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Shattered Timelines is the third expansion to the cooperative comic book card game Sentinels of the Multiverse!
Shattered Timelines is the third expansion to the cooperative comic book card game Sentinels of the Multiverse!
2,147 backers pledged $185,200 to help bring this project to life.

The New Deal! Vengeance is Now!

Good morning, Sentinels fans! 

This afternoon, we will have an update about the final villain of Shattered Timelines, but right now, we have some new Vengeance information.

We're changing things up! Vengeance is go! The Mega-Expansion WILL be made and sent out to all of the fantastic Vengeance backers next fall! Ignore the $150k mark - we're just making this happen. Too much excitement to not, and we REALLY want to see this made. 

So! Anyone who pledges the extra $40 for Vengeance, either via one of the pledge levels which include Vengeance or by adding it to an existing pledge a la carte, will get Vengeance next fall, as well as three art prints from Vengeance and Villain Oversized Cards! We know the pledge levels say that the art prints and oversized cards won't happen until we hit $150k, but ignore them! We can't change the text of a pledge level, once it has been bid on, so don't worry about it - we're making it happen.

"But Greater Than Games team," you ask, slightly concerned, "What happens if we DO hit the $150k level? Do you not care anymore?" 

"Shhhhh," we say, comfortingly. "It's ok. We still care. We ALWAYS care."

If we do hit the $150k level, we will send a new hero promo card (ANOTHER PROMO HERO CHARACTER CARD!!!) to everyone that orders Vengeance as part of this Kickstarter. A fantastic promo card! A promo card for freedom! A promo card that looks like this!!!

Interested? We thought you might be interested. We're interested!

Note: this promo card will only be sent out if we hit the $150k mark, and will be sent along with Vengeance itself. It will not be sent to anyone who does not order Vengeance, so to get America's Greatest Legacy, you must order Vengeance!

We will post more info on this new Legacy promo if/when we hit the $150k mark, but for now, the important part is this: Vengeance is going to happen. It's going to happen next fall. And this is your best chance to get it, three art prints, and the villain oversized cards, just by adding $40 to your pledge.

Baron Blade will have his Vengeance. Will you be there to witness it?


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    1. GreaterThanGames 13-time creator on

      Yes, that is correct.

    2. Missing avatar

      JCB on

      So to be crystal clear....this new Legacy promo is only available to those that add Vengeance to their pledge?

    3. Robert Kamphaus II

      America's Greatest Legacy is probably more akin to Captain America and as they gain new powers down the line they start to evolve into Superman.

    4. Alyindar

      Announcements like this are why I've become such a huge GreaterThanGames supporter. It's not just the quality games, but the commitment they make to the players. Thanks GTG!

    5. Missing avatar

      Agent Bon on

      Hmm, extra spots on the print sheet = promo card space... We already hit the 150k too. Maybe my lonely promo BB and Ominitron could get some new friends for super stretch? Add some new variety to the core set again? Just hoping...

    6. Christopher Musawi on

      Pshhhh, who needs Vengeance when you have a gung-ho attitude and a pair of cool goggles?

    7. Missing avatar

      Will Reaves on

      I think we're going to need another stretch goal ... maybe a promo environment from the Haka/Chronoranger 1000 years in the future timeline?

    8. Missing avatar

      airsonist on

      Damn you! Now you got me. The only problem is that I will have to wait till October to receive both expansions :(

    9. Dan Martin on

      Looks like your announcement caused us to pump up the pledge amounts! Congrats!

    10. Missing avatar

      Ameena on

      He wouldn't be able to use it infinitely - you can only use a power once per turn. So he could use it on himself, but then he'd have to use a different power ;).

    11. DJ Stuck Down A Mineshaft on

      I love everything about this update.
      Problem, though: isn't America's Greatest Legacy a "hero?" Can't he do his ability on himself an infinite number of times in order to go back to full HP?

    12. Nakos on

      @Phil, >G have said that they are not planning to reprint the Young Legacy promo anytime soon. But they did say that near the end of the SotM run or after they have finished printing all the expansions they would reprint the promos with different art.

    13. Phil Jaros on

      As it sounds like you have a few slots open with the printing plates of Vengeance, would it be possible to include a reprint of "Young Legacy" (with different art to distinguish them)? I have a copy of it, but this weekend I went looking for it for a game, and couldn't find it for the life of me. I must have scooped it up and mixed it up with one of the other decks.

    14. Galen Ciscell on

      Just upped my pledge to include Vengeance! Let's hit $150K and get America's Greatest Legacy printed!

    15. Jaime Montoya on

      Oh sweet! You guys are awesome can't wait to play as a villain ^_^ *crossing fingers for $150k*

    16. Shawn George on

      @GTG: Thanks for answering my question. It's a bummer, but it makes sense now at least.

    17. Missing avatar

      Tim on

      Re: Last post- this would make this Finest Legacy's Grandpa if it's WWII. His dad would be born just around the war itself.

    18. Missing avatar

      Tim on

      @Carlos- IIRC, 'Present' Sentinels is ten years out. Present. Paul Parsons is 47 and was born in '73.

      He's Paul the 8th. His daughter, the 9th Legacy, was born 18 years before the 'present' in 2k2, or when Paul was 29. That's not too unreasonable.
      Joseph, or 'Legacy 0' was 16 in 1775. If he waits 15 years before Paul 1 is born, he's 30 and it's 1790.
      So, that means we have 230 years for 8 generations. If each of them has a kid at around 30, we've got it covered with some time to spare.

    19. Missing avatar

      Jesse Garrison on

      And this is the update I was waiting for to upgrade to include Vengeance. Looking forward to this, as usual.

    20. Michael Wachter on

      @Dan yes, I had to do that with the last expansion for health reasons. I moved after the kick starter ended but contacted them through the kick starter here and they were able to do it for me. Same should apply for Vengeance in theory.

    21. Dan Martin on

      "Will I be able to change my shipping address for the Vengeance shipment from the first shipment?"

      Same question here.

    22. Don Riddle

      i'm tempted to add $40 to pre-order Vengeance, but I still don't know what it is precisely? Will the "5" Villain decks be playable singularly or only as a team? how many cards in each of these Villain decks? can other villains be subbed into the team? what are the special rules for using this mega-villain deck?

    23. Carlos - "Koey" on

      Now I envy those with the Young Legacy Promo.
      With 3 Legacy deck you can now have the Legacy Family to fight Baron Blade.
      Wonder how that will turn out.

      Now to go to BGG and print out Young Legacy.(and other promos)

      I forgot if Sotm was set in present time but if it was that would mean they went through 8 generations O.o?
      I would just assume that he is the greatest because Legacy's Grandpa/Dad was the first to show up as a superhero.
      Also love how this somehow makes Legacy family takie inspiration from both Superman and Captain America.

    24. Blossercubbles on

      ...Yay! This is like...magic!

    25. Missing avatar

      Rob on

      Will I be able to change my shipping address for the Vengeance shipment from the first shipment?

    26. J. Brandon Massengill

      @Tim - There appears to be a anti-tank czech hedgehog on the right. That would also would suggest to me WWII.

    27. Missing avatar

      Tim on

      @Carlos- This is WWI/II Legacy Zeppelins in use suggest WWI more than II, but Greatest implies Greatest generation. Possibly he was in both wars.
      Now we just need to wait for WWIII Legacy...

    28. Maia on

      I am so excited! I so want to see what the 165 stretch reward would be... we so need to get there!

      @Brian I think you will need to add $40 to that level since otherwise you would be getting Vengeance for free and while that would be sweet, and >G loves us, I don't think they love us that much :)

    29. Andrew D. Arenson on

      @Daniel Brooks -- Looking for multiple Legacy decks? By all means, purchase multiple copies of the game, if you like. You can, however, also order extra copies of Legacy or any deck a la carte. I suppose there might be a problem if _everyone_ decided to do that, but if you add $5 to your Kickstarter pledge and then let them know you are looking for another Legacy deck when they sent out the after-Kickstarter survey, I expect you'll be able to get it.

    30. Andrew D. Arenson on

      @Alberto del Pozo -- On the off chance that you really are looking for a picture of the three of them, note that there is one on this web page, in the upper right.

    31. GreaterThanGames 13-time creator on

      @John Burt
      Yes, you've got it correct!

      Andy is correct - Vengeance is (unfortunately) not included in the Maximum Completion or Everything Ever tiers - we named those before we added Vengeance to this Kickstarter, and we unfortunately can't change the names or descriptions at this point.

    32. Nakos on

      @Brian, when >G made the announcement that Vengence was coming out they said that the Maximum Completion and Everything Ever were now misnomers and that they did not come with Vengence. If you want Vengence you will need to add $40 to your pledge amount.

      @Alex, yes. >G have stated that you can pick up Venegence at Essen.

      @Marco, there are a few options. You can wait and pick everything you order up at Essen or Pay $40 once and have ST shipped upon arrival and pick up Vengence at Essen or Pay $40 once and have everything delivered once Vengence comes out or Pay $40 twice for a total of $80 and have them ship in two packages when ST and Vengence come out. If your on the SotM forum there may even be some International Shipping pledge slots still available. These slots are paid for by other SotM fans to help International Backers get the game while getting help paying for the international shipping.

    33. Andrew D. Arenson on

      @Marco Andre Mezzasalma -- You can also choose to receive all of the Shattered Timelines rewards at the point that Vengeance is shipped, and thus only pay the international shipping surcharge once, though at the cost of waiting to receive anything until it is all ready.

    34. Andrew D. Arenson on

      @Marco Andre Mezzasalma -- Vengeance is not included in previous tiers.

      For international shipping, if you can get to Essen, you can pick up product there and avoid the international shipping surcharge.

    35. John Burt on

      So to make sure I understand, the game retails for 30, shipping to the US is 10 and shipping to Canada is 25?

    36. Andrew D. Arenson on

      @BrianBishop -- >G has apologized for the 'Everything Ever' name, which they can't change at this point. Yes, US backers need to add $40 for Vengeance and non-US backers need to add $40 plus the location-specific extra shipping charge, either $15 for North America or $40 for the rest of the world.

    37. Carlos - "Koey" on

      @Brandon Massengill
      But there is still one guy left on the box the guy in green on the left.
      I always thought the Vengeful Five worked for Baron Blade and not part of it.

      Also regarding last Villan would actually have liked to have seen a Hero card for him so you can play through the transition.

    38. Missing avatar

      Brian Bishop

      Do we need to add 40 to the EVERYTHING EVER level as it states

      'Every SotM related item that it is possible to get from this Kickstarter! '?

    39. Alex Cullum on

      I have just pledged the extra for vengeance will i be able to arrange to pick that up from essen next year but still get the other stuff sent to me as i have paid for that

    40. James Williams on

      Fine. I'll add the $40.

    41. J. Brandon Massengill

      @Carlos - We get the last Shattered Timelines Villain today. The Fifth Vengeful Five Villain is Baron Blade.

    42. Nakos on

      >G, what would it take to get Uncut sheets of either ST or Vengence as an al la carte item? Maybe make it a $160/165K Stretch Reward.

    43. Shervyn von Hoerl

      Ahhhhh.....I love you...I also want this version of America's greatest badly.

    44. Marco Andre Mezzasalma on

      Bello GtG and fellow backers!
      Will Vengeance be included in any previous tiers, for exemple the MAXIMUM COMPLETION and greater tiers?
      Is there any option other than paying for more than 1 international shipping?
      Thx in advance!

    45. Carlos - "Koey" on

      Wonder if this means GreaterThanGames is hinting if we make 150k there could be more space for promos.

      Also does this mean we get our last Vengeful Five update tomorrow?

    46. Steven Louie on

      OMG!!!! >G such a great company. This post was definitely huge news! Thank you for doing this for us and for also creating such an amazing game!

    47. GreaterThanGames 13-time creator on

      @Shawn George
      Whenever we print a game, there are blank white spaces on the print sheets where cards *could* go, but they are left blank unless we have a number of cards in the game that is an exact multiple of the number of cards that can fit on a print plate (we don't). This means that, if we are printing just one promo card, we can do so very cheaply if we put it in these spaces. With Shattered Timelines, these spaces are already full (and on top of that we are printing so many promo cards that it doesn't help as much), but we will have the free space with Vengeance, which is why we are planning to do it there.

    48. J. Brandon Massengill

      @David - The levels that include Vengeance state so in the description.
      $40 - Just Vengeance
      $70 - Shattered Vengeance
      $150 - All of the Things
      The original pledge levels were set up with Vengeance being a long shot and is not included. They stated in a previous update that the all inclusive level names are now misnomers since including Vengeance can't be included financially.

    49. Missing avatar

      Magpie on

      @David I think that unless you actually have selected a pledge level that explicitly mentions Vengeance, you'll have to add the $40 a la carte, which means you add it to your pledge now, and mention on the survey they'll send after the kickstarter that the $40 extra is for Vengeance. So the `Everything Ever` Tier is no longer everything ever, but they can't change descriptions after people pledge.