Galactic Strike Force: The Cooperative Deck Building Game

by GreaterThanGames

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    1. Chris Sessoms on

      I emailed you guys with my booboo. It was kind of my fault what happened.

    2. Timothy McFadden

      Actually my first impression is 'Wow, my ship stats stink. How are these minions out gunning me all game long?!" This game has been pretty brutal so far and in all I'm leaning toward's the Dice Tower's review as being pretty accurate.

    3. Justin Grubbs on

      I have a question regarding "scalability" as it were. My friends and I have played about four games over the weekend and we discovered that if we just sat on sector B, letting A and C get overrun, then we could just leisurely go to one of the other sectors, clear it out, then the final sector, kill the boss, and win. (We were able to summon the boss early on so missions stopped being played and ships that changed sectors were fairly rare.)

      Once we got to a certain point, our ships were immune to any enemy. One person would buy the "give an ally +1 weapons each turn" tech and the others would stock up on shields and other techs, and in no time we had 3 Ships that had something along the lines of 10/10 weap/shields. Since the ships are always 1 on their end and their ships do not get to be "secondary engages" we would go to a sector with 6 ships (max capacity for 4 players) engage four of them, take no damage, kill them, let two cards turn, perhaps a couple more ships drop in, or we take a damage or something due to card flips (doesn't matter when you have so many bonuses). Next turn just buy more shields and kill the remaining ships. Only the first few rounds were tough, and after that we just had to turtle in one sector until we were godly then sweep. Am I missing something? Missions weren't flipping over for long since we spawned the boss ships pretty quickly, so there were only a few occasions of traveling enemy ships...

    4. John Arnold on

      It looked like all of the stands were supposed to be in the plastic bag, and fell out. Now to see if I did too much damage trying to enlarge the hole..

    5. Jeff Scherpelz on

      I did have my Cryoshield mini broken in two pieces -- right at the point where the big shield connects to the spindly ship. I super-glued it and it seems OK, but seems like a pretty fragile point.

    6. John GT

      That...would have been useful last Friday. Perhaps a small note that explained why that "special stand" was in a baggie. Something that could have dissuaded one from the easier assumption that "Oops! We miscounted the stands in the box! Here's one extra! By the way, don't make any clever leaps of intuition that all the models may not behave EXACTLY the same,, why would you think that?"

      Not mad, really. More annoyed at myself that I didn't make that leap. Perhaps a tad annoyed for putting me in that situation in the first place.

    7. John GT

      Now that I have spoken with GtG's superior Customer Service, I need to amend my previous comment a bit: No longer are my "bent" feelings directed at GtG, as they have been magnanimous in their response to the Cryoshade Fiasco...rather my disappointment-ire is now directed at the miniature manufacturer, who failed to notify their CLIENT about their "design decisions" and apparently thought everyone else on the planet would know exactly why a single stand would be in a baggie without any extra clue. "Cryoshade hole different than other holes; needs specific stand in baggie." Oh wow, I solved that issue with less than a dozen words.

      Of course, to be fair, all of the miniatures are pretty darn nifty. Especially the Technovore Spider with one mechanical leg--whew, that's cool--and the patchwork Ranak Warbeast.

    8. Missing avatar

      Alessio Serini on

      I don't understand, really, you're really strange! You're sending to the backers Sentinels Tactics, funded after GSF and I've never received the latter with Vengeance nor a news or an updates.
      This is a fraud and I'll report immediately to Kickstarter! Shame on you!

    9. Missing avatar

      Alessio Serini on

      We've cleared the misunderstanding. Thanks

    10. Missing avatar

      Alessio Serini on

      ... but it lacks always my Vengeance rewards and I haven't received any answer to my question. Another Con???