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Sentinel Tactics: The Flame of Freedom is the hex-grid based tactical combat game for 2-8 players set in the world of Sentinel Comics!
2,175 backers pledged $327,403 to help bring this project to life.

$50k! Funded! In under seven hours!

Posted by GreaterThanGames (Creator)

Wow! Congratulations, everyone! Sentinel Tactics just funded in under seven hours! That is amazing! And it's all because of YOU!

YOU are awesome!
YOU are awesome!

We love you. You make what we do possible. Thank you! We are going to work hard to make all sorts of great things for you.

Since we've hit the funding level, every backer of any of our Pledge Levels gets three Sentinel Tactics art prints and the Promo Power Card Pack! 

The Promo Power Card Pack is one additional Power Card for each character in the game. Each character has a deck of 6 Power Cards that they select from on their turns. These extra Power Cards give each hero and villain additional capabilities. Additionally! Each bonus character unlocked via Stretch Goals will add another Power Card to this pack - this pack will have one Power Card for every character produced by this Kickstarter campaign!

We're excited to talk about all of the characters and all of the Stretch Goals! The more this Kickstarter overfunds, the more characters we will release and the more story will be in your hands. The world of Sentinel Comics awaits!


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    1. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions

      I had no doubts. :)

    2. GreaterThanGames 14-time creator on

      There will be additional heroes and villains, provided we make it through the Stretch Goals!

    3. Alex Hanson on

      Awesome! I swear I'm going to have the Kickstarter page burned into my computer monitor at work by the time this Kickstarter ends. The Trio of Awesome Guys may have come up with a way to help my wife enjoy tactical games!
      As another question, and one that probably won't be answered until much later, but are any of the stretch goals going to be more villains? There are as many awesome villains in the multiverse as there are heroes, and I'd love to see them all, especially an alternate Baron Blade character card & power deck that goes with the Vengeful Five! Also, are the scenarios custom tailored to a particular hero/villain setup? Or do they call for a specific Villain, and hero choice is free-for-all? Are any of the stretch goals going to include (or be) additional scenarios?
      I should know better than to task, but my nerd gene is flaring up! More ways to save the Multiverse, please!

    4. Missing avatar

      Adam Gordon on

      Now if only the day one projections on kicktraq were true! Either way Congrats! Glad to see you funded in 7 hours! I am excited to see this product, it looks awesome!

    5. Jordan Hill on

      Congrats, guys!