked, so the father picked his son up and they rode the donkey together.

      But a young girl accused them of overloading the poor, weary donkey.

      So the father and son got off the donkey, picked up some poles, and began carrying the donkey into town.

      But as they were crossing a bridge, the donkey thrashed, knocked them off balance, and all three of them fell into the river.

      Please, GtG, listen to Aesop and don't throw yourselves into a river.

    17. Chris on

      For my part, I would like to confirm that the revised Token Insert is the one we are getting for the $39 Token Insert add-on

      I resigned myself to box lift a while back, so I don't really care about trying to get the fancy wooden box. If it came with I'd be happy, but no reason to purchase it right now.

    18. GreaterThanGames 14-time creator on

      @Scott Snelling

      You are partially correct! There are no acrylic trays, but there are acrylic inserts that are used to divide cards and can be seen in the images in the update and the video of the Box Insert.

      There is also the acrylic insets in the design of the box lid. That does increase the cost but also ensures there will be no fading in colors over time.

    19. Missing avatar

      Brendan Black on

      That is a crazy price for an empty box. People who buy one clearly have too much money. :(

    20. Scott Snelling on

      Going to try to clarify part of what I think a lot of confusion is coming from:

      There are no acrylic inserts (trays) - only acrylic insets (the decoration). This one comes from 2 similar words and a typo in Greg's first comment.

      The reason the crate is more expensive than most people expect is because the colored lid is done via acrylic - cast into the lid itself - not just via paints or coloring on top of the wood.

      Are both these statements correct @Greg & @GTG?

      This still does not address a $60 empty case produced in close collaboration between Broken Token and GTG that is NOT forward compatible at all, nor capable of storing the neoprene mat (which I understand due to potential dimension issues to fit the mat).

      If the case was designed to 100% store future trays/etc to make sure that future expansions fit, then $60 would be a lot more reasonable, especially considering the quality of the product. But to buy it and have to replace it down the road when further expansions come out is a big turn-off to purchase. It looks gorgeous. So does the Sentinels massive box. But that box is the last one you'll ever have to buy for Sentinels (with room to spare still).

    21. Missing avatar

      Jordan Lahn on

      Thanks for the update! Just curious about the picture of the "Revised Insert": the design from the cover of the crate is visible on one of the pieces, but I don't recall seeing that beautiful design in the video. Is this a piece that has been added/modified, or does that image show the insert as well as pieces exclusive to the crate (i.e. the lid)?

    22. Missing avatar

      Allie Ogden on

      I love the pun in the title. Keep making good jokes, >G. I wasn't one of the people who was disappointed with the lid lift, but I love this game so much, I plan on getting the new crate, even though I'm wary of the lack of future proofing. Thanks for listening to your fans and giving an option to those of us who really love what you're doing.

    23. Missing avatar

      Joseph Crockett on

      when we reach the end of Spirit Island, if something like this (or the SotM collectors box) is available at that time, I might consider getting it. For now, I can't really justify it if it's going to be rendered obsolescent by the next expansion. It does look really nice and I love the lid design.

    24. Greg Spence on

      We appreciate the feedback on the crate and we hear that the price is not viable for many, which we completely understand. I just want everyone to realize that our margins on these products are actually not very high. Everything is made here in the states and often people will compare to products made in China. Even the Scythe Legendary Box was manufactured overseas, where things can be done much cheaper, especially where human labor is involved. We apologize we can't make the price cheaper, but the MSRP is set from a formula that is based on our manufacturing time and material cost. The 8 colors of acrylic and cutting time that goes into producing the lid is a big factor in the cost. Someone compared it to the Pandemic crate, but that crate is smaller and nowhere as complex as this design. Our plan after the Kickstarter was to create another version of the box with a simpler, engraved lid, with no acrylic. This would certainly cost much less for us to produce and have a lower price tag. So if you think you might be interested in the box solution, but for a lower price, that option might make more sense. Our goal is always to create really cool products for your favorite games and to set a price that is fair based on the effort to manufacture and to be able to keep our lights on and our employees paid. We're always happy to hear your feedback; good, neutral, or otherwise.

    25. Derek on

      Can we get closer images of the crate and insert???

    26. Russ Luzetski on

      I love it! :-D Very happy to have this option available! Thanks, folks -- greatly appreciate it.

    27. Missing avatar


      Looks nifty, if a bit expensive for what we get. The deal-breaker for me is the fact that future content isn't going to fit in it. If I'm going to bother with what is effectively a deluxe storage box for a game, it better be able to hold the entirety of the game!

      Of course, I understand why that's not the case, but then, maybe that's a good sign that it's too early to produce something like this?

    28. Derek on

      Whoa! Gorgeous box! I have to say that I absolutely love it. Based on the comments below I feel like I will be the only positive commenter. I will have to agree though that the concept of something being a "token of appreciation" only to be slapped with a $60 price point does warrant pause. As of this moment I am $98 in with the expansion and insert added. I was going to wait till the pledge manager opened to add the playmat and now with this crate I am torn. Something is going to have to give. Overall I love the look and functionality of the crate and insert, I just think communicating its launch could have used different verbiage. \

      Oh, and thank you for adding this to the selection!!

    29. Mitchell W on

      @>G thanks for the clarification!

    30. GreaterThanGames 14-time creator on

      @Victoria Luey There is no mention of this new crate being able to hold any future expansions. Does this mean this is the last expansion? =(

      No! There are plenty of ideas for future expansions, so no need to frown, but the crate will only hold what currently exists and the items from this KS campaign.

      @Preston Poland
      The Box Insert does fit into the Spirit Island box and the Jagged Earth Box, but there is a lid lift with that. The folks at The Broken Token created this crate because they saw the concern that backers were mentioning about the lift. The Crate will fit the Box Insert with no lid lift.

      The price listed is accurate for the Crate.

      The Crate closes more securely than the insert in the Jagged Earth or Spirit Island box does because there is no lid lift.

      @Craig Tubbs
      The wooden Box Insert is seperate from the Crate. The Crate comes with some acrylic inserts, per Greg, but it does not come with the full Box Insert. They are two seperate products.

      The Premium Token Pack is the same as the Wooden Token pack in the $359 pledge level

      @Mitchell W
      The Crate and Box Insert will fit Spirit Island core game, the first Promo Pack, Branch & Claw, the Premium Token Pack, Jagged Earth and the second Promo Pack.

      @Scott Snelling
      It is not future proofed. This was a pun on our part because we talk about the premium token pack and it does not fit the neoprene mat.

      @Kyle R. Woods
      Everything will fulfill at the same time and The Broken Token will not sell it separately until after the Kickstarter fulfills.

    31. Missing avatar

      Juan on

      Yeah I'm gonna agree with pretty much everyone on this update, $60 is way too expensive for just the box. It's pretty, but it's not $60 pretty considering that at the end of the day it's just laser-cut wood (even if it is nicely laser cut) without any finish. I like Broken Token organizers, and I think they do a really good job, but this just feels a little too much like a cash grab. It would have been better to have just said it's too expensive and not worth it.

    32. Kyle R. Woods

      I am excited to have this. However, do we have to wait til 2020 to get this? Is there any way Broken Token will sell it a little earlier separately, so those who want it can buy it now?

    33. Jeff Dougan on

      Hmm. I'm not sure how I feel about this, for the first of all the updates. I think I'm in the group that would rather a Spirit Island crate have waited for all the content to be published.

    34. Caitlyn on

      Most expensive box ever seen, and it isn't even the insert , just a box

    35. @Paul on

      Yuck. Should have stuck with your line about it being too expensive and you won't do it.

    36. Melissa on

      I got excited but then I noticed it would be almost $100 for a box! Plus, there is no guarantee that it will hold future expansion or the neoprene mat. I will just craft a cheaper solution.

    37. Scott Snelling on

      I agree with most commenters here. Either the price point is WAY too high on the crate, or what it includes has been poorly mis-communicated.

      Either way, what is missing: Is it future-proofed? Why is this a "token of our appreciation" when it is just something for sale? Does it fit the neoprene mat inside plus the insert?

    38. Tom.! on

      Got excited, then saw the price point, and not future proofed against additional expansions in the content. Gonna stick with creating my own storage solution.

    39. Missing avatar

      Neil on

      I just hate when a company says "token of our appreciation" and then presents something you can buy.

      The crate's cool and all but that is not a token, it is not a gift, it is an item you are selling and profiting on. I appreciate you might just be going for the BT pun, but still annoys me.

    40. Mitchell W on

      Any information about how this will work with future expansions? I'm pretty sure I've seen @Eric mention that he wants to do another one, and I can't justify the price on this if its not going to fit everything again when a new expansion comes out. I can deal with lid lift if it means that something nice like this will be produced whenever next expansion comes out.

    41. Missing avatar

      ggralpy on

      Is the wooden token on the 359 pledge the same as the premium token?? Im confused!

    42. Missing avatar

      ggralpy on

      Is the premium token the same as the wood token included in thr 359$ pledge??? Or different???

    43. Craig Tubbs on

      Not sure if the Scythe Legendary box is the best comparison... Each side is covered in gorgeous art plus it has three tuck boxes again covered in art plus it was deliberately future proofed to fit everything that Scythe has or will ever have (excluding the neoprene mat). It may have been $40 MSRP but I paid less than $30 with shipping for mine. This looks like a big empty plainish wooden box. For $60. I'm sure lots of people will buy it but that's a nope from me thanks.

    44. Missing avatar

      Brian Ott on

      The Pandemic crate (which I own) is $60 but that includes all the guts for a full storage solution. I really hope this is a mistake and it is an inclusive product.

    45. Craig Tubbs on

      @Greg So the crate does have inserts already inside it but premium acrylic ones rather than the standard wooden ones?

    46. Missing avatar

      Rainer Woreck on

      Welcome to the Broken Token &*^%&*# pricing!
      No thank you.
      I can make my own inserts if I am really that desperate at far less that price and the weight.

    47. Missing avatar

      trevorwolf on

      Yeah, I don't mean to be unappreciative or anything but seriously, I'm not too excited about this. Getting over $400,000 over your last stretch goal should have unlocked something we all really wanted......upgraded invader pieces

    48. Greg Spence on

      Hey guys, this is Greg with The Broken Token and I'm happy to answer any questions you have about the crate. Regarding the price point, yes this is a premium crate with the acrylic inserts and engraving on the box. It's also deeper than the stock cardboard box which is what allows the entire insert to fit inside without "lid lift". We certainly could have kept the price point lower if we had produced a plain box, but this was intended to be a premium item for collectors of Spirit Island with a super-unique design on the top. Even the Scythe Legendary cardboard box was $40, so for just $20 more, this is constructed from high quality birch with the acrylic inlay lid. The crate is not required for the insert to work. The insert still fits into the base game box, but will cause the lid to raise up a bit to account for all the contents.

    49. Jokke Forsryd

      YEs! no.. wait.. $60 for that?!

      dont get me wrong, i love the product.. sorry but thats just a grab... -karma.

    50. Missing avatar

      Shannon on

      Uh, $60? Come again? Kindly sod off with that. It's 10 pieces of cut-out wood glued in a neat fashion. Maybe if it included the insert at that price point, but you're asking way too much for something to replace the box so that it sits neatly (and if it doesn't even lock in some fashion which would enable a more comfortable vertical orientation, kindly explain to me why I'd bother with the crate since it'd have the same issues as just putting the insert inside the game box?).