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An all-new tabletop roleplaying game system based in the exciting world of Sentinel Comics!
An all-new tabletop roleplaying game system based in the exciting world of Sentinel Comics!
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Let’s Talk About the STUFF!

Posted by Christopher Badell (Collaborator)

Hello, heroes!

What a weekend! Since my last update, we’ve raised over $18k - that’s amazing! We’re thrilled at how this campaign is rocketing along. 

In today’s update, I’m going to talk more about the GM Kit, the Dice set, and the Special Edition version of the SCRPG core rulebook. I’ve also got a cool video to show you! So, let’s get right into it.


I’m really excited about the contents of this kit. The GM screen is super useful, complete with sections on how to use each of the actions, as well as tips and tools for creating both Minions and Twists on the fly. 

Making Twists on the fly is one of the most fun parts of GMing, in my opinion, but having some helpful guidelines and ideas right at hand while running a game makes it even easier!

The dry-erase elements are also incredibly useful. There’s a two-sided scene tracker: one side with the “standard” Green / Yellow / Red zone spaces, and the other with all white spaces so you can create lengths of the GYRO zones for whatever type of scene you want to run. 

There are also dry erase cards for challenges, minions, and lieutenants. AND! Blank dry erase cards! Why am I so excited about blank cards? Come on, think of the possibilities! Mainly, I plan on using them to write hero names on and put them in front of each hero player to indicate when they take their turns in the action order, but the possibilities are nigh endless!

On top of all that, you also get SO MANY fillable hero and villain character sheets. One hundred of each! This way, instead of having to print them off, you get official sheets in full color. 

We actually just got a “white sample” of the GM kit here in the office! (“White sample” is a print industry term. It means that this is the physical product that we’re making, but with none of the printing on it - just all white.) Check it out!

That’s a bunch of great stuff, and the box is the same height as the books will be, so they’ll all go nicely on a shelf together.

SCRPG Dice Set

Look at these dice.

I’m just a sucker for dice with comic book lettering on them. Or numbering, rather. We did dice like this for Sentinel Tactics, and they looked great - these are WAY better. They’re bigger, easier to read, and they’ve got an array of thematically appropriate colors. Also, as a little nod to the way the game works, the 10-sided dice go from 1 to 10, rather than from 0 to 9 as most 10-sided dice do. So, that’s cool.

I’m looking forward to having a set of these dice myself!

Special Edition SCRPG Core Rulebook

So, first thing first: the content of the Special Edition core rulebook is the same as the content of the standard core rulebook. There isn’t anything I’d want left out of the rulebook - the text is as it is. So! Everything special comes in the physical elements of the book.

The thick leather cover stands out and feels weighty, and the blue foil printing really makes this book pop off the shelf. And on the inside front and back cover flap pages that are usually just blank in hardcover books, we’ll be printing sweet Sentinel Comics art.

But the real workhorse of the special edition is the ribbons.

Those ribbons are going to find their homes quickly. If you’re primarily using this book for hero creation, they’ll likely live at the master list of Powers and Qualities (which is immediately opposite the page showing the overview of the guided hero creation process, so that ribbon’s pulling double duty), the “how to calculate health” page, the start of the list of Principles, and the section on hero advancement. If you’re more using this book for GMing, they might live at the part of chapter 4 on twists, the section on doomsday devices, the Bullpen section about minions, and the Bullpen section on villains. And that’s just some of the options - those ribbons are going to be so helpful. Also! I talked to Jenn about it, and we’re going to get the colors of the ribbons to be Sentinel Comics appropriate: Green, Yellow, Red, and Sentinel Comics blue.

Personally, I’m probably going to have a copy of the Special Edition for me to use while GMing and another copy of the standard edition to hand out to players. 

Overview Videos

Recently, Adam and I sat down with our phenomenal videographer Trevor and made a few overview videos, each talking about a part of the creation of this game. Here’s the first one!

I’ll share another one of each of the videos on Wednesday and Friday later this week!

More Hero Character Creation Preview with Dave!

Dave’s done it again! He’s shown off the hero creation process to another fine set of folks! The Dragon’s Demize podcast had Dave on and they made a team of heroes together! Check it out!

I’m looking forward to talking about our story plans on Wednesday, and I hope you are, too! See you then!


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    1. Jesse Follin on

      @Christopher Will GtG be selling high quality paper full color character sheets post campaign so I can restock if I run low on sheets?

    2. David Walker on

      Hi all,

      Are you planning to release the items in the GM's Kit digitally? It would be really nice to have those items when the PDF of the core rules goes out, so we can make our own copies until the physical ones hit...


    3. XtremeGuardian

      Any chance for a custom dice bag to hold those awesome dice?

    4. Rob Donoghue

      Fred busted out the tactics dice at the table last night, and we were freshly reminded of how awesome they are. At this point, it's just a question of HOW MANY extra dice sets I'm going to shell out for.

      :Weakly shakes a fist:

    5. Missing avatar

      Richard Briggs on

      Please tell me I can order more sets of dice, they are amazing.

    6. Sonvar on

      @Chris a draft of the image for the player side is on the main campaign page under “Sentinel Comics GM Kit” right before the heading for “Sentinel Comics Custom Dice Set”

    7. Chris Tavares

      Have we seen drafts of what the art on the back (player facing) side of the GM's screen is going to be? If not, any samples/teasers of what's going to be there?

    8. Brian Denning on

      Are the dice going to be normal number distribution this time? Or weird, 6 across from 2 stuff like with Sentinel Tactics?

      Because no matter what the die size, the opposite sides should always add to the same number.

    9. Christopher Vogler

      I think the Beatles once sold the White Sample for an album

    10. Steve Kaylor on

      @Yusaku that's kind of what the blank boards are for, as you also write a small description about the boost as well. This allows you to write them down and alter them as needed. I.e. if you have a Hinder -3, and do a boost +2, instead of having multiple chits you would just erase the -3 and write -1.

    11. Missing avatar

      Yusaku777 on

      Still sad there are no pre-numbered Boost/Hinder cards in the DM Kit.

    12. Bobby Schafer on

      How feasible would it be to produce a d20 in that style as well, to let the dice be used for other rpgs?

    13. Missing avatar

      dprcooke on

      I'll second Sonvar's question. Are these counting dice like Tactics used or standard dice? (If you're taking votes, I vote for standard numbering pattern).

    14. Anestis Kozakis

      Loving the artwork. So awesome. Cannot wait.

    15. Sonvar on

      What numbering pattern will these dice use? I ask because I recall the Tactics dice using a different ordering.

    16. Fred Hicks / Evil Hat Productions

      So many moneys. Soon to be yours.

    17. B Adams on

      A d10 that goes up to 10 is pretty cool.
      But I'm still waiting for one that go up to 11.

    18. Sonvar on

      Is Joel Last Name in the video when the Glamour Art is shown supposed to be Joel Sequin?

    19. Christopher Badell Collaborator

      @Brian Jewett

      It doesn't come with any, but any will work. That said, (my favorite review site) likes the Expo Low Odor Chisel Tip Dry Erase markers the best!

    20. Missing avatar

      Brian Jewett on

      Does the GM Starter kit come with any dry erase markers, and if not can you recommend a good brand?