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The end of the Multiverse! Featuring the final SotM expansion, packs of every variant card ever, and the Ultimate Collector's Case!
The end of the Multiverse! Featuring the final SotM expansion, packs of every variant card ever, and the Ultimate Collector's Case!
9,982 backers pledged $1,518,321 to help bring this project to life.

More Shipping Progress Details

Posted by GreaterThanGames (Creator)

As of today, we have shipped out approximately 80% of US orders, 75% of Canadian orders, and 90% of Australian orders. We just got word that the final four containers are scheduled to arrive at our warehouse starting on Monday, at which point we will ship out all of the rest of the orders. We anticipate that process taking about two more weeks once we receive the containers. A few more detailed notes about this process:

1) Signed orders have not yet gone out. However, they will begin going out tomorrow and should all be sent by the end of next week. We apologize for how long this has taken; there are a *ton* of products in each ship out, and we definitely underestimated how long it would take us to sign everything. That is entirely our fault, and we feel very bad about it. We will never offer a "signed" level on a Kickstarter again; it is just too much trouble to be worth it.

2) Canadian orders have gone out, but their labels will not become active in the FedEx Canada system until next week. The way our shipping process to Canada works is that we first freight the parcels to Toronto, at which point the pallets are broken down and the individual labels are scanned. The labels don't become active until that happens in Toronto.

3) Replacement parts for damaged or missing items will be sent out as soon as the main Kickstarter fulfillment process has ended. We anticipate that process taking a month or so on its own. I will post another update when that process begins, and then another when it ends. If you have sent an email about an issue to, you might not hear a response due to the volume of emails we are going through. However, you will still get your replacements! If you still haven't heard back or gotten stuff after I post the "All Replacements Have Been Sent" email in late September, then definitely email us again and you'll hear back :)

4) For people with address updates, it is too late to change your delivery address. If you emailed us before July 21st, as mentioned in Update #62, and we didn't update your address, that is our error and we will definitely re-ship your items! If you did not update your address before that deadline, we are happy to re-ship your order after main Kickstarter fulfillment has ended, but we will first have to charge you shipping for the new shipment.

5) The fulfillment order of this Kickstarter has been a source of concern for some backers. I tried to explain it as accurately as possible before we started receiving, but I clearly didn't do as good of a job as I could have, so here goes!

The campaign is not being fulfilled in literally, exactly backer number order. This is because attempting to do so would require us to switch the type of order we are packing almost constantly, and would make the ship out take, realistically, around 3 or 4 times as long as it is now taking.

Instead, what we are doing is shipping out groupings of identical orders together all at once. We are doing this as various piles of identical orders arrive in cargo containers from the factory. However, WITHIN each of these piles of identical orders, we are sorting by backer number.

As we go through this process, we are beholden to the order in which the containers show up at our warehouse. This is affected both by the order in which the factory sent out containers (which we had some control over, but which was not done exactly as we intended), as well as the order in which the trucking company delivers the containers from the rail yard to our loading dock.

I hope that helps explain a bit more the order in which we are doing things! The short version is that we are shipping things out in the most efficient way possible, and any time there is a situation where the order of a given group of backers does not affect efficiency, we are sorting by backer number.

The end is in sight for this project! Thank you for bearing with us through this painfully time consuming process!


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    1. GreaterThanGames 14-time creator on

      I'm going to now leave this thread for the newest update thread, so I won't be checking here any longer.


    2. GreaterThanGames 14-time creator on

      There are 5 large/complex signed orders that will go out today. The rest went out Friday.

      @B Adams
      That is a good question. I don't have a good solution for that right now.

      We'll ship out the remaining Canadian orders as soon as we have the rest of the stuff we need to do so (which will be before the final US orders go out)

    3. johnklauk on

      Someone please help me be patient...getting close to actually becoming irritated at this point (and that is HARD to do for me). I'm trying people; I really am. Talk to myself, "It's just a game, it's just a game". It's almost not even that I want to play it anymore at this point? I hope that excitement will spark up again once it finally arrives at my doorstep? Now it's at a point where I just want closure on THE thing that actually got me to first participate on Kickstarter?

      Maybe I just need to step away and not check daily. But then, I will have to find something else to do on one of my 15 minute breaks? But it was such a good structure for the past 2 years or so. I'm going to miss the moment of hope followed by the disappointment once it's gone...

      SotM Universe KS - Keep coming back, it works when they work it.

    4. B Adams on

      @GTG: How can we get notification of shipment/tracking information in the US for delivery to a business address? (I.e. one where the recipient shouldn't unilaterally sign up for FedEx Delivery Manager... and even if one were hypothetically to try it would fail with a "address you provided is commercial or business. These services are for residential addresses only" error.)

    5. Jason L. on

      I’m the same. Fedex finally shows tracking generated for my signed order but it hasn’t went out at all yet or moved but hopefully soon

    6. Michael Benedict on

      I am a signed tier backer and I just checked FedEx delivery manager last night and I had the tracking number generated. Still waiting on it to ship, but it is moving through. I just wanted provide an example for all waiting still that the process is still moving and hopefully you will all get yours ASAP

    7. Missing avatar

      Anthony Noto on

      @Francois I'm in the US back number 6,00X
      and still haven't even seen mine shipped, so your whining seems infantile. it's a game, an expensive game yes, but a game, it will come.

    8. Missing avatar

      Francois Richard on

      @Aaron, When I spend that mush of my money on a project it is for me to decide how I feel about the whole process. To me, this campaign is one disaster after another. Do I think that everything is GtG fault? Of course not. I'm sure that they are even more frustrated than us about everything that went wrong. I'm very grateful that they kept us informed every step of the way.
      But in the end it is for me to decide how do I feel about my order. You have every right to feel differently than me about yours's.

    9. Missing avatar

      Aaron Thomas on

      @Francois, do you actually think they just left all of the product in place after they couldn't ship the Canadian orders due to software issues? Of course not, they used that product to ship others orders out.

      Could you imagine them having to tell potentially hundreds of backers "sorry, we can't ship your product yet. We have loads of inventory, but we are waiting an unknown amount of time to see if we might be able to send it to others first."

      There's no reason for you to be angry with GtG, the software simply didn't work properly. Everything else is how manufacturing and selling product works. At the end of the day, they need to fulfill everyone's pledges. So when they have more product coming, why sit on what they have when they could be productive instead?

      And keep in mind, a lot of people including myself are still waiting on our products. But someone has to be last, no way around that. So whether it's you, me or some random other backer, it'll all get shipped out eventually.

    10. Missing avatar

      Francois Richard on

      Will the remaining Canadian orders be prioritize after the signed orders? We were told since July that our orders would be prioritize. We were severely punish because of the software glitch before Gencon. I know that it is not all your fault but I still don't understand why we had to wait for others containers since you had ours shipments a that time.
      I was told by you in the last update that we would not have to wait for the last containers for Canadian orders. Still 25% of us are still waiting for ours orders to ship. We are a long way from after Gencon at that time.
      I do not want to be overly negative and I know that you are doing your best but after so many false information and broken promises, it's hard not to get angry. I greatly appreciate that you take the time keep us informed event when the news is not good.

    11. Jason L. on


      Are the signed orders yet? I signed up with fedex and no shipping info on my end but thought you guys were trying to get them out yesterday?

    12. Missing avatar

      Justin H on

      I'm guessing that you'll probably be working on replacements FIFO based upon the emails you received?

    13. GreaterThanGames 14-time creator on

      These final four containers contain everything else for OblivAeon! That means that, once we are done unpacking and sending them all, everything will be on its way out. Once that happens, I'll post a new update, and let people know that we are starting replacement part shipping for lost/damaged items. I'd anticipate that post happening in about 2 weeks.

    14. Paul Tate on

      Trying to be patient... but I just got my timehop of the first shipment... sigh...

    15. Missing avatar

      Michael Parham on

      Is there a way to figure out if stuff has been shipped out to me?

    16. Missing avatar

      Aaron Thomas on

      No problem @John, glad to be of help. That's just the last time they mentioned it, there have been multiple others as well. It helps to keep up to date on all the updates for a KS product with this much money down on it /s

    17. John Barksdale on

      @Aaron Thomas, Thank you for the helpful reply. I must have missed item three as I was skimming the last 5 updates looking for the information. I must be used to sections having to deal with damaged items being in bold or something so one does not have to thoroughly read every update ever put out by the company to find the information. I also appreciate the lack of snark in your answer *sarcasm*

    18. Jason L. on

      Here’s hoping with fingers crossed for tracking tonight. I doubt I’d get in time for the weekend since fedex always takes forever to get from them to me but at least I could have by the end of next week.

      Hoping for all my Sentinel brothers and sisters to also shortly get their games!

    19. Jake Girman

      Everything ever. So my package will have all of the add ons

    20. Jason Nopajaroonsri

      @jake, which tier did you do?

    21. Jake Girman

      Their earlier comment mentioned sending out the rest of the stuff to backers after signed orders. That's where ours would fall.

    22. Jason Nopajaroonsri

      What about unsigned orders? 2 of my friends that live nearby already got their orders over a week ago. I have nothing to show and I want to know if my order was lost or not shipped, yet.

    23. Missing avatar

      Francois Richard on

      Will this container be able to cover the remaining of the Canadian order?

    24. GreaterThanGames 14-time creator on

      They include everything else.

      Good news on signed stufffor @Jason et. al - we got all of the stuff signed that needs to get signed as of about 20 minutes ago. We'll be packing up and shipping that as fast as possible.

    25. Yodo

      Will you still be sending things out to the folks who didn't ask for signed stuff, while you're getting those last bits done?

    26. B Adams on

      I got curious and looked up what an intermodal ramp looks like.…

      The one thing I was most expecting... an inclined plane? Not very present!

    27. Luke D

      Awesome news. Hope the shipping goes smoothly and the other containers make it to you soon as well.

    28. Kevin Gravel on

      @GTG - Do these 4 containers include only US shipments or do that also include shipment to Canada (and other countries) ?

    29. GreaterThanGames 14-time creator on

      We got the first of the final four containers today! The trucking company said they were "too congested" to bring them Friday or Monday, but at least we finally now have them. This means that we are now signing the final bits that we need in order to get the rest of the signed copies out, and will then start sending the remainder of the Kickstarter stuff to backers. I'll keep you posted here.

    30. Brian Re

      Any word on shipping at this point? Its been a decent amount of time since last update.... Just trying to figure out if it will be end of Sep or end of Oct. Also, with only 2 containers left, is that going to be enough product to fill all the outstanding backers orders?

    31. Missing avatar

      Aaron Thomas on

      @John Barksdale, that information is literally in this update, list item #3. The update you made this comment on...

    32. John Barksdale on

      Who should I contact about my collector's box having drawers that were glued shut? This caused one of the drawers to rip while trying to get it open.

    33. Jason L. on


      Any updates you guys can give us? The last word from you guys was last Tuesday stating those of us still waiting had to wait till at least Thursday or Friday for the last containers to arrive before shipping could re-commence and days later we’ve heard nothing? Any status updates for those of us left?

    34. Jason Nopajaroonsri

      @Aaron Thomas, fair. However, the lack of direct notification vs notification through the actual delivery company is sort of a problem. It also makes it harder for the small percentage of us that are either away or have moved/are moving. Sometimes something as small as knowing if/when something has shipped is enough. But it's chaos when it's not straight forward, and I'm not so sure all of us will be getting our product... not yet, anyway.

    35. Missing avatar

      Aaron Thomas on

      @Jake, you are correct. I went back to look and it was 13 containers for US, Canada and Australia

    36. Jake Girman

      It was closer to 12-14 I'm pretty sure.

    37. Luke D

      Trying my best to keep myself occupied with Stolen Legacy in the meantime as I wait for the glorious day OblivAeon arrives...

    38. Missing avatar

      Aaron Thomas on

      @Jason Nopajaroonsri, they only have room for 2 containers at once. This campaign ended up being like 8 extra tall containers. And the factory in China or wherever didn't pack them as requested by GTG. Not really any other way of going about it. At least everyone will get their products in the end, no matter the shipping order. Could have been much worse for a KS....

    39. Jason Nopajaroonsri

      Heck, I didn't order a signed copy, and I didn't get any info regarding my order, either. So, people waiting on signed orders aren't the only ones. The reality is that they either needed to wait for all shipments to come in before shipping everything out, or they needed to do it differently than they have. Right now, people were just randomly rewarded based on what came in and when. Those of us that seemed to order more seemed to be unlucky, here.

    40. Missing avatar

      Aaron Thomas on

      Alright @Jason, we get the point. You still don't have your stuff just like a lot of others, including myself. Commenting the same thing every day isn't going to change that

    41. Jason L. on

      So I’m assuming in this case no news was bad news and it looks like no new shipping until next week. At least on my end still no tracking for my signed order going out like they hoped for the end of the week. Seems like it’ll be yet again another week and we’ll past when all of OblivAeon is spoiled. It would have been nice to see G>G confirm or not yesterday at least as though of us in the last 20% to recieve worldwide already got the worst deal. Glad they’re never doing a signed tier again... we paid much more to be in practically the final batch period

    42. Missing avatar

      Phydeaux on


      Fantastic product, but my storage box seems to be defective. One of the seams is unglued, and the lid hinge has a terrible tear in it which is only going to get worse. I can send photos to you to better show what I'm talking about. Is there any possibility of receiving a replacement?

    43. Jake Girman

      Theyve given a fair amount of bad news in updates and comments already

    44. Missing avatar

      Justin H on

      Seems like in a KS "no news is bad news", but I'd be happy to be corrected.

    45. Jason L. on

      Hmm, no confirmation or word about the cargo containers arriving yesterday or planned for today. I don’t know if that’s a good sign because it means they’re hard at work getting them out or s horrible sign. I know one thing though... sadly still no tracking number for my own signed order:(

    46. Missing avatar

      Aaron Thomas on

      @stephen, FedEx Delivery Manager will send you a notification via email, text or push notification (however you set it up) when a tracking number is created for the address you put into it when signing up

    47. stephen on

      So I finally decided to get the fed ex manager thing since I haven't heard anything about my shipment and im in the last 20% of American backers to get their game (I dont have a signed tier though) but im not sure how I get my tracking number. Will that be emailed to me from the campaign or is there a way to get one so I can hopefully find out whats going on?

    48. Missing avatar

      Sarah Dobson-Wood on

      Canadian backer, backer #6,997. Got my shipping info a few days ago and received my stuff today!

    49. Jason L. on


      Can you give us a bone, are those of us who are waiting for the signed orders finally going to see something or did the container still not arrive today?

    50. Patrick Dorsey on

      @Kevin Gravel I've had similar issues with trying to sign up for FedEx tracking here in Canada. I did receive an email from FedEx with a tracking number for delivery tomorrow in Edmonton. However I was originally a US backer and moved here, updating my address with GTG, so I don't know if that made a difference.