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Sentinel Tactics: The Flame of Freedom is the hex-grid based tactical combat game for 2-8 players set in the world of Sentinel Comics!
2,175 backers pledged $327,403 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Karrde on

      @Trent Francis
      Try messaging them, as they mentioned to @J. Brandon Massengill, and something may be worked out. I was able to add on the minis to the GSF Kickstarter late after I contacted them and worked out a PayPal transaction. Can't hurt to ask!

    2. David Pearson on

      Very excited and can't wait to play. Way to go >G for being ahead of schedule. my last ks is about a year behind because of some financial issues.

    3. Alex Hanson on

      Here's a question: For those of us who obsessively sleeve our games, how many cards are included in Flame of Freedom and Uprising? I know we get one extra per character, thanks to the promo back, but I couldn't find how many cards each character gets. I *think* I remember six being mentioned somewhere, but I couldn't re-confirm that. There are 15 characters, so assuming 7 cards per character, that's 105 cards. (Wow, that adds up!) I'm probably wrong on the number of cards per character. For size, it looks like the power cards are the standard 3.5" × 2.5" that Sentinels of the Multiverse uses. How big are the character panels? If they're 4" × 6" like the oversized Villain cards from SotM, I can use those sleeves for extra protection.

    4. Christopher Sawyer on

      @Wazzull: On the right side of screen, just below the level you pledged at you should see Survey sent: X/XX/2014 • Your response. The "Your response" will be in blue and have a link. Click on this and it will bring you to the pledge manager. You cannot change your pledge, but can change the address you wish it to ship to here.

      @ Trent Francis: I do not believe you can add to your pledge now as the pledge manager closed some time ago. With how quickly this was produced, I am sure you will be able to get the minis very soon. My guess would be around October.

    5. Wazzull on

      Feeling a bit dumb. Where do I change my address?

    6. Foote on

      @Alex Harrison: Good eye! That's exactly what they are!

    7. Trent Francis on

      Ok, is there any way to add the mini's now? I backed at the $50 level because i did not have the funds at the time. I would love to bump that up to the $100 level now. Its probably too late :(

    8. Angel

      The possibility that I may have this with me for my trip to PAX Prime this year fills me with glee. GLEE. I will be the envy of the board game room.

    9. Damien Smith

      Thanks Charlie.

      It's been too long and too many Kickstarters.

      I was concerned because what it says in my survey response doesn't match what I purchased and I didn't take the opportunity to use the special order text area. I pledged $380. That's $30 more that the $350 listed on the main page chart of all pledge levels. That was for an unpainted Add-On Pack to go with the $100 spent for the painted Add-On Pack.

      I knew there was something dodgy about my pledge, but it took a while to sort out what it was. I see the Add-On Pack isn't mentioned in this update, so it shouldn't affect anything. I want Greater Than Games to be clear on what my order consists of.

      That stuff looks sharp! So awesome to get something early for a change. Great Job >Games!

    10. Charlie 'Tater' Dodge on

      @Damien, split shipment of the painted minis was always the plan for domestic backers. Also the max pledge level was $250, so the email you have shows your total pledge, including the add-ons. To check your pledge for this ks, go to the homepage of this ks. Scroll down the list of pledge options until you find the one highlighted green with a note at the top of the pledge option that says "you selected". At the bottom of that pledge level you will see "your response", it's a link click it and it will take you to your survey you completed and there will be a link to edit your address.

    11. Damien Smith

      How do I get to the pledge manager? The KS page doesn't show the pledge level I selected. I've got an email showing I selected the $380 pledge level of for the painted and unpainted models and I'm pretty sure I added on more to get the other unpainted that wasn't included at that level. The survey didn't reflect those choices. Where do I go to confirm? It's more important to know this now that a split in the shipments is happening.

    12. Will Standfest on

      This looks so great! I can't wait to play

    13. Karl Maurer

      Woot! I can't wait to get playing!

    14. Timothy J. Foster on

      Man, after backing so many Kickstarters that have had production issues and significant delays, the idea of getting one this far ahead of schedule is completely fantastic! Even more excited now!

    15. Missing avatar

      Bob Roth on

      @ Timothy good call. A gameplay video with the real deal would be awesome to see!

    16. Charles B. on

      Great news! I'm so happy to be a part of this project.

    17. Xavier Robledo

      This is the first sentinels game I backed. My roomie played the others then got hooked got all the sentinels editions saw this and had to back. Can't wait to get this in. XD

    18. Missing avatar

      Keith on

      >Games, I have been a fan and a customer from the start, and have never seen you put out anything less than quality products. This is the first kickstarter I've been a part of that will deliver AHEAD of schedule. Not to mention that you also have a TON of minis included, which usually means about a 6 month delay. Way to go, and I can't wait for your next KS project.

    19. Adam Butler on

      @Ian: If you're a backer of any level, you should automatically be getting Uprising.

    20. Jeff

      @GTG so Uprising wont have any kind of insert?

    21. Missing avatar

      Ian McShane on

      I knew it was dumb. I now remember it was a stretch goal. *facepalm*

    22. Missing avatar

      Ian McShane on

      Dumb question alert: how/where do I order Uprising?

    23. Penny on

      Will we be able to pick up at Pax Prime?

    24. Alex Hanson on

      From picture #10 above, it looks as though the character tiles are double sided, with character bio/universe (multiverse?) information. I'm almost as excited about that and the comic-book pages in the scenario books as I am about this game. >G's games are amazing fun, but the amount of effort they put into the backstory and into each character makes them come alive in a way few other games do, especially ones not based on an established IP (like Marvel, Shadowrun, Resident Evil, etc.). They stand on their own with their own unique, individual, rich, and varied stories, and i can't wait to see the Multiverse after the time lapse.

    25. Missing avatar

      Timothy Ahern

      I love to see a game play video now that you have the game in!

    26. Jeremiah Perry on

      I was not expecting painted to be on this shipment, but am joping that the intial estimate of 3 months behind the game would still hold true. That would put me having my game with painted minis by December. Is that a reasonable expectation?

    27. GreaterThanGames 14-time creator on

      Not necessarily. That is an entirely separate development and production schedule, and it is way to early to estimate how that will proceed.

    28. Chris Rennie

      Great news!! Does that mean the add-on pack will be ahead of schedule as well?

    29. Missing avatar

      Bob Roth on

      Awesome news!! Getting a kick starter early is just unheard! Good job guys - looks great.

    30. Kim Garnett on

      @Brandon no, nowhere near as interesting as that. Just a friend's house instead

    31. J. Brandon Massengill

      @Kim Garnett - Switzerland?

    32. Kim Garnett on

      Yay and boo at the same time :-P Yay because ahead of schedule! and boo because I'm closing on a house around the end of this month. Changed address to a neutral location in the meantime and if you've not shipped by when we get the house I'll change the address yet again.

    33. GreaterThanGames 14-time creator on

      @Brian - The molded plastic insert does have a cut-out area just for holding the map tiles. They fit perfectly!

    34. Missing avatar

      Jeppe Laursen on

      I am so excited now! Can't wait to save(or destroy) the multiverse!

    35. Brian Uhrig

      Everything looks very impressive! One question, is there an inset for the larger hex tiles to fit into? Hard to tell on that last picture.

    36. Charles on

      Whoa whoa whoa... A Kickstarter campaign that might not be late, not even on time, but actually EARLY?! This is unheard of, stupendous, excellent even. I was already excited for the game but now I'm really looking forward to it! Early = good = happy.

    37. Mark Horneff

      Fantastic, really good job guys

    38. Brady Sadler

      I'm gonna be greedy and ask for a video of this unboxing :)

    39. Nigel Phillips

      Absolutely stunning
      Hoped for as a Christmas present, but it might be here by my son's birthday.

    40. Jim Zvonec on

      Awesome! So excited! :)

    41. David Wetzel on

      Awesome! Great news!

    42. Missing avatar

      Brad Elkey on

      Great news! Good job, everyone involved in the process. I'm so happy for my (nearer) future self!

    43. GreaterThanGames 14-time creator on

      The games are being shipped from China to the US on a boat. The EU Kickstarter rewards will be shipped from the US to the EU on a plane.

    44. Mark Horneff

      Thanks, sorry don't want to sound picky but is that shipping by boat or plane? Just really excited by this reveal.

    45. GreaterThanGames 14-time creator on

      We will be packing all of the EU rewards here, and then shipping them to a single location in the EU for dispersal. We will pay customs duties and taxes on the import, and then, since they will be dispersed within the EU, there should be no further taxes and duties. At least, that is what we have been assured multiple times...

    46. GreaterThanGames 14-time creator on

      This container does not contain painted miniatures. They will still definitely be much later than the rest of the stuff, but how much later exactly has not been confirmed by the factory.

    47. Mark Horneff

      Excelsior! Can I ask how EU shipping is being handled


    48. Jeremiah Perry on

      Yes, when can those of us who opted for painted figures expect our games? Very excited!

    49. GreaterThanGames 14-time creator on

      @J. Brandon Massengill - Shoot us a message via the messaging system and we'll see if we can figure something out for you.