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Shattered Timelines is the third expansion to the cooperative comic book card game Sentinels of the Multiverse!
Shattered Timelines is the third expansion to the cooperative comic book card game Sentinels of the Multiverse!
2,147 backers pledged $185,200 to help bring this project to life.

Vengeance has Shipped!


Greetings Sentinels Fans!

As of today, all of the Kickstarter rewards for Vengeance, as well as all of the Vengeance pre-orders, have been shipped! There was a brief delay in shipments to Canada, and some US pre-orders will be arriving over the next several days, but everyone should receive their package shortly.

Now that Vengeance has been shipped to those of you who pre-ordered, we are going to start making it more widely available. This week, we'll be shipping Vengeance to stores and distributors, and making it available on our web store. If you'd like to order a copy directly from us, you can do so here!

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    1. Stephen Shaw on

      I got it on my birthday :D

    2. GreaterThanGames 12-time creator on

      You should! Send me an email ( with your name and I'll get you your tracking info so that we can figure out what happened.

    3. Chipmunk on

      Is there a way to check our status? I Still haven't received any kind of notification.

    4. Missing avatar

      JCB on

      As a USA backer, should I have received a tracking number? Or the game? It is now the 23rd as I type this....just wondering if I've been forgotten about or somehow overlooked. Don't mean to pressure anyone, but it seems like everyone got their games last week!

    5. GreaterThanGames 12-time creator on

      Nope. Unfortunately, the way we shipped pre-orders this time didn't update the store orders. We hope to have that fixed in the future.

    6. Jeffrey Wood on

      Should I be worried that my pre-order still shows a status of 'Preorder'?

    7. GreaterThanGames 12-time creator on


      I don't think that we did! Send an email directly to and we'll replace any missing items.

    8. cdaniel

      Sent you a message about missing items in the shipping that got to me, but with no answer, Could you please confirm if you have received it?

    9. Vericlas on

      @John, You most likely will not. I didn't even know they were shipping Vengeance and it just showed up on my doorstep. Never got a tracking number or anything. I was surprised and happy.

    10. John Arnold on

      Was I supposed to get a tracking number?

    11. Chad Denton on

      My group and I broke the new heroes in last night. Setback and Naturalist were the two favorites but The Sentinels deserve MVP for bouncing us back from inevitable defeat to a win vs Voss. Can't wait to take on the Vengeful 5.