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Galactic Strike Force is currently available for order! If you have any questions please email Don't forget to follow us on social Instagram and Facebook @GreaterThanGames or Twitter and Snapchat @GTGamesLLC.
Galactic Strike Force is currently available for order! If you have any questions please email Don't forget to follow us on social Instagram and Facebook @GreaterThanGames or Twitter and Snapchat @GTGamesLLC.
967 backers pledged $77,124 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Aaron S on

      Yeah. If y'all decide not to do the website preorders would you let us add to our backings to include Vengeance so we can get the promo cards?

      I decided to wait and preorder by the website ultimately since I had to order another copy of Omnitron-X's Defensive Blast anyway. I got shorted one copy from my Shattered Timelines. That and... I thought I might get it before GSF in case it got delayed. :x Other than that totally unconcerned with how long it takes to get out. If you need more time to keep your usual level of quality then by all means please take all the time you need.

    2. Barac Baker Wiley

      Yeah, I'm just wondering about website preorders of Vengeance myself. There's no rush - I have tons of other stuff to spend money on these days - but I'd love to be notified when that does become available.

      PS: I can't get enough Sentinels. Every time I play it's awesome in a new way.

    3. GreaterThanGames 14-time creator on


      Sure, I can make that happen. Send me a PM about it.

    4. Jason Freston on

      I don't suppose there's some way to posthumously increase my pledge to get the ginormous-like ships?

    5. Brutilus on

      You should be ashamed of yourselves for taking pride in your work!

      Acting classy and communicative is detrimental to our slacker gamer image!

    6. Katsue on

      @Chris Eaton

      From reading their posts, February is the ETA for Vengeance whether you're getting it with GSF or not. Ditto for GSF.

    7. Chris on

      Thanks for the update and letting us know what is going on. Either way I was getting the games during the school year so nothing much changes there... ah, college...

      By the way, G.I. Bunker looks amazing. I think this design is actually way better than normal Bunker, and that power leads to some interesting possibilities :D

    8. Brian Denning on

      Also, G.I. Bunker is AWESOME.

    9. Brian Denning on

      See, THIS is how you handle delays. Take note, Pixel Lincoln guys. Instead of charging everyone an EXTRA $10 for shipping, GtG ADDED to their product, in addition to the apology! We didn't really need either, and they did both!

      Seriously, you guys are great. If you guys DON'T really care about us, you do one hell of a job pretending to.

    10. Joshua "Cornbread" Harris on

      Bummer about the delay, but I think you are going above and beyond to make it up to us, which just proves what outstanding customer care you guys have.

    11. Mike Minutillo

      Take your time folks. We trust you :) G.I. Bunker looks awesome. Who's the man in the suit?

    12. Missing avatar

      Jools on

      Just wanted to say I'm fine with the delays. I'm confident you'll use the time to hone the games into what they should be.

    13. Mark Horneff

      As the great Miyamoto said " a delayed game is eventually good, a rushed game is bad forever!

    14. Jeffrey Zinn on

      Honestly, I am fine with the delay. An estimate is just an estimate, not a guarantee. And life happens as it always will, and things change accordingly. I would much rather you take the time you need to get everything right, than rush anything to meet a deadline. That said, thank you for the update, it is appreciated.

    15. Missing avatar

      Aaron S on

      Well I'm fine with the delay cause... you know, those things happen. The only things I'm wondering about are when the preorders for Vengeance will go up on the website, and whether in addition to America's Greatest Legacy being added for preordering, if G.I. Bunker will be added too. I held back on putting additional money towards GSF since I had already put my pledge in and I figured I'd just wait until it was up on the site. But... I've been watching and haven't noticed any sign of preorders going up. Is there still any plan to start that any time soon? And if so are there any plans of adding G.I. Bunker in with America's Greatest Legacy for those who preorder? I really hope I didn't screw myself out of the bonus promo cards because I wanted to go through the website.

    16. Chris Eaton on

      is it still going to be the case that backers who picked up vengeance through this campaign will have to wait until after GSF gets shipped? and if so, is there an ETA for that?

    17. Aaron Morgan

      Is there anything planned for the few hundred of us who didn't pledge at a level that includes the ship minis?

    18. Michael Vognild on

      Ouch. Thanks for the update.

    19. Carlos - "Koey" on

      Great update on the Boss ship.
      Also GI Bunker is awesome :)