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Galactic Strike Force: the tactical, cooperative, space battle, deck building game from the creators of Sentinels of the Multiverse!

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Thousands of years ago, the galaxy was ruled by a brutal, half-divine Emperor who controlled access to the stars through a series of rift gates. The rule of the Emperor and his Demi-Autarchs was brought to an end by the Acherontic Cataclysm, a failed test of a doomsday weapon that fused portions of reality with the transdimensional planes.

Today, the galaxy is divided among myriad factions, each vying for control of systems and resources. Interstellar transit is achieved via the dangerous internodes, transdimensional space temporarily brought in contact with reality.

In Galactic Strike Force, up to six players each control a member of a rogue Strike Force assembled to struggle against galactic threats that the major powers lack either the motivation or strength to face.


Galactic Strike Force is a fully cooperative game for 2 to 6 players. Each player begins the game with a Strike Force ship panel and a unique, eight-card deck which represents their ship and its crew. Arrayed against the Strike Force is one of five Opposition fleets, spread across a number of different sectors. Rather than players having individual turns, the game rounds proceed through five phases, in which the players act simultaneously.  They Travel from sector to sector, Requisition cards from various stations, and Install their Tech cards in hand to upgrade their ships. Then, the Strike Force may engage the Opposition in Battle across every sector; however, while the Strike Force has been preparing their assault, the Opposition has grown ever more powerful. Finally, in the Aftermath, the Opposition forces gain resources when unopposed and add strength and numbers to their fleet. Ultimately, the Strike Force must work together to drive the Opposition from their systems and to final defeat.

For a MUCH more in-depth look at the gameplay and rules of Galactic Strike Force, check out our first update!


Galactic Strike Force comes with:

  • 10 Strike Force ships, each of which is represented by a unique 8-card starting deck and ship panel
  • 5 Opposition fleets, each of which is represented by a unique 20-card starting deck and an Opposition Flagship panel.
  • 10 Sector panels which represent the unique, static effects at each location.
  • 90 double-sided Station cards, which can either be played by the Opposition or Requisitioned by the Strike Force.
  • Tokens representing the Strike Force ships, the Opposition flagships, and the weaponry and defense of each ship.
  • The official Galactic Strike Force rulebook.

In addition, the Miniatures Pack comes with:

  • 10 unique Strike Force ship miniatures.
  • 5 unique Opposition flagship miniatures.

The miniatures can be used to replace the Strike Force ship tokens and Opposition flagship tokens from the core game.

Sample Card

Sample Miniature Renderings


The Strike Force ships are crewed by members of five of the major races in the Galaxy.

Reptilian Sulph-Orcs: The Acherontic Cataclysm tore rifts between reality and the Infernal Planes, fusing the war-bred legions of the Volnethian Demi-Autarch with arcane demonic energies. In the millennia since, the resulting race of Reptilian Sulph-Orcs has spread throughout the galaxy, alternately sowing destruction as roving bands of mercenaries and providing the muscle necessary for the construction of interstellar mega-structures.

Electro-Celestial War Spectres: Lightning-fueled shades fused with celestial power, War Spectres are the undead remains of a pre-Acherontic civilization that strayed too far beyond the limits of reality. While their semi-corporeal forms and celestial energies afford them singular medical skills, their fierce tempers and devotion to their own outmoded sense of order often lead deadly interpersonal conflicts.

Transdimensional Neo-Elves: While their ancestors revered nature above all else, the ability of the Neo-Elves to exist across multiple simultaneous dimensions often lends them an air of unconcern over the destruction of minor sections of this reality. It also affords them an unprecedented aptitude for stealth and speed, a fact known only too well to many targets of the Neo-Elf Assassination Society.

Quasimetallic Techno-Dwarves: Half biological organism, half deutronium power cell, and half reinforced counter-steel, Quasimetallic Techno-Dwarves defy both traditional mathematical ratios and conventional mechanical wisdom to create the galaxy's most useful and terrifying technologies. Built beneath the crust of countless planetoids, many Techno-Dwarf cities are among the most regimented and isolated in the star-faring civilizations.

Bio-Enhanced Metahumans: Hailing from the twisted wreckage of a long-destroyed galaxy, metahumans can be both highly social and highly destructive, twin impulses seen nowhere better than in the cybernetic enhancements they wield. Relative newcomers to the galaxy, metahumans have quickly carved out for themselves a niche based on their command of subtemporal bioenergy and an inquisitiveness unmatched by other races.

We will be posting more information on the game, the characters, and the spaceships on regular updates, so be sure to keep an eye on this page! Also, for more information and updates on our progress, check out the Galactic Strike Force website, our Greater Than Games website, and feel free to follow us on Twitter!


In the rewards, we list a Galactic Strike Force shirt. Well, here's what it'll look like:


We also mention a Galactic Strike Force playmat. Behold! The majesty!

It is printed on high quality UV-resistant, water-proof, rip-stop vinyl. These playmats are printed to last!


As this Kickstarter progresses, we have various stretch goals! The levels are equally split between major upgrades to the base game itself, as well as additional promo cards to give Kickstarter backers more Galactic Strike Force game content!

  • At $50k, we have funded, and everyone who pledges on one of our pledge levels will get the Promo Pack of additional Station cards. At that level, there will be 1 additional Station card (that has three copies, as do all Station cards), but at each $20k level over our funded amount will add another Station card (three cards) to that Promo Pack!
  • $70k: 2 Station cards in the Promo Pack (6 cards)
  • $75k: An upgrade to the box for Galactic Strike Force, with plenty of space for organizing all of the components, including the promo cards, as well as the sector, Strike Force, and Opposition flagship panels. The upgraded box will even have space for the optional miniatures! Also, this Stretch Reward level gives anyone who backs any level of this Kickstarter the promo Sector Panel: Vognild Prime!
  • $90k: 3 Station cards in the Promo Pack (9 cards)
  • $100k: An upgrade to the miniatures pack! The standard miniatures pack includes fifteen 30mm ship miniatures; however, if we break this level, we will be upgrading the 5 Opposition Flagship miniatures to impressive 60mm miniatures!

We have even more exciting Stretch Rewards in mind, and look forward to telling you more about them, once we hit those levels!

International Shipping 

Unfortunately, International Shipping is very expensive and has, historically, caused us significant strife and expenditures. We tried something different with our most recent Kickstarter for the Shattered Timelines expansion to Sentinels of the Multiverse, and that worked decently well, so we'll be using that same system.

North American backers outside the United States (mostly Canada and Mexico) will need to add $15 to their pledges to cover shipping. Other International backers (anyone outside of North America) will need to add $40 to their pledges to cover shipping. We have heard that some people have had luck using package forwarders with Kickstarter, such as We have never used such a thing and have no idea how legit it is, but it may well allow our international fans to save some money on shipping, so we figured we'd mention it. 

For no additional cost, you can pick up your games and rewards at Essen 2013. We are not doing convention pickup for any other show, as it is more costly and a significant hassle, however, we are willing to do so for that show in order to help offset the steep international shipping costs. These new international shipping fees, even though we recognize that they are pretty ridiculous, will by no means cover all of the international shipping + customs charges from international backers, but we hope that they will at least allow us to not lose money on international rewards. We shall see - sorry for any inconvenience.

Galactic Strike Force in the Media

Christopher was on the Dice Hate Me "The State of Games" podcast, talking about both Sentinels of the Multiverse and Galactic Strike Force, two months prior to the Kickstarter being launched: LINK

Christopher talked to GeekInsight on the Giant Fire Breathing Robot "House Rules" podcast just a couple weeks before launch: LINK

The night before the Kickstarter went live, Christopher talked to Michael on the Little Metal Dog Show about Galactic Strike Force and the future of Sentinels of the Multiverse: LINK

Erik played an early blind-playtesting game of Galactic Strike Force in February and wrote up his thoughts and experiences on BoardGameGeek: LINK

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

Here at Greater Than Games, we have enjoyed some success with our first product, Sentinels of the Multiverse, and its various expansions. However, we have a number of other games that we are incredibly excited to release. To that end, we have brought the first of these games, Galactic Strike Force, to Kickstarter in the hopes that you will be as excited about it as we are. Nonetheless, it also presents us with several challenges we have not previously faced.

Galactic Strike Force is an ambitious game from both a design and art standpoint. Cooperative games and deck building games can both be quite difficult to balance and fine-tune, and we are doing both for some reason! (Note: the reason is because it is super fun.) On top of that, the art style for this game is much more detailed and complex than for Sentinels of the Multiverse. We believe that we can complete the game in time for a September or October delivery, but there is a risk that it will be delayed by either art or design complications as we move toward the print deadline.

Speaking of printers, this game has a number of print complexities not found in Sentinels of the Multiverse, not least of which is the fact that we are producing miniatures. Compounding that potential delaying factor is the fact that we are aiming for a late summer completion date, one of the busiest times for global shipping in general and game publishing in specific. Last year, we were beset by a variety of printing and shipping delays with our Enhanced Edition/Infernal Relics Kickstarter for Sentinels of the Multiverse, and there is a risk that we will run into the same difficulty again this time around.

Thank you for supporting Greater Than Games and helping us make our dreams realities.


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    BOUNTY HUNTER - The Galactic Strike Force core game, ten Strike Force spaceship miniatures and five Opposition Flagship miniatures, a Galactic Strike Force t-shirt, a 2' x 5' Galactic Strike Force playmat printed on high quality vinyl, and 3 Galactic Strike Force art prints!

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