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Shattered Timelines is the third expansion to the cooperative comic book card game Sentinels of the Multiverse!
Shattered Timelines is the third expansion to the cooperative comic book card game Sentinels of the Multiverse!
2,147 backers pledged $185,200 to help bring this project to life.

Production Update

Greetings Kickstarter Backers!

Our apologies for the extended radio silence since the last update. We have been completely swamped with work here at the Greater Than Games headquarters, which is consistently thrilling but frequently frustrating. Development work is coming along well for both Sentinels of the Multiverse: Vengeance and for Galactic Strike Force, and both will be sent to the printer within the next couple months. 

However, this timeline represents a significant delay from our planned timeline when we first ran our Kickstarter campaigns. In retrospect, having multiple games in the early and middle stages of development simultaneously was far from optimal - we have learned our lesson, and we won’t be doing it again. Our primary goal with all of our games is to release a fun and awesome product, regardless of pre-estimated timelines. Unfortunately, in holding to that goal, we will be unable to meet our October delivery date for SotM:Vengeance and GSF. The delivery date will instead be pushed back to February 2014 for both products. 

We realize that this is delay is disappointing - it’s disappointing to us as well! That said, we believe that taking the time to make the games the best they can be will be well worth the wait. However, we also want to thank you for your patience. To that end, we will be enhancing your backer rewards, free of charge. 

 For Galactic Strike Force, we will be going forward with the $100k Stretch Reward and upgrading all Opposition Flagship Miniatures to the much more impressive 60mm models. Seriously, they’re super cool, and we’re more than happy to eat the extra costs as thanks for your patience. 

For Sentinels of the Multiverse: Vengeance, we will be including an extra promo card: G.I. Bunker.

This is an early version of the Bunker suit, which fought alongside America’s Greatest Legacy in World War II.

Finally, some of our international backers pledged with the understanding that they would be able to pick up their rewards at Essen Spiel, thereby saving on shipping. This will obviously no longer be possible. However, for those backers, we will ship you your rewards free of charge once they are available.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email us at From all of us here at Greater Than Games, thank you for your understanding. We are doing our best to make excellent games, and we very eagerly look forward to delivering those games to you.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Joshua Smith on

      This is a disappointing change. I definitely still want in on Vengeance, don't get me wrong - but it feels like our money was taken to work on Vengeance, and then the GtG crew just decided to work on (or devote too many resources to) Galactic Strike Force instead.

      It feels like a bait-and-switch. I know that I'm still going to get the game, but it's still disappointing. If they really wanted to work on GSF instead of SotM, they should have been more upfront with their plans from the get-go.

    2. Jesse Pudewell on

      @Shervyn I rarely back anything where I'm the make it or break it. If I am, I stay in no matter what. This KS is ... what ... over 900% backed? They could afford to lose me.

    3. Aaron Stark on

      While I was looking forward to both these games in October, I have a ridiculous number of other games in pre-order, so it's not as though I'll have a lack of new stuff to play in the meantime.

    4. Shawn George on

      Giving credit where credit is due: Paul from GtG emailed me back and told me that they would allow me to cancel my Vengeance add-on and refund me, no problem. So thank you, GtG, for being willing to do what it takes to make your KS backers happy.

    5. Jeffrey on

      G.I. Bunker looking like a badass

    6. Shervyn von Hoerl

      @Shawn and >G if refunding Shawn is not a possibility, I'll pay an extra $40 and take an extra copy of Vengeance. Cause I KNOW the game I'll get only 4 months later is going to be amazing.

      @Jesse, the problem is that without the kickstarter the game would never make it to your FLGS.

    7. Gavin Owens on

      Is there any chance of letting GSF backers get in on vengeance? And if so with the promo card?

    8. Jesse Pudewell on

      ALSO, something I didn't mention - I totally understand Kickstarter projects never meeting their delivery goals. I'm fine with that. I've made my peace with people using Kickstarter generally being unable to judge timelines. I would have preferred to know earlier, but that's okay.

      The only part I'm less okay with is getting penalized in not getting stuff that is developed and released, because I backed the wrong horse. Now every time I go to my FLGS and see the Scholar, Silver Gulch, etc, it's a bit of a stab in the throat.

    9. Bas on

      Don't worry guys, good product trumps rushed product every time! G.I. Bunker is a wonderful bonus! Keep up the good work!

      Anyways, part of what made the kickstarter so enjoyable was the suspense and anticipation created by the sneakpeaks of the different heroes, villains and environments. This minor delay opens up the possibility for a second run of sneakpeaks and enjoyment.

    10. Justin Borges on

      Honestly, I am more than happy to wait a few more months. Sentinels of the Multiverse remains as my favourite card game, and I am fine enjoying all the other sets and promos I have while waiting for the next one. Better to have the best get to us when it does, than something less so before it should.

    11. Mark Johnson on

      Any chance of somehow allowing Vengeance backers to get in on purchasing GSF (perhaps with promos) despite that project being finished.

    12. Jesse Pudewell on

      What makes me more sad about this is that I specifically went for JUST VENGEANCE because I'd only need to wait 8 months to get my promos and I'd support my FLGS by getting Timelines there. Had I known that the Stretch Rewards would be next February, I probably just wouldn't have bothered and bought everything at my FLGS as available.

      More and more I'm realizing that only going through my FLGS for the core product is the way to go and to try to figure out some "only promo" level for the KS only rewards. :( Not getting the promos for another six months bites.

    13. Blossercubbles on

      You have my support, team. I appreciate what you're doing, and have come to trust your opinions on your own game, so if things weren't ready, I shall sit idly by and wait...whilst hungering for random tidbits of information that may or may not occur. Let's hope they do, however cryptic!

    14. John GT

      For a G.I. Bunker, you take all the time you need. Frankly, I need more time to master the broken timelines anyway.

    15. Missing avatar

      Felix Gutt on

      Woot!!! I'm getting an extra promo card! Woooooooo!!!!!!!

    16. Christoph Scott Williams on

      Take your time GtG. You have released amazing products and I have never regretted backing you (I regretted missing Rook City when it first hit ;) but I was hit hard in the wallet for that time period). If you need the time to continue the release of a great products that have the standards we have come to appreciate and love.

      PS. *mischievous look* Any chance of a leak on the heroes in Vengeance?

    17. Missing avatar

      Jools on

      I would like to add I'm dying to know what it is that's different about the villains in this set. I've been waiting for months to find out. Please do spill some beans on that subject sometime soon. Please!

    18. Missing avatar

      Jools on

      Just wanted to say I'm fine with the delays. I'm confident you'll use the time to hone the games into what they should be.

    19. GreaterThanGames 13-time creator on

      @Dimitar Simidchiev
      By "rewards", we definitely mean everything that you would have picked up at Essen, including the game and all of the promos.

      @Decay (and anyone else in your situation)
      You can definitely pick up Shattered Timelines and associated pledge rewards at Essen!

      @Shawn George
      I am sorry that you feel lied to. However, it was never our intention to deceive. Three weeks ago, we were about one week away from sending Vengeance files to the printer. However, we then realized that the only reason we were doing so was to stick to our announced deadline, and not because the game was ready. We determined that making the game awesome trumped the deadline, ergo the delay and announcement.

    20. Shawn George on

      @Jeffrey: Reread my post. Slowly. Take as much time as you need. I'm aware that Kickstarter games have delays. I've backed several that have. I'm not upset that Vengeance is delayed. I'm upset that Vengeance was delayed because GtG decided to launch another KS campaign when the expansion that we paid for was far from complete. And I'm upset that 3 weeks ago, we were lied to about the status of production.

    21. Missing avatar

      Best Bay Comics & Games

      I don't think it's fair that Sentinels gets delayed because of another later-funded kickstarter's production schedule. Love the games, and love the first part of my Sentinels order shipped early. Bummed that the spaceship game cost me some fun this year.

    22. Jeffrey on

      Entitled much? You sound like you just discovered kickstarter games have delays. Wow.

      Take as much time as you need.

    23. Shawn George on

      Fine. I don't speak for everyone.

      I understand that delays happen. I've backed several KS projects before. What I don't understand is why we were told 3 weeks ago (see the Comments tab) that the project was on schedule, and now it's suddenly 4 months behind? Between that, the overall lack of communication, and the mishandled shipping for Shattered Timelines, I'm just not happy with GtG right now. I regret paying an extra $40 to get Vengeance considering the stretch rewards we're getting as a result. And I realize that's my fault, I got caught up in the hype.

      What isn't my fault, however, is the fact that they decided to launch the GSF campaign a few months later, long before Vengeance was complete. It sounds like if it weren't for GSF, GtG would have been able to fulfill its promise to the Vengeance backers to have an October delivery. I mean, the whole point of the Vengeance stretch goal was so that the expansion would release sooner than 2014, right?

      So I've emailed GtG asking if I can just cancel my Vengeance order and get my money back. If so, then great. In the meantime, I apologize for offending anybody by getting upset.

    24. Decay on

      I'm in the Essen group. Is it still possible to pick up Shattered Timeline + promos only and get Vengeance shipped in February? Then I would have something for the waiting time :)

    25. Missing avatar

      Jason (the original, now decaffeinated) on

      No problems here. It gets here when it gets here.

      and everyone involved in the "you are a greedy whiner statements," just remember that you are what you post. Leave it alone and everyone will be happier.

    26. Don Riddle

      another "shattered timeline" ;p

    27. Dimitar Simidchiev on

      As with pretty much all Kickstarter projects, delays are a fact of life - fine. However, I happen to be one of those people who should have gotten the game at Essen and I am somewhat concerned about your announcement. You say that we will get our rewards shipped for free - just wondering if the game itself is a reward in this sense or if you meant just the extra stuff. If it's the former, fine, I'll wait another 5 months. If it is the latter, we have a problem.

    28. Richard Herrera

      Considering you weren't really doing a kickstarter for Vengeance and we were just lucky to be able to pledge to make it happen, you're forgiven. This certainly isn't the longest delay and it just means that the game will be even better when it finally releases.

    29. Christoph Scott Williams on

      With this delay, might we get a spoiler of a hero or two? Maybe something to tease the anticipation a bit?

    30. Christoph Scott Williams on

      @Shawn George
      1) You could get nothing. They don't owe you anything more as compensation. They give you an estimate and you gave them your money on the promise that you would get a product at some point in time. They are going to hold up there end. No one threatened you into donating.

      2) Don't speak for me, don't include me in your whining and I am pretty sure I have a few people backing me in that. You do sound greedy. So here, let me help you out

      "Not trying to sound greedy, but you will have had MY money for Vengeance for well over a year by the time the expansion finally gets to ME, and the paltry rewards that I AM getting as a result (a couple of art prints, a few oversized villain cards, and two hero cards) just don't really seem worth it considering how much I paid and how long we've waited."

      See, GREEDY.

      Don't piss on a good company whose been trying to break into an industry with high risk and low reward.

    31. Moritz Schubert on

      @Shaun: Sorry, but to me you sound greedy. It's not a matter of course that they give you a compensation for the delay. When it comes to Kickstarter, delays are rather the norm than the exception and Galactic Strike Force is only the second core game that Greater Than Games released, so mistakes are excusable.

      That being said, I haven't ordered Vengance, so I should probably keep quiet about this issue all together :D

    32. Nathaniel Huff on

      I think the promo card is more than enough. Shattered Timelines is the only Kickstarter project that I have backed that has actually delivered the original product before their estimated delivery date. That right there tells me they are going to be using my vengeance money wisely.

      Plus I just want to see more information about the boardgame ( and the mobile app (

    33. Shawn George on

      Well, that's certainly disappointing, especially when you just commented less than 3 weeks ago that you were "still on track with development" and implied that an October delivery was still the plan.

      I appreciate the extra promo card, but I would have expected a bit more, considering we're being asked to wait 4 more months because your other, more recent campaign slowed things down. The GSF backers get a major component upgrade, we get a single card. How about promo cards for all of the expansion heroes as well?

      Not trying to sound greedy, but you will have had our money for Vengeance for well over a year by the time the expansion finally gets to us, and the paltry rewards that we're getting as a result (a couple of art prints, a few oversized villain cards, and two hero cards) just don't really seem worth it considering how much we paid and how long we've waited.

    34. MRCollier

      Delays happen no biggy, still so much to play with what we already have, besides I'm always excited to get more promos :-)

    35. Darren Bezzant on

      So... What are our options for Vengance if we didn't pick that option on this KickStarter?

    36. Karsten Kopplin on

      Oh goshdarnit. There already was a Galaxy Strike Force kickstarter, and I totally missed it. Can't say how that happened, but it makes me really sad. :(

    37. Carlos - "Koey" on

      >G this is an awesome update :)

      GI Bunker also seems like my most favorite bunker out of all 3 ><