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A major expansion to the award-winning cooperative settler-destruction strategy game!
A major expansion to the award-winning cooperative settler-destruction strategy game!
8,080 backers pledged $795,104 to help bring this project to life.

Elemental Tokens and Inserts!

Posted by GreaterThanGames (Creator)

Hey everyone!

We wanted to post a quick update today with a closer look at some of the cool stuff coming with this Kickstarter! But first, Eric Reuss, the designer of Spirit Island, wanted me to share with you his thanks and excitement!

“Hi! I can't post full updates, and I'm guessing everyone at >G is in bed by now, so I'll just make a comment instead: EGADS! HOLY ****! WOW!

I had my kids for most of today, so have only been able to sneak occasional peeks at how the KS was doing, but it's been exhilarating. I'm immensely pleased (and honored) that folks enjoy Spirit Island so, and hope y'all love Jagged Earth just as much.

In short: Thank You.


Second, some people were curious about the element tokens that will be included with Jagged Earth! 

Element Token Render
Element Token Render

They are basically just punch board versions of the various element icons that appear on the power cards. We are including them in Jagged Earth because they are useful when a power grants you an extra element of some kind, or when you use an Any Element icon. They are also important for some of the new spirits in Jagged Earth!

Finally, we wanted to give you a closer look at the Broken Token insert! Below are some images of the prototype from The Broken Token.

This is just a prototype, so the final version will have a few changes (notably, the trays for the tokens will have to be slightly deeper to accommodate the premium wooden tokens). Here's a video we created to show you a more in-depth look at just how cool it is!

Anyway, that’s all for now! Tomorrow, we’ll post an update summarizing all of the various stretch goals that you all unlocked on Tuesday (wow, it is so cool that happened btw - we’re still pretty shocked, to be honest). Then, next week, we’ll go to a Monday, Wednesday, Friday update schedule until the final 48 hours of the campaign, and will give you updates with detailed write-ups of various spirits and other aspects of the campaign.

Stay tuned, and thank you so much for supporting this game! We are incredibly excited to be making it!

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    1. Missing avatar

      Rainer Woreck on

      Yeah I'm never buying from Broken Token again. Expensive as all heck and they don't do a great job at keeping everything in the box with the lid closing properly.

    2. Dan 'Grimmund' Long

      Any idea when the Broken Token insert will hit retail?

    3. Dan 'Grimmund' Long

      Point of reference for all y'all suggesting a bigger box: The Scythe Legendary box is $40.

    4. Missing avatar

      Blick Winkel on

      @R. Eric Reuss Will the next expansion introduce the last mysterious unknown token that's printed on the playmat?

    5. chuassg86 on

      To prevent the lid lift, Broken Token does sell Box Band-Its, unless KS wants to throw in for free.

    6. Missing avatar

      R. Eric Reuss Collaborator on

      @MentatYP I know what I want the next expansion to be, and have a bunch of stuff I'd like to explore that won't really fit into it, so more than one more expansion after Jagged Earth is definitely plausible. Not a certainty, of course - it depends how Spirit Island continues to do in the years to come - and even if it happens, it'll be many years down the road. It's not fast design work, and I do my game design in and around being a dad, so I'm not as getting as many hours in as someone for whom it's a day job.

    7. Arcanist Lupus on

      It'd be a really neat trick if Broken Token managed to make an insert that fit in one box with lid lift, or could be split into two boxes without lid lift, so each person could choose how to store it. I have no idea how difficult that would be, though.

    8. Dagda

      I am interested in the box insert, but not with that lid lift. A bigger box for the backers who get the Broken Token insert or a two box insert would be much better, even if it costs a bit more.

    9. B Adams on

      @@Paul - , which I discovered when a a product search resulted in two different URLs (differing in that middle section) that apparently pointed to the same product.

    10. Volker Bache

      I'd also prefer a 2-box insert without lidlift.
      Also I'd suggest combining the fear/badlands/wilds/beasts/disease/strife tokens in a single - subdivided - tray instead of four different trays.

    11. MentatYP

      I'll skip the custom insert and wait for the big box that will surely come with the inevitable KS for the next (final?) expansion.

    12. @Paul on

      @B Adams, Huh, I had no idea you could insert random words into an Amazon url.

    13. B Adams on

      Instead of a bigger box, what about a two-box Broken Token layout? That would give much more space to work with (better for future expansions/promos, hoping there will be some!) while eliminating lifted-lid issues. There's really more than one box of content, and it sounds like a big box is off the table (at least for now) with good reason, but if you have Too Much For One Box it's probably because you actually have more than one box of stuff, so you have more than one box to work with...

      Also, there'd be a better chance of having enough room to accommodate Scenario and Adversary cards in [heavy sleeves](, which I like to do to reduce sliding-around, increase pick-up-ability, and because it's sorta fun.

    14. Missing avatar

      R. Eric Reuss Collaborator on

      @John Medany The new playmat is the same basic concept as the original one: the full thematic island, all 6 boards. It's just getting a small size increase + graphics updates based on player feedback, since it needs to be reprinted anyway.

    15. Missing avatar

      Anthony Goh on

      @Calum You

      While I agree the Broken Token one wastes a bit of space (that might be to be able to fit the wooden tokens?) there isn't any more room in even a tight foam core box:

      here is the one I designed for Core+BC:

      as you can see, my token tray are maxed. I have to put the city tokens in perfectly or they all wont fit. There is no room for any more cards, without lid lift. Certainly no room for 12 more spirit boards.

    16. Dylan Thurston

      @Calum You, OK, you got me to measure. My stack of the existing 12 Spirit Panels is 26.5 mm thick, or about 2.2mm per panel. Double that, for a total stack of 53mm of spirit panels. The island boards and fear boards appear to be about the same thickness, for another 10 thicknesses, 22mm thick, for a total of 75mm.

      Unfortunately I think you were measuring the outer dimensions of the box. The interior of the box is not quite as high. I have it somewhere from the proofing process, but I think it's around 73mm.

    17. John Medany

      Question on the new Neoprene mat (which makes me very happy by the way)
      Does it also include the 5/6 player versions of the island - which would seem to be essential in my opinion - even it is only on one side...

    18. Missing avatar

      Winsrp on

      BTW you guys don't need to make a free bigger box, just make a bigger box available as an add-on, how much it would cost? 5/10 bucks? I can see the people that gets the insert getting the bigger box as well. Another idea is to have the broken token guys make a full wood box for 10 more bucks (just needs wood a lid really), and we can go with that, it will add to the theme, of wood = good guys as well, they made one for pandemic and other big games.

    19. Missing avatar

      Calum You on

      @Dylan Thurston, that's 8 base spirits, 2 promo, 2 B+C, 10 JE, 2 more promo right? And 6 island boards (and the fear board!). I'm measuring them at about 2.25 mm thick, so 67.5 ++ mm for a 75.5 mm box. I think it *might* be possible to come up with a foamcore design that can get everything to fit; the insert feels like it wastes a lot of space for some of the token trays (invaders and dahan especially) and combining certain token groups might make sense (I'd be fine with one energy pool). Most difficult part that I can see will be the adversary/scenario/invader cards, which are annoyingly shaped..

      Obviously a new expansion will put all that work to waste though!

    20. Michael Glambeck

      Yeah I’m not a fan of the box lift, if we had an option for a big box to accommodate all the content I’d be on board for that. Otherwise I doubt I’ll get the insert as I can’t see storing this on it’s side being viable.

    21. Missing avatar

      bekkison on

      Lid lift? I think you mean bursting with awesome!!

    22. Arcanist Lupus on

      @sharv I've never had an insert that lifted the lid before - how do they damage the box?

    23. Missing avatar

      Anthony Goh on

      Lid lift is certainly an issue here, thats a lot more than I expected (as somone who makes their own inserts out of foamcore, this is way more than I'm willing to accept - but my solution for BC and Core has about 2 mm of lift anyways, no way could I fit all that in there - plus the tokens all have to be stacked perfectly or they wont fit in their boxes)

      so... I'm going to build my own box once I get the insert! xD

    24. Sharv

      I love broken token inserts, but having had two other game boxes destroy themselves because of lid lift, I cannot back for an insert which will destroy my box. That's a shame, because it looks nice.

    25. Arcanist Lupus on

      Will the tray for scenarios and adversaries have thumb holes on the bottom to make it easy to push the cards out rather than having to lift from the sides?

    26. Caitlyn on

      Why not : when you order the insert you get a big box so it actually fits . Throwing ideas here .

    27. Steven Shofner on

      @Dylan Thurston
      Problem solved, thanks a ton! :D This app should do nicely!

    28. Dylan Thurston

      @Steven Shofner, did you see this (unofficial) companion app?

    29. @Paul on

      @Justin You must be an OblivAeon backer, eh?

    30. Steven Shofner on

      *rewatches the video* I would love to see a QR code linking to a video of someone assembling the BrokenToken box burned onto it somewhere, because I am gonna get confused remembering how to assemble the compartments and will need the reference. :-P

    31. Missing avatar

      Justin B. on

      Will the insert accomodate sleeved cards?

    32. Steven Shofner on

      @Dylan Thurston
      You're right, that would probably be unwieldy. But I've got a poor memory and every little bit helps...when I start getting confused I usually use a chalkboard app on my phone to remember what I've generated that turn. :-P Seems like having a ton of element markers would make that easier for me. But my experience is probably not the common one.

    33. Missing avatar

      Mariya M on

      This is far too much lid lift. I think I'll stick with my own makeshift solution, as I fit the base game, branch and claw, and still have extra leftover space. I know there's no way I'll fit Jagged Earth too, but I'd rather use two boxes than have a box that closes so poorly.

      I was excited about the wooden tokens, but I think I'll be passing on them because there's no wooden reminder tokens, plus I find the shape of the energy tokens weird (they have this loose 'natural' shape but also have circular borders, so they look miscut). I think I'm better off just figuring out my own upgrades.

    34. Steven Shofner on

      Man, I'd love to see a full-game box offering from BrokenToken. I've got one of those for another game I play, and it looks amazing. I'd looove to see that and would definitely pay extra for it!

    35. Dylan Thurston

      Oh! OK, that's another solution. I still think it wouldn't be so bad with them all in a single compartment, since the colors are so distinct.

      Has it been decided how many of each token there will be?

    36. Dylan Thurston

      @BartW, it's impossible to fit all the forthcoming content in a single box, however you stack it, even without any insert. You can't fit more than one Spirit Panel side-by-side in the box. And we'll have 24 Spirit panels in total, and then the 6 Island boards need to go on top of those. That already exceeds the height of the box.

    37. GreaterThanGames 14-time creator on

      The element tokens will be the same on both sides in production.


      That would make the box prohibitively expensive to ship and stock for retail. The Jagged Earth box will be the same size as the core Spirit Island box.

    38. Dylan Thurston

      @Steven Shofner, in my experience, getting out elements for *everything* you have is really inconvenient and too fiddly, independent of any questions about expense.

      You can see the elements at pretty high resolution here:

      I believe the element tokens will be double-sided, with a different one on each side in the natural pairing (sun-moon, fire-water, earth-air, plant-animal). Thus there will only be 4 types, and looking for 1 out of 4 types in a compartment is not usually so bad.

      The prototype has straight sides for all the compartments. Broken Token is generally good about thinking about how to get the bits out in their final product.

    39. Missing avatar


      I assume asking for the Jagged Earth box to be sized to fit the whole insert is too much? I kind of like when the box is not half-open...

      Excited about the content.

    40. GreaterThanGames 14-time creator on

      If the Premium Token Pack does well on this KS and upon release, we will likely do a second pack that will include things like the elemental tokens, reminder tokens, and any other token types we add in future expansions.

    41. Steven Shofner on

      I am so, so, so excited for the wooden box insert! I am a little anal about organizing my board games, currently there are about 15 snack-sized Ziploc bags in my Spirit Island box. xD

      I'm also really excited about those elemental tokens! I'd love it if I can use them to help me count everything my cards give me...but that would require, potentially, like 12 of each element (12 is the highest number that can be needed, right?), per player theoretically? So.... *calculators* 768 tokens?

      ...I don't suppose we're getting that, are we? *puppy dog eyes, reminiscent of the chihuahua begging for the steak that's bigger than he is*

      Although I could probably print my own tokens for something like that...

      Hey, printing my own stuff! I understand that Spirit Island has a robust homebrew community! Will >G ever release pdfs of any of the source art for the game? I 100% understand if they won't for reasons like 'piracy' and 'to minimize cheap knockoffs.'

    42. Brent Lamb

      I did not see a place in the organized for the element tokes that are new, do they all just go in the empty slot under the badlands ones? If they do it will kind of suck having to dig in them to find the correct one.

    43. Anthony Rubbo

      I came here also for the wooden upgrade question. Might downgrade from the wooden upgrade pack if these won't be included.

    44. Orchid

      We need wooden elemental tokens

    45. @Paul on

      Can you please show a side shot of how the box looks closed with the insert inside? You can see it briefly in the video, but a still shot would be nice to see.

    46. Missing avatar


      The player bits tray seems kind of worrisome to me... it's going to be a pain to get everything out of there without just dumping the whole thing.

    47. Missing avatar

      Julian on

      Any way that those element tokens might be added to the wooden token Pack? Half paper, half wood is slightly disappointing.

    48. Orchid

      At least make an addon for bigger box option for those who are getting the insert.

    49. Steve Kaylor on

      Yay! So excited for you, R Eric!....Eric? Mr. Ruess? R? Can I call you R?

      Anyway, woohoo!