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The end of the Multiverse! Featuring the final SotM expansion, packs of every variant card ever, and the Ultimate Collector's Case!
The end of the Multiverse! Featuring the final SotM expansion, packs of every variant card ever, and the Ultimate Collector's Case!
9,982 backers pledged $1,518,321 to help bring this project to life.

Back from Gen Con!

Posted by GreaterThanGames (Creator)


We are now back from Gen Con! We were able to read through most of the comments, and hopefully this post synthesizes answers to most of them while also keeping you up to date on where we are in the fulfillment process:

1) Through some heroic efforts on the part of our warehouse, all of the product that we got in before Gen Con was shipped out! Christopher and I also spent the bulk of the week before Gen Con sweating with everyone in some 120° F cargo containers, but we're really glad that we were able to get everything out that we got in! That also means that the shipping pause of the past 10 days has been because we are temporarily out of product to ship, not due to Gen Con.

2) We are now arriving back from Gen Con over the course of today and tomorrow, but we won't be able to start shipping again until the next cargo containers arrive. According to the shipper, the next 5 containers (representing approximately 3000 orders) should have arrived in St. Louis over the weekend, but we have not yet gotten delivery confirmation, or a trucking schedule for transportation to our warehouse. Once we have that, I'll post an update and let you all know!

3) The final containers of OblivAeon stuff are currently scheduled to arrive in St. Louis on the 24th of August. I'll also keep you up to date on those.

4) As we ship out these orders, we are shipping them in backer order to the extent possible. However, we sometimes wind up going out of order for various reasons. The main reason for this is that we are constrained by what is in a given container when it arrives; notably, some of the orders with art prints got skipped before Gen Con (though some went out), but most of the remaining art print orders should be able to go out after the next containers arrive.

5) If you receive your items and there are damages and/or misprints, please take a photo and send it along with a list of the affected components and your address to We'll be working through all of those and sending out replacements in September, so you might not hear back right away, but we're on it! Just so that everyone is aware of how this typically works, most Kickstarters average somewhere around a 2% damage/error rate. For a Kickstarter this size, that means that around 200 parcels are going to wind up damaged or with a printing error of some sort. That sounds like a lot, but it is only due to the size of the project, and is actually very normal in our experience. So normal, in fact, that we budget for it. So far that has been roughly the error rate for Spiral Galaxy in Europe, we hope and expect it to hold for US shipments.

I'll post again with more shipping plan details once the next wave of cargo containers arrives (probably in just a few days)



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    1. Morgan Robertson on

      Haven't received mine yet, but just wanted to say thank you for all the hard work and juggling all the frustrating aspects of this delivery. You guys are definitely doing some hard work.

    2. Missing avatar

      Max on

      "Things are going more slowly than we'd like"

      Pfft? Tomorrows update? That's been this whole projects motto.

    3. Missing avatar

      Erin Mc on

      Amidst all this talk of the US/Canadian backers, could we please get an update for Australian backers in the next one too? There's been nothing mentioned for Aus since #63, the July 28th update, which noted they were "90%" done.

      I'm just worried bc I have no idea if I'm part of the last 10% or if I'm part or the 90% that did ship and just haven't heard anything, and it's been almost a month since that.
      We can't sign up for the Fed Ex Delivery Manager either, as that's not available outside the US. Do Australian orders just get no shipping notification at all?

      (No signed prints here either, if that matters or not for the Aus ones.)

    4. GreaterThanGames 14-time creator on

      (The super brief preview of tomorrow's update is "Things are going more slowly than we'd like, but there are no major blocking issues to worry about.")

    5. GreaterThanGames 14-time creator on

      I'll post a status update tomorrow!

    6. Missing avatar

      Aaron Thomas on

      I'm getting some good laughs out of the impatience in this comment section. We've waited for over 2.5 years for this project and people are complaining about an extra couple weeks for this or that? Or the people that think signed/higher tier orders should ship first? Or the ones who wanted backer-order shipments? There's plenty of evidence here and in the campaign comments that shipments are occuring. Why waste time complaining when this is one of the safest Kickstarter campaigns out there. I'm a fellow backer here and I'm just happy that everything is getting shipped. Could have ended much, much worse.

    7. Jason L. on

      @Jake, they hoped to provide a more thorough update by this week which is why I said hoping for this is a part of the hopeful update today/tomorrow that they are potentially shooting for. Back at the end of July they identified this was going to be the paired for priority along with the Canadian orders so I’m hoping for some news

    8. Jake Girman

      Didn't they respond to you specifically about signed orders four days ago?

    9. Jason L. on

      Truly hoping we finally hear something about signed orders finally tomorrow as we were told ovwr three weeks ago this would be one of the main priorities for US orders when they got back

    10. Bean Álainn on

      Received mine on Friday and everything is in order. I am sorry I lost faith in the process (not in GTG, just the shipping and such).

    11. GreaterThanGames 14-time creator on

      A ton of trucks are going out today, and a ton more will tomorrow! I'm still reasonably confident that I'll be able to post a detailed update Wed or Thursday of this week.

      @Steve That is normal! We'll be going through all of those once the main shipping is done.

    12. Steve Beeman on

      Is it ok if I still haven't received any email back from emailing when I had a misprinted set of cards from Oblivaeon?

      I emailed on August 2nd.

    13. Missing avatar

      Andy Elder on

      Any update on the status of the current wave? As I understand it, it was supposed to be finished late last week/early this week?
      Keep up the great work, all!

    14. Missing avatar

      Nicolas Lambert on

      Just to compensate for all the salt. THANK YOU for all your hard work ! Can't wait to hear that orders have shipped for Canadian backers :).

      I know it wont compensate for much but hey, have a great day !

    15. Patrick Dorsey on

      @Michael Smythe, I find myself in the unusual position of defending GTG in this instance. The software was likely required to make the individual labels for each Canadian backer's package before they could be collected for mass shipment to the local Canadian distributor.

      It seems pretty clear regardless of whatever their plans were prior to container deliveries various things have put them in the position of packing and shipping as best they can with supplies, space, and tools they have. I think they've tried to update us with the various stumbles and how they are trying to sort through it. But I think I'd go mad trying to predict my delivery by sorting through the various exceptions to processing they've tried to explain. I feel it's not even worth bothering to look forward to delivery to me until they actually say all shipments are complete and have gone out.

    16. Jake Girman

      Yes, but they have also been saying they're trying to send things out in backer number for about as long, and in the latest update said that plan has gone awry, when clearly it has been an issue since the first container. And as Backer 266 and still waiting patiently I'm saying wait until everyone before you in Backer number order has theirs and then start complaining.

    17. Michael Smythe on

      My biggest question, as a Canadian backer, is why the Canadian ones didn't go out in the first wave like they said they intended. I know we were told that the program "broke", but wouldn't that have just given them more time to make sure all the Canadian orders were present and accounted for to ship out before the second shipment arrived? Instead, that means that they must have A)Gotten the Canadian orders bundled together to ship out, B)Found out the program broke, C) Broken apart the shipment meant for Canada to ship to US backers, and D)Are now struggling because they have to make up a second batch of orders to ship to Canada, despite knowing they would probably have several days after GenCon to fix whatever issue they were having with FedEx (Keep in mind that they said they got everything in the first container shipped out before GenCon).

    18. Jason L. on

      @Jake Girman,

      I get that but my issue is that they keep currently misleading some of us. Two updates ago (only 2-3?) weeks they indicated the plan... it did not occur. Last update they re-iterated this plan. It still is not happening. I’m not just saying something from years ago that just couldn’t be. It seems only Friday did the actual reality come out.

    19. Jake Girman

      GtG has always stated what they want to do. Unfortunately things happened that changed what actually happened. They're just as frustrated as we are due to this whole fiasco. There are people in at least the triple if not double digits who havent recieved their orders yet. But what's happened has happened and all they can do at this point is get it out the door as soon as they can.

    20. Jason L. on


      I read back over the comment made to my inquiry on Friday and I realized just potentially how bad the ramifications could be for signed orders. I know I’m the campaign you promised signed orders would not be delayed just because they required the extra time and work of signing at all and you guys had a plan but the latest comment “seems” to paint this in a different light.

      If I interrupt your response correctly... then signed orders can’t even be worked on the rest of the way due to warehouse needed open space and then begin the process of getting shipped out until after ALL Canadian orders leave (as you indicated previously Canadian orders were all or nothing) and then ALL US unsigned orders in the warehouse. You currently estimated Canadian might not be done until Monday or Tuesday earliest and then who knows on unsigned US orders. But then in a few days time you’re going to get new cargo containers. That means those of us who paid the very most for the equal amount of product (not including the inclusive tiers as they’re including many old products) are going strictly against the assurances in campaign that choosing signed wouldnt slow them down. In truly seems we’re in the back of the line. You even said two updates ago right after Gencon the focus was Canadian and signed first but it seems this is now not true at all?

      I love you guys as a company and it won’t effect me continuing to be a contributor or supporter for future campaigns but it does sadden me to see some many assurances to this very expensive tier continue to be broken and would have preferred more of the truth from the beginning.

    21. Steven Paradise

      Received mine in California today, about to open...

    22. Graeme Lewis on

      Just got mine about four hours ago, love it! Surprised at Tim Cosing, didn't see that coming!

    23. Lou on

      Just received mine today, love it. Had one misprint on my collector case, but I know gtg will take care of it. Thanks guys for the great item

    24. Jason L. on

      @G>G, so if I read your response right that means signed tiers can’t even be worked on to get ready to put out until you fully clear the warehouse of all Canadian and non signed tiers?! That means we arbitrarily have to wait till the back of the line. I remember asking in the campaign when deciding if getting signed would cost us delays and it was promised absolutely not? Also thenwjat does it mean if the next shipment of cargo containers arrive as that will need warehouse space more importantly and the entire process will begin anew? You said earlier in the week signed orders would be out late this week or early next latest?

    25. GreaterThanGames 14-time creator on

      We are also working on US Signed Orders! Like Canadian orders (but for different reasons) those are also very time consuming. We have a bunch of stuff signed, but not everything. In order to get the bigger stuff signed efficiently (OblivAeon itself plus the case), we need a bunch of space, which means that all of the Canadian and US unsigned orders need to be cleared out of the warehouse. We'll be doing that next week.

    26. Jason L. on

      @G>G, I don’t want to seem inconsiderate to my fellow Sentinel brothers and sisters who also want there games... but I’m more curious/concerned for the US signed orders since I’m in that group. Any progress there?

    27. GreaterThanGames 14-time creator on

      We've been struggling to get the Canadian orders done asap. The trouble is that all of them have to be ready to go and go out at once (unlike US shipments, which can go out one at a time). Right now, our best guess for Canada is that they all leave here Mon or Tue.

    28. Jason L. on

      Really hoping to see later today the update that signed orders/Canadian finally went out since two updates ago that was going to be a focus supposedly as soon as the got back from Gencon.

    29. Kevin Michael Rausch on

      Backer #343, no email or anything, very worried, BUT that being said I believe it is because I ordered art prints and some extra add ons. On the UNRELATED NOTE I've been seeing allot of negative comments being thrown around and I just wanted to say, this is not the worst kickstarter I backed, in fact it is one of the better ones. Delays happen and are VERY ANNOYING but usually there is nothing anyone (including the creaters) can do about it. I was skipped over and forgotten in different kickstarter that was terribly handled, and when that happened I had to let them know that I never recieved my copy (a month after everyone else recieved their copies). They responded to my complaint with an AUTOMATED EMAIL with no explaination on why it was so lat,e and then my copy finally came... 3 months later (sloppily packaged and everything). I bring this up because when I when I had a problem with shipping with gtg, they PERSONALLY CONTACTED ME through email to let me know what happended, and even with constant delays with this kickstarter, they still told us why with the monthly updates. Now while I wait for my copy to arrive (just like everyone else), I just wanted to say THANK YOU for helping me, to the community, to gtg, and to Adam and Beth... who are Adam and Beth you say? Two people who when I was in the terrible spot asked me if I wanted to play a "card game". Keep saving the multiverse people!

    30. Missing avatar

      David Lett on

      Please let us know when all shipments are out in a future update. I'm very nervous that I will not get my case due to having to suddenly and unexpectedly move for job reasons at the end of July (as per my earlier private message). I signed up with FedEx delivery manager, but at my current address. I doubt I will get a notification though since the addresses are locked, and it will likely ship to my old apartment.

      I have no issue with waiting longer, I just want to ensure I get what I backed for...and knowing when all packages have been sent will be helpful so I know if I need to follow up with someone on it or not. Thanks!

    31. Brian Denning on

      Got my notification from FedEx on Tuesday. Got my box on Wednesday. 10/10 satisfied with my care

    32. Steven Paradise

      Backer 6266, OBLIVAEON vs HEROES COLLECTED, my swag is somewhere in Nebraska on its way to California. From what I hear, that will give me yet another reason to add on to my house. Or maybe it _is_ the add-on to my house...

    33. Missing avatar

      Matthew on

      Got everything today, awesome! Well, honestly, the one thing that is disappointing is Oblivaeon's booklet. It is less sturdy than the oversized card's that you've been publishing. I'd rather have received a set of cards for him than a booklet that is bent and held together by a staple.

    34. Jake Girman

      GTG has stated that they are currently in the process of shipping out 5 cargo containers worth of goods and that they will post an update when this wave is shipped out. Then I believe they said that there will be one more group of containers (this month? or next?)

    35. GreaterThanGames 14-time creator on

      Given the size of this ship out, all of the different possible combinations of items are being shipped out in clumps. Even the addition or subtraction of a single item will put a given order in a different set of parcels. We are shipping things out in backer order to the extent possible, but that can only be true within clumps of similarly-packed items, and we are at the mercy of the order in which the various clumps of orders were packed in the cargo container at the factory.

      I'd definitely recommend signing up for FedEx Delivery Manager as some people mentioned below! That way, you'll get notifications as soon as a label is created, and then as it goes out.

    36. stephen on

      so my friend that backed at the end of this campaign got their package today and i havent even gotten a message as to if mines going out. we both got the same tier, is it because i got the foil villians? is it really that huge a diffrence in order?

      can i go anywhere for shipping details or am i just SOL? id like an email from kickstarter or gtg just to keep me posted.

    37. Missing avatar

      Andy Elder on

      I’m backer #383, with art prints but no case. Here’s hoping my order gets shipped today! I’ve had a FedEx shopping number for a few weeks now...just sitting there...taunting me...😜

    38. Missing avatar

      JeremyRocket on

      Backer #83, case and art prints. Here's hoping my package goes out soon.

    39. Bean Álainn on

      @Katai Ugh, IDK then. :( Hopefully it goes out soon.

    40. Missing avatar

      Katai on

      @BBelle Sorciere, No, I'm in the US.

    41. GreaterThanGames 14-time creator on

      We have a bunch of art print orders going out today and tomorrow! We are also working on a bunch of signed orders, and the bulk of the Canadian orders! I'll post a full update once this wave is entirely out, which I anticipate being the end of this week or the very beginning of next.

    42. Missing avatar

      Jason M. Batchelor on

      I was a bit busy getting ready for Gen Con, but wanted to give another round of (belated) thanks and kudos to Jodie and everyone who worked their butts off to get that first round delivered before Gen Con. Despite my local mail carrier's best efforts at being a slacker, leaving the box in the pouring rain four about an hour before I got home, on a wet porch, your team packaged everything so securely that there wasn't a single bit of water damage. Great job, thanks again for all your hard work!

    43. Jared Bravewater on

      @Kay you can go to fedex’s website and create an account. You will need to enter the address your oblivaeon is being shipped to. Once that’s done you will be able to see if there are any packages flagged for you at that address.

    44. Kay Rhia Peek on

      How do i get ro FedEx Delivery Manager? BackerKit isnt letting me login and i dont see anything on Kickstarter. Help!

    45. Jason L. on

      @G>G, can we get an update on signed orders? Did they all go out like the update beforeclast said they would or are many of them now also waiting for the last delivery of cargo containers as I know I haven’t seen anything on my own order yet and I have to imagine the current wave is nearly all out the door by now if not shortly?

    46. Bean Álainn on

      @Katai Are you in Canada?

      Anyway, I'm not going to give a play by play, but I will say my copy of Oblivaeon is now at the Fed Ex facility, so that's a good sign.

    47. Jim Zvonec on

      My label was created this morning and arrived at a FedEx location this afternoon/evening. Backer #1609 with case and art prints.

    48. Missing avatar

      Katai on

      My Label was created 3 weeks ago. Having your label created means nothing.

    49. Kurt Thomas Shrugged on

      Unfortunately Jared that answer will not be the same for all backers. I included art prints and my label was created on July 26 but is still pending. Others had the label created and then shipping commence quite quickly, so I hope yours moves along. If I could volunteer to be the last fulfilled I would (not out of altruism, but I'm leaving town for 10 days and reeeally don't want it delivered then). The best any of us can do is assume your will not be fulfilled until sometime in September and then be pleasantly surprised if it comes quicker.

    50. Jared Bravewater on

      My label has finally been created. Anyone know how long after that step an estimated delivery date will be available?