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The wicked 1-4 player game of summoning supernatural evil in 60-90 minutes. From Richard Launius, Darrell Louder, and Chris Kirkman.
The wicked 1-4 player game of summoning supernatural evil in 60-90 minutes. From Richard Launius, Darrell Louder, and Chris Kirkman.
2,876 backers pledged $211,447 to help bring this project to life.

Enlighten The Faithful

Posted by GreaterThanGames (Creator)

Greetings Lovecraft lovers!

We just passed $140K, which means everyone now gets a cuddly Hound of Tindalos to play with! We’re currently edging closer to the Byakhee, and then we’re not too far off from a whole slew of goodies at $150k - most notably the entire Beasts From Beyond expansion!

The funding curve is looking solid as we head into the last 48 hours, and we greatly appreciate all of you continuing to spread the word of the campaign. We’re confident that after the 48 hour notifications are sent out that we’ll see us reach the $150k stretch goal - but we’re going to knock on some eldritch wood, just in case.

We also appreciate how active the comments have been on the campaign. Many of you have chimed in about things you’d like to see in the game, possible add-ons, and such, and although we can’t comment on every one of them, we are always reading! Because a few of you have brought up extra stretch goals, add-ons, and a pledge manager, we’ll take some time to address those here.

1) Add-ons. There have been a lot of suggestions for things to add to individual pledges, and even those who have brought up instances of other campaigns that have had a bunch of add-ons. First off, add-ons are logistically sticky. If we create some sort of product that has to be produced along with the game, we aren’t fully able to predict how popular that add-on will be, and therefore may not be able to rely on economies of scale to help reduce costs. We could sell a ton of them, or we could be left sending out only a handful. This would be the case with suggested items like alternate sculpts of the cultists which was suggested “would be easy.” Unfortunately, sculpts and minis are definitely not cheap, and without planning them out carefully through pledges and stretch goals, it could result in an unfortunate situation on our end. The playmat add-on made sense for us because we can have them produced locally and we can achieve a production discount much more easily because of the nature of the product.

2) Extra Stretch Goals. First off, we are very happy with how funding has gone for this project, and we are in striking range of being able to put absolutely everything we dreamed we could into the game. You’re all going to be getting so much cool stuff! But, of course, there will always be that desire for more. With that said, once we reach $150k and unlock the expansion, we don’t really have anything major planned beyond that. There comes a point in a campaign when you have to realize you’ve reached your goals and scrambling to put more in at the last minute can have diminishing returns. All the content you’ve seen so far has been carefully considered, not only from a gameplay perspective, but also a production perspective. We’re going to be creating a slew of monster minis, and that’s going to take some time. We don’t want to overload production with more right now because we’d rather be able to focus on making this version of the game the absolute best it can be. If we have some major benefactors swoop in at the last minute and push us into the stratosphere or something, we might throw a couple of small things in, but we definitely want to keep expectations real.

3) Pledge Manager. Many have asked if backers will be able to pledge late for the game and get all the goodies after the fact through pledge manager (BackerKit). This late “pre-order” system was implemented on Kickstarter to allow those who could not afford to back at the time a chance to get in later, or those that discovered the project late to get in on the action. We definitely support those things, but it has also created an unfortunate atmosphere on Kickstarter that can hurt a campaign while it is live. Because of the nature of this product (and its expense to manufacture because of the minis), backers who have pledged below the CULTIST ($59 level) will be able to increase their pledge for the base game in BackerKit and receive the Kickstarter promotionals (Azathoth, the Cult cards, Ghoul). However, the Beasts From Beyond expansion will not be free and will require an additional payment. Those who pledged at the CULTIST level and above during the live campaign will still receive the expansion for free. In other words, back now if you want the best value.

Whew, that was a lot to cover, but we felt it was important to talk openly about these things as we near the end of the campaign. We want to show you more on how the solo game works, but since this one has ran a bit long we will shoot a short video tonight and have that for you all in the morning! We think you’ll find the solo system very cool.

Thanks again for all the enthusiasm and support. We love you all and can’t wait to hasten doom for humanity together.

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    1. Bruno Freitas on

      I'll be frank: I do not agree with reason 3. I understand the reasons, but feel somehow cheated or underrated on my backer rights.

      Don't get me wrong. I know that theres a lot of abuse in KSs, but allowing a pledge manager and not allowing people to receive free stuff (that was unlocked by stretch goals and MAYBE with the help of $1 bakers) seems just wrong to me.

      Take Cthulhu Wars as an example: Sandy Petersen offered a glowing Cthulhu figure for free, for backers that met a requisite BEFORE the campaing started. It still is an addon worth $20, but only people prior to the KS received such boon for free.

      I believe that that way was much clearer to backers than reaching the final days and start telling people that they will have to pay for more if they want somenthing that was unlocked for all other backers.

    2. Shervyn von Hoerl

      That sound sensible and totally fair to the folk who backed here. Thanks for taking the time to explain your thought process and give us an insight into how the business side of game development works. As always I really look forward to the games you guys design and I am sure this will be no different!

    3. Karen Brigitta Goetz

      Would you actually be able to discern male and female cultists? The robes conceal not only the occasional "hip-gold"... :-)

    4. kadaena on

      A white editable cards

    5. Florian Stock on

      Possible further stretch goals, that would not require new design:
      a) MORE dice - you cant have enough dice ;-)
      b) add some elder god selection + lodge cards: You dont have planned for any more? Doesnt matter: Add blanks, so everyone can make worship their own elder gods
      c) in case you can afford it, when a certain amount is reached: Reduce the (additional) shipping costs

    6. NecroNuke9

      For the extra SGs after the $150K I was hoping for a Ghoul mini as well as Alt. Gender minis to replace half of the current minis. Ex. Male Investigators and Female Cultists.

    7. William Pseudonyme

      Great, I guess the expansion is likely to be unlocked, just a question about it, concerning european backers who have pledged to cultist level or above, if Beast from beyond is indeed unlocked, will the shipping charges increase or stay the same?

    8. kadaena on

      @Zillah. They will receive the core game + all SG except the expansion Beast from Beyond

    9. kadaena on

      I like when the persons speak clearly. :-)

    10. Zillah Patterson

      If I'm reading correctly the below Cultist pledgers who opt for the Backerkit will still receive the stretch goals OTHER THAN the expansion kit?

    11. Jon Mercurio Knight

      I appreciate the sensible nature that is being employed here. I really was getting turned off in this other kickstarter for the insane amount of add-ons, and a lot of extra gameplay add-ons you had to pay for... making the whole game feel incomplete without them. I am so appreciative that your kickstarter isn't like that.. and that every aspect here is being carefully considered for the benefit of the game and the backers and the creators.

      I couldn't be more happy to invest in this game, despite being recently stretched too much from the last kickstarter. I have high hopes for this game and I can't wait to play it!

    12. Jason Brown

      That said, if we get to 2 million I want to see every copy include a real 'cuddly' hound of Tindalos. They can deliver the packages!

      Though not many games may get played...

    13. Darrell Louder on

      @Hank - Yes, that is correct.

    14. Jason Brown

      I am always glad to see a sensible KS creator. I have been involved with a few kickstarters where they just kept on adding freebies to the point where they couldn't manage, or afford to, provide them. Better to stick to the plan rather than promise things you can't give. Gives me a lot of faith in this kickstarter.

    15. Henk Allaert on

      If someone pledges for cultist and also adds money for extra copies, I assume all copies will get the expansion "Beasts from beyond" ? (once the stretch goal is reached).

    16. GreaterThanGames 14-time creator on

      @Mike - No planned add-on for painted miniatures. Honestly, it wouldn't be cheap, nor necessary, as our Cultists are all color-coded to the four player colors. And if people want to paint their monsters, we'd rather them have creative freedom to do so.

    17. Dreadpool on

      Will there be an option (either stretch goal or as an add-on) to get the figures painted? I know some (very few tbh) enjoy getting them unpainted, but honestly most of us prefer not spending days just to get a "finished" product.