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The wicked 1-4 player game of summoning supernatural evil in 60-90 minutes. From Richard Launius, Darrell Louder, and Chris Kirkman.
The wicked 1-4 player game of summoning supernatural evil in 60-90 minutes. From Richard Launius, Darrell Louder, and Chris Kirkman.
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Sanity check.

Posted by GreaterThanGames (Creator)

Hello Cultists!

Darrell here, checking in after just arriving back home from GenCon. Chris and Richard are both still en route home- but I just wanted to steal the 'KickStarter' microphone to announce we are alive! It also appears the campaign is starting to get that post-GenCon kick in the pants, so hopefully tomorrow we'll be giving you a cuddly Shoggoth to call your very own. I'm going to name mine 'Bitey'.

The demos went AMAZINGLY well. We also shot a new gameplay video for everyone to watch, which we will post later this week. Speaking of later this week, we will also have some new reviews hitting the internets and tomorrow will have a BIG add-on to announce for you, one that we are REALLY excited about.

Oh, would you look at that, a mystical power draws my cursor to click on 'Add Image'.

That is a 3x3' playmat for Fate of the Elder Gods, inspired from the table we used (and loved) at GenCon. The art above isn't final, it is just a quick build to show you what we have in mind, and we will post the final art once we have it.

Any who, there you are. This is what happens when Darrell takes over the campaign, I spoil things. Look for more to come from Chris this week, which i promise will have better grammar. :)

Iä! Iä! Cthulhu fhtagn!

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    1. BoardGameRevolution

      The mat is too dark.

    2. Daniel Orsary on

      I guess I will go ahead and ask this. I know the Playmat here is a tease and not fully detailed in this Update...

      However i am a bit confused. I saw that a few comments were excited by the table you created to demo the game. I guess since this is primarily a board game with a board the use for a playmat that has the board on it seems a bit odd. Use to seeing these in cards games with no board or layout to act as a player aid.

      I do finally see the spots for the players cult lodges that I did not see before. Their placement also seems a little odd as usually with a 4 player game we are sitting at the cardinal points. So having 2 spots that are on one face and two on opposing face seems like it would make it difficult to use for 2 out of the 4 players in a 4 player game. Even if the spots are in the corners I would expect the facings orientation changed so that each one is presented to one of the 4 sides of the square.

      I don't mean by any of this that I think its a bad idea just am a bit confuse and would like to hear more details on a purpose or how its used basis.