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Infernal Relics is the second expansion for the cooperative comic-book themed card game Sentinels of the Multiverse!
Infernal Relics is the second expansion for the cooperative comic-book themed card game Sentinels of the Multiverse!
1,197 backers pledged $111,258 to help bring this project to life.

The next Stretch Reward . . . and beyond!

With as close as we are to the $60k level and everyone getting a copy of the Freedom Four Annual #1 comic book, it's time to reveal the mysterious character for the $75k level!  Give a warm welcome to...


Ansel G. Moreau, world-famous French action movie star, has a few dark secrets. His hobby of big game hunting has spiraled out of control - his constant need for bigger and more threatening prey has him hunting the very heroes that protect the earth! To this end, he employed a shady genetics corporation to give him superpowers, but the process went terribly wrong, scarring his million-dollar face and ending his acting career.

However, he did gain some new, energy-manipulation abilities from the process, which he plans to put to good use. Taking the name Ambuscade, he employs his new powers and a vast arsenal to hunt the heroes he considers to be the most dangerous and powerful. At the top of his list? Haka, the ageless Maori warrior. No one else could provide a sufficient challenge to one as skilled as Ambuscade, the world's most efficient and calculating hunter . . .


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    1. Brian Denning on

      so, not-deathstroke? and Haka's nemesis? neat

    2. Missing avatar

      tr0tsky on

      @Skoticus As far as I know, everyone at the $30 and above level gets a free Ambuscade deck. If you want additional copies of him, you add $5 per deck to your pledge.

    3. Skoticus on

      Oh...I see the answer to my own question in your other comments... Thanks anyhow.

    4. Skoticus on

      One of the posts says that Ambuscade would be an additional $5 like Unity, but the newest stretch reward update says he'll be free. Is free the case? That would be great.

    5. GreaterThanGames 12-time creator on

      Yup! If we reach $75K, anyone can throw in an extra $5 for an extra copy of Ambuscade.

    6. GreaterThanGames 12-time creator on

      The Origin Issue would be roughly 20-40 pages.

    7. Zack Perham on

      What you're confused about is which part is 'The Next Stretch Reward'. When this was posted that was the comic book. 75k would be 'and beyond'.

    8. Missing avatar

      MK on

      Stupid question, but...what is the "and beyond" part of this update? I say so because I am certain we will go above the 75k mark

    9. Missing avatar

      Tim on

      In less than 1/28 of the remaining time, we have made nearly 1/10th of the required amount for the next level. Come on everybody!

    10. Missing avatar

      Colin O'Kelley on

      Ambuscade may be free to all, but can we throw in $5 more to get an extra copy?

    11. Sputang on

      I'm kind of surprised no one is sponsoring an origin issue. If I had the resources, I 'd totally like to read up on how Expatriette's family issues went down. How many pages would it be?

    12. Missing avatar


      At first glance I thought he was Bunker's nemesis. Can't wait to get this one too. I know we will make it to 75k.

    13. GreaterThanGames 12-time creator on

      1) Unity and Ambuscade will only be available through Kickstarter (and separately through our website once it ends if any remain) - they will not be part of any other expansion.
      2) Unlike Unity, Ambuscade is completely free for *all* backers if we reach $75K!

    14. Missing avatar

      Chris Snyder on

      So, if all the current backers add $5 to their pledge (like with the new Unity cards), and you know they all will, SotM will reach the $75K mark sooner than we think. Will these 'extras' (Unity, Ambuscade, etc) only be available through the Kickstarter promo? If so, I'm glad I'm getting on board with this now! If they make an appearance in the 'next' expansion, I won't want to pay for them a second time.

    15. Missing avatar

      Tim on

      Sputang- Slade would like to remind you that a single man, who knows what he's doing, can take down the Justice League.

    16. Sputang on

      I'm personally not a fan of this particular villian. He doesn't seem like a worthy foe for a team of heroes. He's a good personal villian, like Kraven vs Spider Man. But Kraven vs the Justice League or Avengers? That's a bit lame in my book. Now Akash'bhuta is definitely a villian worthy of a team of heroes!

    17. Mickaël "Froh" Garcin

      Omelette Du Fromage

    18. Missing avatar

      Tim on

      The Kickstarter's been averaging far more than that, even during the slowest periods. It's not a guaranteed thing, but it's certainly not extreme long odds, either.

    19. Aaron Bowyer on

      @Jonathan: The kickstarter has gained at least $1400 with each day. And that's the low end. Apparently it's been getting more like 2k each day, so it's not too much of a stretch. :)

    20. Jonathan Powell on

      $15,000 in 14 days? That is going to be a stretch. Here's hoping we make it.

    21. Broomstick Monkey Games on

      I love it. Well done, guys.

    22. Missing avatar

      spoppo on

      So cool! He's the bad guy on the new hostage situation card :P

      He's like spider-man and Craven the hunter ahah.
      I so much want this villain!!!!

    23. Alex Hanson on

      Ooh, I like it! I happen to know something about hobbies spinning out of control... but have yet to be scarred by one. A worthy opponent for Haka!
      I wonder if his "flip" mechanic has him go from picking off heroes with his rifle to up-close-and-personal with the knife to collect his trophy?

    24. Missing avatar

      Aaron Phillips on


    25. David A. Harris on

      Ok guys. Now we all got to pitch in more. 20$ each? or one person can go for the 500$ reward and save 25 people from doing it!