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The end of the Multiverse! Featuring the final SotM expansion, packs of every variant card ever, and the Ultimate Collector's Case!
The end of the Multiverse! Featuring the final SotM expansion, packs of every variant card ever, and the Ultimate Collector's Case!
9,982 backers pledged $1,518,321 to help bring this project to life.

October Shipping Update (We're almost done!!)

Posted by GreaterThanGames (Creator)

Hey everyone!

Sorry for the late hour of the update today! There is a ton of shipping going on to get everything out. Here's the status of everything, as of today:

  • We have received and unloaded 100% of the OblivAeon cargo containers!
  • The last Australian orders left GTG this afternoon.
  • The last Canadian orders are being packed, and will leave GTG on Thursday.
  • Between Kickstarter, BackerKit, and our web store, we have approximately 700 US parcels left to go out. About half of these are relatively simple orders that will go out by this Friday. The rest are more complicated orders that should all go out next week - we'll post an update next week letting you know the status of those.

In addition, we got a few emails from people letting us know that they have received two OblivAeon shipments. We looked into it, and found a shipping error on our end (basically, we duplicated a portion of our orders across two different tabs in the spreadsheet). This is frustrating and expensive for us as a company, but fortunately it won't impact any of you in any way, except that, if you are one of the few who got a second copy of OblivAeon, you may keep it and find a good home for it - it would be prohibitively expensive to ship it back to GTG.

Finally, if you have received your copy of OblivAeon and have any issues with missing or damaged items, we have a Google form for you! Please fill out this form if you have any of these issues, even if you previously sent us an email - this will ensure that we have all of the information we need from you.

Thanks for your patience with this whole enormous shipping process! We are nearly done!


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    1. Marcus Coltrin on

      How do you know if it shipped?

    2. Chelle Thayer on

      @Tim Dugan, join the party. A friend of mine who lives about 50 miles from me and also in the upper 9,000 backer number received his weeks ago, shortly after Update#66 went out. I was told by Maggie when I inquired about a last minute address change that it "will still be about a week before you ship." That was October 3rd.

    3. Tim Dugan on

      I still have no information about mine :(

    4. Victoria Luey on

      woo! my package should be arriving this week. it's actually in a town right next to us so here's hoping it arrives earlier than it is currently projected.

    5. Luke D

      @A. Mull
      It's 21.2 lbs / 9.62 kgs.

      Holly $#%@, it's finally happening.

    6. Missing avatar

      A. Mull on

      @Luke D: What's the weight on Friday's package? Foil / non-foil + collector's case is about 21lbs.

    7. Luke D

      @Victoria Luey
      I was correct, the delivery wasn't OblivAeon. I could tell it wasn't once I saw the box, it was way too small. Turns out it was AEGIS: the Combining Robots Strategy Game.
      Well, at least this one came sooner than FedEx said it would. And I've still got the other tracking number to keep me occupied. Says something else is coming on Friday, so here we go again...

    8. Victoria Luey on

      @Luke D, ah ok sounds good! Yeah I was actually confused because last month or so I was receiving a package from GtG so I thought it was OblivAeon of course... Turns out it was an order from Stonemaier games =P I forgot they use GtG's warehouse haha.

    9. Patrick Dorsey on

      Let me amend my previous question - Has anyone received a follow up from the Google form for issues with missing or damaged items other than the automated response?

    10. Patrick Dorsey on

      Has anyone received a response from the Google form for issues with missing or damaged items?

    11. Luke D

      @Victoria Luey
      False alarm, I think. I have two tracking numbers from GTG, one coming soon and the other with no shipping info at all.
      I recently learned GTG is helping another game company ship out their stuff, so it's very possible the thing coming to me soon isn't anything SotM related at all, unless for some reason GTG isn't sending all my rewards in one package.

    12. Missing avatar

      Tom Pleviak on

      @Dan Marshall thanks for the tip. I’ll hit them up.

      Tom Pleviak

    13. Dan Marshall on

      @Tom Pleviak You can contact GTG's customer service, but be advised that they are weeks behind and you probably won't get a response.

      I sent an email to them and didn't hear anything back, but I did (finally) receive an email with a tracking number today that says I should have my package by Saturday. Whether or not my email actually helped, who knows.

    14. Victoria Luey on

      @Luke FedEx is not actually making the delivery. They are using FedEx Smarpost, which utilizies USPS. I would assume that they would just leave it on your doorstep though. From past experience and from comments here.

    15. Luke D

      To anyone who backed a large tier and already received their copy:
      When you received your package, was it the kind of delivery they asked a signature for, or did they just leave it on your front step?
      I ask because the day FedEx says they're coming is the day nobody will be at my house all morning and most of the early afternoon...

    16. Missing avatar

      Tom Pleviak on

      I still have not received my copy of Oblivaeon. Who can I contact to follow up on this?

      Tom Pleviak

    17. Luke D

      I got a tracking number from FedEx today, says it should be delivered this Wednesday. Let's hope it's accurate, yeah? I really just want to have the game in my hands, and I'm tired of avoiding all the spoilers and podcasts and such...

      I made sure to apply for all the updates on delivery status and whatnot so I can keep tabs on everything, so if something DOES happen then I'll at least have an idea of what's going on.

    18. Joey Vieira on

      Long time lurker, first time complainer...

      Been waiting since 2016. I'm hearing that the set is going on sale soon. Really disappointed in GtG. They launch another project on Kickstarter while this one seems to have stopped..

      I just want what was promised. An update, that is two weeks overdue and I want to know where my package is in this process and why a simple order has made it to the "complicated" group.

      I'm not asking for a specific answer to my question. Just some follow up. Please. We have all followed though this campaign for over 2 years now. If something happens, just tell us. We've been though a long wait. Just tell us why.

      Thank you guys for your hard work. It just sucks being left in the dark about this...

    19. Jack Swann on

      @Dan Marshall I'm also highly frustrated at this lack of any response, here or via email or their google form. Particularly given the claim that they would put out another update "next week", which should have now been two weeks ago. But of course, the newest GtG project has had a launch and multiple updates since then.

    20. Dan Marshall on

      "Between Kickstarter, BackerKit, and our web store, we have approximately 700 US parcels left to go out. About half of these are relatively simple orders that will go out by this Friday. The rest are more complicated orders that should all go out next week - we'll post an update next week letting you know the status of those."

      So, almost 20 days have gone by since the last update. I have yet to receive my Kickstarter package or any confirmation that it's been shipped (U.S. Backer, $250 level). There's been zero response from GtG customer service.

      At this point, I'm just hoping for any word on what the deal is; anything would be better than dead silence.

    21. Missing avatar

      A. Mull on

      @Jack Swann: No, my backerkit does not show 'shipped'.

    22. Robert Groves on

      I received mine today. I didn't get a tracking number, but that's ok. I enjoyed the surprise. Even though I would have rather have had this when it was originally promised, I am happy that it didn't fall through and that you did keep us informed along the way.

      Now to get to organizing and sorting. Happy gaming everyone.

    23. Missing avatar

      Francois Richard on

      I got a shipping notice by FedEx 1 day before the delivery (in Canada). My backerKit don't show your order has shipped.

    24. Jack Swann on

      Additional question in case anyone that has already go their package is somehow still checking this. Does Backerkit show you that "your order has shipped"? Wondering if that could be a reliable source of information at all.

    25. Jesse Follin on

      For anyone who has gotten theirs, did you receive a tracking number prior to its arrival? I talked with Maggie and she said that my label has been created but Fed Ex doesn't always make tracking numbers when a large number of boxes are sent out at once. I have no knowledge of if that holds truth or not but I am starting to become impatient at this point, I have a large number of sleeves at the ready and want to get that under way.

    26. Missing avatar

      Francois Richard on

      I received my order yesterday. Very glad to put this all behind.
      GtG: I love you guys and your games but I don't think I can support one of your Kickstarter ever again.

    27. Tim Dugan on

      I'm in Ohio, no word on any shipment or even a label printed.

    28. Adrian Melchiori on

      I'm also in the "waiting in Australia" group, with no information about tracking or anything. A little sad because friends have already had a super large delivery (3x copies) arrive. Really looking forward to hearing it's on it's way :)

    29. Jack Swann on

      Also still waiting on any whisper of my order. In Australia, so supposedly at least two weeks since it was shipped out, and no tracking, no package, no anything.

    30. Victoria Luey on

      grats! still waiting for notification of shipping for mine... :cry:

      but good news, spirit island expac kickstarter up........ =D

    31. Kevin Gravel on

      According to FedEx, it is delivered now... I can't wait to unbox that monster when I get home.

    32. Kevin Gravel on

      OMG! Got a tracking number... it's going to be here soon!

    33. John Burt on

      I got a tracking number today, we will see what I get

    34. Missing avatar

      Francois Richard on

      I finally got my tracking number. My delivery is schedule for tomorrow in Montreal. I do not understand how it took so long to get to Canada if it shipped on the 4th of October.

    35. Missing avatar

      Kirk Foote

      my coworker got his 2 months ago. I haven't even gotten a tracking number.

    36. Missing avatar

      Kirk Foote

      my coworker got his 2 months ago. I haven't even gotten a tracking number.

    37. Victoria Luey on

      @austin I would email. That's what I did and I got a response within a day or two.

    38. Missing avatar

      Austin Rutherford on

      Starting to get worried something was “lost in the shuffle” Backer #5875 in Ohio and still nothing (I did receive signed canvas print separately). I would’ve thought I would have received shipping notice at least by now. Any ideas?

    39. Travis Miller on

      Been a bit now since they said it would ship wheres the update

    40. Missing avatar

      John Taylor on

      Rather disappointed with Greater Than Games right now. Deadline to change address was July 21st I'm told. My wife and I find out July 28 that she is getting a job in a city far away from where we lived. I contacted GTG withing days letting them know I was moving and needed to change my address. I let them know as soon as I knew.. I also knew my kickstarter would be in the last batch because of the collector case. They would not let me change my shipping address. Got notification Friday that my item is shipping to the old address. FedEx SmartPost will not let me change the address and from what I have read, the USPS change of address will not get the shipment forwarded (SmartPost uses USPS for delivery). So my shipment is going to get sent back to GTG and I have to pay THEM for shipping when (and I realize this is a "risk" when backing) had the project not been delayed (or for that matter delayed further), I would have been at that address still or would have had more time to be allowed to change my address.

      Again, very disappointed when there was almost two months still before mine would even potentially ship, yet I was not allowed to change my address.

    41. Pachro on

      Thanks for the info, Nicholas. I hate this part of Kickstarters.

    42. Missing avatar

      Nicolas Lambert on

      For Canadian backers, my friend in Winnipeg got his a week ago and he did receive an email like 2-3 days before receiving the parcel. On my end I'm in Quebec and I haven't received anything, mail nor parcel, yet.

    43. Brian Re

      @GtG So its been almost a week, with "only 200" left to go... Not even a label has been created for.mine. Any uodate on when my package is going to ship? Again, emailed Maggie and nothing but radio silence...
      You guys lost my first package, shived me to the back of the line, and now nothing again.... But hery, im being unreasonable.....m

    44. Pachro on

      Same here. Canadian, no tracking info at all.

    45. Kevin Gravel on

      Canadian order too, no sign of tracking number here either...

    46. Missing avatar

      Francois Richard on

      Canadian order to. Still waiting for a tracking number or any sign of my order....

    47. Missing avatar

      Mike McArthur on

      Hmm, still haven't gotten a tracking number or anything. Canadian order here.

    48. Missing avatar

      David Lett on

      So, I'm kinda pissed off now and unsure as to my status. I emailed you earlier and didn't hear back so trying again in the comments. You had my old address which I tried to update August 2nd (in Boise) due to a work related move. At that time I was told shipping addresses were frozen.

      FedEx sent me a notice on Oct 2nd that my package was being Boise, not my current address in a different state. Since that was an apartment, apparently it was now marked as "delivered" signature requested. So now I guess my stuff is there, and from your end I guess it is "delivered" but I don't have it. I can try contacting my old apartment tomorrow during work hours, but I don't know if they would forward it to me or not. Assuming not, I would GREATLY hope that you would be able to work with them to get it shipped to my current address which I've emailed you and contacted you via the kickstarter feedback tool on.

      Sorry for the negativity, but I'm now worried I'll never get what I pledged for.

    49. John Burt on

      So when should Canadians start to worry?

    50. Anestis Kozakis

      @Jack Swann Yes in Australia. The only reason I got a call was because they couldn’t deliver to my requested delivery address. Otherwise it would have just shown up.