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The end of the Multiverse! Featuring the final SotM expansion, packs of every variant card ever, and the Ultimate Collector's Case!
The end of the Multiverse! Featuring the final SotM expansion, packs of every variant card ever, and the Ultimate Collector's Case!
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You've not heard the last of me, heroes!

Posted by Christopher Badell (Collaborator)

Hey, everyone!

It's me, Christopher. It's been a genuine pleasure to get to talk to you all over the last few years of this process! OblivAeon has been a major series of ups and downs, with shipping and communication issues on our part as a company (as very well explained by Paul in last month's update), an arduous and draining but ultimately rewarding design and development timeline for me, and a lot of stress and drain on our awesome warehouse team with the size and complexity of this product... but! With all that said! Sentinels of the Multiverse: OblivAeon is out! It's fun to play! It's got a TON of exciting content! So, I can't help but ultimately be pleased. 

As many of you noted in the comments last month, the life-cycle of OblivAeon as a product is not unlike that of OblivAeon in the pages of Sentinel Comics: brutal, world-changing, but also informative, and in an odd way, cleansing. Greater Than Games is stronger for having survived OblivAeon, and so is Sentinel Comics. We have the roleplaying game that just finished on Kickstarter, the Sentinels of Freedom video game is in development right now, and OblivAeon itself is coming to the Sentinels of the Multiverse video game soon! So, even with the Multiverse coming to the end, the future of Sentinel Comics is brighter than ever!

As a result, this will be the last regular update to this campaign. I might post here again in the future when there's notable Sentinel Comics news that I think you'd be interested in, but for now, let's put this to rest. 

Don't hesitate to reach out to us if you need anything! You can always e-mail us at, or follow us on Twitter. And speaking of Twitter, please reach out to me on my account with any questions about OblivAeon, or to share your experiences in the world of Sentinel Comics!

And, as always, thank you all so much for saving the Multiverse!


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    1. Martin Jason Temple-Calder on

      Now for Sentinels of Earth Prime.

    2. Patrick Dorsey on

      @Nate Baker from update 71 "If you have an outstanding issue and you have not heard from Katie or myself, please message"

    3. Missing avatar

      Nate Baker on

      I haven't received my package for my pledge, I figured I've been busy over the last few months and havn't been able to check the updates. But I never received a delivery.

    4. M. Steiner on

      Huzzah! Thanks Greater Than Games for this fond look back update, and greater-than-any-other-finale expansion! I have shared Oblivaeon with two other couples now and they had a blast.

      We were always ultimately victorious, though it was a very close damage race and all but once we were down to the last two environments. =D

      Sure, one has to block off half a day of time to play it in advance because of the time commitment, and there's often a meal break in between, but IT IS SO WORTH IT. =D

    5. Patrick Dorsey on

      @Sonvar that puts it on Lore Forge's radar, and it's just an outsourced line item entry for GTG.

    6. Sonvar on

      @Patrick Prime War is on their radar as it has been listed in Paul’s monthly updates including this one

      Lore Forge who is working on it has posted blog entries here about development

      When it’s closer to being ready though I’m sure Christopher will make a post here.

    7. Missing avatar

      Grimwold on

      I consider this KS as a failure, but a GOOD failure.
      Why a failure : Delay, delay, delay ... which I could forget. bad communications about it ... which I have a harder time forgetting it and delivery which was not great in EU until Spiral Galaxy took over.
      Why a succes : Because OblivAeon is GREAT. It's an epic struggle against villains with stupidly broken cards but in the end it is possible. And the heroes and environment ... even those who dislike OblivAeon mode (and I can uderstand why, it's time consuming and the book keeping can be hellish) have something great to play with.

      In the end I hope some lessons were learned and next projects on KS will be less 'epic' (though no less amazing).

      It was an incredible ride! Let's never do another one like this again!

    8. Chris on

      I haven't saved the Multiverse yet, we played a game a while back and unfortunately the ending was very anti-climatic. We were holding on as OblivAeon beat us down again and again, trying every trick to keep ahead, and then an extra card on his part finished out a timer and we just... lost.

      But, to balance out that disappointment, just this Sunday we played a game on my tablet with Action Hero Stuntman, and my friend had a blast because in his words "I like doing things when I'm not supposed to" and we crushed things.

      I think that is an important aspect to remember. OblivAeon was the title fight, the main event, but all those environments and heroes we got as well are still there and still awesome.

    9. Missing avatar

      Justin H on

      I guess we can all say "Thank God this campaign is over".

    10. Bean Álainn on

      This kickstarter was quite a ride. I'll never forget the funding period. :)

    11. Patrick Dorsey on

      It's disappointing that Prime War apparently isn't even on your radar while you're pitching other projects to us.

    12. B Adams on

      This weekend I finally managed to get sufficient people and time together for my first OblivAeon game. In the words of one of my kids, "That... was... EPIC!"

      Much to my surprise, we managed to save the Multiverse without any heroes becoming incapacitated. Also a little to my disappointment, because I started with Setting Sun Ra and was at 1 hp all ready for some glorious flaming out, but the other players insisted I try to hang in there. One crazy mass healing due to Dr Medico's Hippocratic Oath subverting Voidsoul's worst intentions, we were all back up to full fighting strength and my self-immolation plans ganged agley.

      Now it's time to start catching up on the Letters Page episodes that I've put off due to the spoiler warnings!

    13. Bear on

      I am sorry to say I agree with Brian - I love and own all of Sentinels, but I think Oblivaeon is pretty bad.

    14. Steve Kaylor on

      Thank you, Christopher, for being consistently awesome. Even in the face of haters, vitrol-spewers, and just unfortunately uncouth backers, your professionalism, kind-heartedness, and commitment to excellence has shown through.

      I've played a few games of Oblivaeon now, and I have to say it is hands down one of my favorite ways to play the game. Is it the mode I break out every time? No. And it's not intended to be that way. But every game of Oblivaeon I've played has felt epic, tense, and world-changing for different reasons each time. It's not, as you said, intended to be a mode you play every weekend. But it makes a wonderful capstone on an amazing body of work the likes of which is rarely seen in the gaming hobby scene.

      I didn't know about Sentinels for very long before Oblivaeon. I really only found out about it about a week before the Kickstarter went live. And hot damn, am I glad I did. Through it, I've been introduced to various other games such as Bottom of the 9th and Compounded, both great games by DHMG, I've grown and expanded my sentinels collection to have everything (but that 1 card!) And enjoy not only playing the game but introducing it to new players nearly every month at various local game events. None of this would have been possible from a game company that doesn't care about it's fans, it's customers, and it's backers like GTG does. None of this would engender a community of Citizens where we all know, intrinsically, that we truly are Greater Together.

      So, with love in my heart and an eager eye to the future, all I can really say is this.

      Christopher? Adam? Everyone at the GTG crew? Keep on keeping on. You all rock.

    15. Brian M

      This project has been an incredible disappointment. The OblivAeon scenario is one of the most fiddly, overcomplicated, downtime heavy pieces of junk I've ever seen in gaming.

    16. Joey Vieira on

      Thanks for all the great adventures! I had hoped to see Beacon in SotM but oh well. Looking forward to the RPG. Now to find people to play with... Is that an add on by chance? 😉