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The end of the Multiverse! Featuring the final SotM expansion, packs of every variant card ever, and the Ultimate Collector's Case!
The end of the Multiverse! Featuring the final SotM expansion, packs of every variant card ever, and the Ultimate Collector's Case!
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The Ultimate Update of 2018!

Posted by GreaterThanGames (Creator)

Hello all you wonderful humans! Maggie here! Happy December! Since we do monthly updates, this will be the last update this year, but have no fear! You will receive an update in January and hopefully that will be our final update for this campaign!  

With that in mind, let’s get down to business! I want to talk to you about how our replacement parts shipping and reshipping of orders are going.  

As a reminder:  

  • If you have a part that needs replaced or a component missing from your game, and have not filled this form out previously, click here.  
  • If you’re missing your entire order, and have not filled this form out previously, click here.  

Replacement Parts Shipping     

There are officially two categories of replacement/missing parts shipments. The first category are folks with simple replacements. A large portion of these have already been taken care of, but there are around 200 that will be shipped out by this Friday.  

The second category of shipments are requests that we have questions or concerns about. These folks will be receiving emails throughout the next week from either Paul or myself.  

Reshipping of Whole Orders 

There are also two categories of reshipments. The first category is people who have received an email from Jodie, our Shipping Princess, saying that their order will shipped shortly. These are folks who had very straightforward problems with their orders being delivered, and most of these have already shipped or been delivered.  

If you fit into this category and have not received your order yet, it will ship by the end of this week.  

The second category of reshipments is people who we need to speak to further. It means there is something about your order that we have a question or concern about. You will be hearing from us shortly, and we plan to resolve all of these issues by the end of the month.  

Since all of our reshipments and replacement parts should be resolved by the end of December, we are optimistic that the final update for the OblivAeon campaign will Tuesday, January 1st of 2019! We look forward to that bright, shining future!  

Thank you all for a wonderful year!

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    1. Joseph Lunder on

      I got an email from Jodie, implying that my shipment was in the first category of Whole Order replacements, but I've never received an email from Fedex that the shipment was on it's way. This update implied it'd be out the door by the end of week (12/7 or so), but it's been 10 days after that and I haven't heard anything.

      I'm wondering who I need to contact to figure out what's going on.

    2. Freezy on

      Sweet, because my ultimate collector box came damaged and my oblivaeon expansion was missing.

    3. George White on

      I got my missing drawer for the big box in the mail last month. Now everything is all stored away nicely in the box and all is right with the world. GtG is such a great company. I'm so glad to have backed so much of what you do.

    4. yardswimmer

      Thanks Maggie. I can understand how that happens. I’ll take a look at it either tonight or tomorrow night and get back to you through that. I appreciate you responding already.

    5. ReptilianSamurai on

      I filled out the form so long ago I worry I've been forgotten. How can I confirm that my damaged box (one of the drawers is completely stuck and won't open) will be rectified?

    6. GreaterThanGames 14-time creator on


      I apologize for the delay! I just responded. I'm afraid it got lost in the shuffle during all of my convention travel this past month.

      That isn't something we offer currently but I believe I can figure something out. Email directly with your request and I will see what I can do tomorrow morning.


    7. Missing avatar

      Daniel on

      Hi, so I have a question that I hope you can help me with, I would like to buy a second full set of dividers so I can place the decks between them, is this an item I can order?

    8. yardswimmer

      @Maggie I sent a response to your follow up email on 11/7 and haven’t received a response yet. Are you still working towards that one or was it missed?